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Less place is faster than here in winter. The firefighters stationed here have long been accustomed to winter short summer days. When the first sunshine in the morning shinested, they have to bring their equipment and take a few hours of walking on duty.


During the Spring Festival, firefighters are in the scenic spot

Here is the “Sunshine Flower City” in Panzhihua, Sichuan’s southernmost. In the Spring Festival, it should be a Wanjia reunion, but the forest fire officers and soldiers stationed here, they are the safety of forests and masses, they must stick to their positions.

New Year’s 30 temporary collection

Take a good time

Thirty New Year, a lot of things a few days ago. Panzhihua City Forest Fire Brigade Ren and the brigade yard were eager to pass a few words of Zhang Luo, hanging lanterns, lanterns, window, and new year’s strong atmosphere did not absent here.

“Take it, hurry to collect.” Guo Xiankui, the captain, gave a team member. Alarm, change the battle suit, board the car, depart, the whole process is used for more than one hour. “This pull is a temporary notice, mainly to check the speed of the response, even if we have to do the war, you can pull it out at any time.” Guo Xianku said that this pulling driver is not timing.

In addition to war, every holiday, firefighters will go out to patrol and fire duty. In order to protect the safety of forests and people, they choose to wear a battle to welcome the New Year.

Three-level fireshop Wang Wulhui explains fire prevention knowledge for the masses

For new firefighters, the road of patrol is just a rigor on the map, it is difficult to know where the end is at the end of the road.

In the team half a year, the preparatory fire warrior Yang Pan participated twice “carrying patrol”. This time, he needs to carry more than 20 pounds, walk around Dafa National Forest Park for a long time.

Dashan does not accept external forces, can only be a foot. Yang Pan feels that the patrol is the hardest road. His patrol experience is not much. When I first participate in the carrying patrol, “I don’t want to go to a step.”

But this time he needs to rush in the front. In the team, and Yang Pan is in the team, only 21-year-old Sichuan “words” guy Zhang Kai, and fell again and again, blowing the cowhide.

The stone under the foot is moss

There is also the “lie” of the old firefighters.


In the winter in February, there is a little Mars on the ripple on the patrol road. Yang Longhu, who walked over the patrol road, Yang Longhu said that the high-risk fire zone like this is where they focus on the patrol, and he is also the road to walk last year. Want to pass such a valley, but also wisdom.

The squad leader Yang Longhu and the captain Lu Haifeng on the patrol road

“The stone under the foot is moss. Every step is going to put the focus, it is easy to fall, especially the climb, the front people use the combination tool to shovel a small piece of a small piece, behind the people Stepping on the climbing. “But this is not insurance, or someone often sells the hillside, and the hands and feet are often broken.

The road seems to have no end, turning over a steep mountain, walking through the end of the groove, will there be a breath, “How long is it?”

“Walking half” “It’s almost”, the old firefighters in the team habitually throw “lie”.

The task of the patrol is far more than this. In fact, in addition to the ancient patrol, from the New Year’s thirty until the New Year, the firefighters in the team need to go to various scenic spots every day, and the park is on duty.


Four-level fireshore Grunnes are tied to the face to the face

Dressed in fire fighting clothes, waistband, ankle fire boots, head wearing fire fighting helmet, starting from the previous year, the first-level fireshits He Shengyong’s festival is spent on duty, even the New Year is no exception. Different, this set of masks have been added in this set of equipment.

The most tired of duty is the eyes and mouth

When you take a break, it is “Newcomers of Home”

Looking at the children who ran on the square, young people holding milk tea, holding the middle-aged people wrapped in the big bag, and He Shengyong has some god, just like the resonance of thoughts.

This will be the fifteenth Spring Festival after entering the team. As a deputy leader, there have been thirteen years before preparing for the year. Once the task is encountered, they will start immediately. Later, after the team was transferred, the festival had to go out, and it was in the duty.

For a long time, the team members are also tired. In order to encourage everyone, when I take a break, “Today is the first day of the New Year, there are especially those who come to play, on the one hand, we must fire, on the other hand, to ensure their safety, this It is also our responsibility. “

In addition to the straight waist plate, it is more tired to be eye and mouth. In addition to the knowledge of forest fire prevention, it is also necessary to make some people who need help.

“Trouble you …”, when seeing the people need help, He Shengyong will go to the people and take the initiative to help. “Comrade, Hello, you have entered the scenic spot, please go out for your cigarette butt.” Will also tip the smoking masses in the scenic spot.

Take a break in duty, He Shengyong will think of his family, he is also a “newcomer’s recruit”. I still remember the Spring Festival last year, after morning in the morning, he dialed the phone at home. Parents have waited for a long time, the New Year’s Eve, the first dumpling, the family dressed up, but only the Spring Festival of the old couple It seems particularly cold, and a table is not eaten.

Didn’t say a few, the mother of the phone began to swim, “How to have a year, eat well, I don’t have a home …” The question is a test, and He Shengyong is not a taste, he let his parents quickly go out, and I went to relatives in my loved ones in previous years, “more people, lively, she won’t think about me so much.”

He Shengyong didn’t want the parents to immersely immersed in the thoughts. He would start to say some cheerful things, there is a celebration in the team, the cafeteria has a new trick …

There is also fun in the New Year in the country.

“00 post-00” firefighter than the independence


Since He Sheng Yong enters the fire brigade, the parents’ hearts have followed the climbing flowers. I know that he is going to duty, it is good, it is warm, and the duty is not tired is what they are most concerned. After the new crown epidemics, the parents must avoid repeating “to wear a mask, and diligently disinfected”.

There are several firefighters in the team in the station, and they will eventually stay. “Close to home, occasionally, go home, not bad this time.” The four-level fireshore poolychuan said.

The firefighters are sitting together

I am afraid that everyone is not too emotional. Guo Xiankui, the captain, Guo Xiankui to the pre-holiday education: “For thinking thinking, in fact, everyone wants to go home for the New Year, but someone can go home, meaning that some people can’t. Team brought so many can’t. People who go home for the New Year, is it not a big reunion? “

I want to pass the “Don’t go home for the New Year”, the firefighters discuss very quickly “there is a fun pattern of the New Year.”

In order to exempt the firefighters at the station, the team also carried out the first time of the family of firefighters. In addition to sending some festival gifts, “one-on-one” contact, solve the firefighter family, difficult things through home visit, telephone, etc., to ensure that there is no loss.

Although this year cannot reunite with his family, it is good to develop rapidly in technology. You can connect through video, telephone and family. Cadres will always call the team, send a blessing, and the heart is close. a lot of.


In fact, after “95”, “00” new firefighters are far more than the independence of cadres. They will think independently, have their own ideas, and there are many tricks. New firefighters who have grown up in the superior environment, mental demands have far more than substance demand. The players wrote their own New Year’s wishes to the small note, one of them wrote: “I hope there will be few more complaints in the new year; I have more efforts; less lazy, more persistence; less retreat, more extraction.”

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