Spring Korean version of men’s shirt, handsome men’s charm

Shirts are never timeless clothing, and the shirt can also enhance image and temperament for everyone. Next, we will enjoy several spring Korean models, let’s take a look ~

01 color matching spring Korean version of men’s shirt


It is of course necessary to match the color of this year. Men’s shirts are very suitable for the workplace, and we usually wear a traditional white shirt every day, it will hit the taste. Black and gray splicing look very calm atmosphere, thin and fashionable, is very suitable in spring with any trousers.

02 spring Korean version of the thin striped men’s shirt

Striped shirt appears atmosphere and low-key, thin striped light blue men’s shirt gives people some youth sunlight. The overall style design is very simple, the pattern design of the shirt is very personal, and it has the characteristics of Korean men’s clothing. It is best to wear this shirt in the spring, with trousers or jeans is the best choice.

03 Men Spring Korean version of the flower shirt

It seems that in recent years, it has begun to fashion color, but this style is not everyone can control, otherwise it is likely to pull your image and temperament. The black flower shirt has a high-level seriousness of business, which is very favored by Ouba, South Korea. In the spring of the spring, certainly don’t wear shirts and casual pants!


04 Korean version of spring-type men’s casual shirt

Leisure atmosphere is a highlighted feature of Korean men’s clothing, and shirts have a casual style. This yellow Korean version of spring men’s casual shirt seems to be very fanned, looks low-key and fashionable. Yellow is the color of the most skinned, suitable for friends who are not very white, and give people a simple generous temperament.


05 spring Korean version of men’s big striped shirt

In the past, people in the old age workplace generally choose traditional white, but now the era is different, our shirt color choice is very much. Black big vertical striped men’s shirt is very domineering, very Han Fan and a type. Spring season is very cool, single through a shirt or take a touch, you can go out to go out ~


06 spring Korean men’s white shirt

It is said that the shirt is certainly not related to the traditional white shirt. It is necessary to know that the white shirt is “the nose ancestor” in the shirt, no matter what people are suitable. The style of white shirt and the pattern design are not needed, mainly with low-key minimalist, with a black tie. In the spring, you put on a white shirt out of the door, with a black casual pants, let you stop the man!