Out of you, Hainan Duty Free City to buy a table Raiders.

[Watch House Watch Talk] For a long time, Hainan Duty Free City Buy Form Raiders finally came! Up to the top of the Hainan tax-free policy, Hainan is tax-free into a good place to buy a table. So we said that I will go, I will come to Hainan Sanya, which is located in Haitang Bay Dutyy Square. What do you have any watch brands in Sanya-free city, how big is the brand’s discount? How to buy Sanya Duty Free? Let’s answer your questions!

Watch home in Sanya Duty Free City

Knowledge point: Watch brand mainly gathered in the B

After the field arrived in Sanya Duty Free City, we found that this duty-free city is really big! In terms of the general airport duty-free shop, Sanya Duty Free City is clearly like a business district, the volume of the square. And our most concerned watch brand is mainly concentrated in the B area, some jewelry brands such as Cosmetics, and clothing brands are mainly concentrated in the A area.

Sanya duty-free city front real shot

The external wall of the B area can see Tiffany, Bulgari and Montbarail’s brand logo.

Left: A area, right: B

In the previous article, many people were most concerned about Rolex withdrew the cabinet. We arrived in the tax-free city to find a circle, it is indeed withdrawing. However, we will not be clear. However, there are still many mainstream watch brands that are more concerned about Sanya Duty Free City, such as: accommodation, Omega, Montblanc, Tissot, Longines, Radar, IWC, etc.

Guardian brand showcase


Montblanc brand showcase (5-9.5 fold of some products)


Xiaobang Brand Store

These stores are not the high-capacity level due to the large number of the public, so the consumers who enter and exit are not much. We have been in the door for a while, and there is not many people.


Knowledge point: Which brands are most popular among consumers?


As mentioned earlier, although the price of the duty-free city relative to the price of the boutique, there is already a relatively advantage in the price, even so, the public’s consumption level may still stay in luxury package, luxury clothes. . For high-priced high-quality watch brands for hundreds of thousands of high-level watch brands, it is also related to Hainan tax-free policies: each person’s tax exemption is 100,000 yuan, that is, said, More than 100,000 or pay taxes.

Tiffany doorway Long Long Long


Gucci in the A area also rose the long team

Bulgari’s door is also a long team


Cartier’s door is also a long queue

It can be seen that due to the tax-free consumer main army, it is concentrated in women, as well as women who accompany women, so similar to the female favorite brand will take a long dragon at the door. Compared to the front contributor, IWC Wan Guoshe’s store store store, the contrast is very obvious. So what are the men and women who love to go shopping? At this time, it was when the public was recognized.

Omega is located in the B zone, the traffic is relatively large.


We visited several shops, of which the consumers of Omega, Tissot, Longines and Mime were still very much, which may be accompanied by these brands in China, and more in line with most people’s consumption levels, etc. Factors have an indispensable connection.


Tissot is also one of the brands that many consumers are willing to choose.

The third floor in the second floor is also a lot of traffic.

Knowledge 3: How is it cheaper in Hainan Sanya Duty Free City?


This issue may be the most concerned question that everyone in this article is, and we have a staff member of the tax store. It can be taken in this example: a series of Hamilton Cards selling at a price of 9600 yuan is 8,000 yuan in duty-free city, and you can also enjoy the current activities of Duty Free City, full 5000-750 activities. According to the Cabinet Sister: Generally, the tax-free watch is 20% cheap relative to the public price.

Piner Sea Counter in Duty Free City (established in the Atrium B)


There is also a brand of gallery, Casio, Hamilton, Thaighao, etc. on the second floor.


Cassio counter, young people in the famous watch


In addition to the tax eliminating goods itself, because of the “tax-free”, the price is very advantageous, such as a list of 30,000 yuan, the price of the tax-free city is about 33,34, plus the tax exemption price of the sea south is 100,000 yuan. The express (more than 10,000 yuan) can enjoy a 9.5 fold discount, and this table can be taken down, and I also asked, the tax-free goods also enjoy the same after-sales treatment as the boutique.

At present, Hainan tax-free is organizing shopping activities. There are also discounts on the original price.

The B area is mainly based on watch, jewelry brand.

Knowledge 4: How to buy a tax-free watch?


Speaking of this question, we also consult relevant staff, there are several points worthy of attention:

1. Duty-free goods must be taken away when the island is available.

That is, if you purchase goods in the Duty Free City, a watch, a piece of clothes or a jewelry, cosmetics, there is no way to take away on the spot, only to wait until you leave Hainan, take away at the airport.


Paris Shopping


2. Can you purchase a product in Dutyic City in Sanya, can you pick up the goods in Hailan Airport in Haikou?

This problem is also a lot of people concerned, the answer is ok. Whether you are in Sanya Airport, or in Meilan’s airport, there are special logistics companies to help you transport your items to your islands, this is not worried.

Swatch shop

3. Is there a big fever?

Answer: Yes, but not all. For example, Omega’s ultrafaster 005, hippocampal series blue ceramics models are available; IWC Tenklaise has also, but there are not many categories; there are not many new models, see specific brand spot listing. So everyone wants to buy their hearts, but you can actually go to the tax-free city, or call the store in advance.

Sanya-free city real shot


After we traveled in the afternoon in Sanya Duty Free City, we had to feel very good here, not only the brand special, the price is also a big factor in attracting tourists and consumers. But here is also a small tip to some friends: It is because the price attracts more people, and a large number of consumers also make this consumption environment better than ordinary boutiques. So everyone see everyone’s consideration, if you only look at the price, it is a good choice for tax-free buy. (Watch home map / Wen Mo Yang)