Fiction: Fu II is hit by severe disrupture, he is: don’t he all cost, bring back the murderer!

Actually, Feng Xingchen became seriously injured. This way, let Feng Lei try this kid’s base card, if it is not hard, don’t use it, Feng Lee can’t help him.

If it is hard, then you can only find ways to resolve the conflict.


In an instant, Sun Shangjun thought a lot.


Just then, a doctor wearing a white coat from the operating room, just came out, he took a mask.

“Doctor, how is my son?” Feng Lei was step forward and asked.

He only had such a son, in his heart, Feng Xingchen is his life root.

“Although there is no danger of life, but …” Doctor is somewhat not to say.

“But what?”

Feng Lei took a doctor’s clothes. When he heard no life is dangerous, he relieved, but he heard ‘but’ two words, his heart mentioned again.

“Destroy.” Doctor’s expression is not very good.

He can say that every day is dealing with the patient, but Feng Xing Chen is like this, but it is still the first time.

“Destroy, destroy, then the cosmetic? Can you be a normal person? You can rest assured, I don’t care, how much I have, I am shouting.” Feng Lei shouted.

For your son, he knows very much, it is a very faceful person, although it is a boy, but whether it is to go to play, it will make a simple flower.

But now, it is actually destroyed.

I am afraid my son knows this news, it is harder than death.

“The cosmetic is certain, otherwise it will not be able to see people, but I don’t have to say that it is the same as the original, even if it is 50%, it is not too likely.” Doctor said.

“Waste, is fucking waste.”

Feng Lei got up, his hands cleared his fists, and it was full of blood, as if it was going crazy.

The doctor saw it, I didn’t dare to stay at half, and I quickly left.

“I don’t care what you use, bring me the boy to me.” Feng Lei said coldly.

He looked at the two bodyguards behind him, one of them: “Yes, boss.”

Subsequently, a bodyguard continued to stay around Feng Lei, and another looked at Lu Yongchang, and he looked at Sun Xiaoyu, who did not hesitate, and did not hesitate to go to Sun Xiaoyu.

On the other hand, Qin Hao has already finished packaging, and two of Zhang Jun left the hospital.

“You hit Feng Xing Chen so bad, his father will certainly not give good time.” Qin Yu Road.

“Reassured, I will deal with it.” Zhang Jun said.

Seeing Zhang Jun from the beginning to the end, there is no panic, and Qin Hao’s worries are also less and less.

“Where are we going now?” Qin Qi asked again.

Zhang Jun thought about it: “Do you want to go?”

“I don’t know, I don’t want to go to school now, I don’t want to go home, or do we go to the Internet cafe?” Qin Yu smiled.

Zhang Jun looked at it, and this remembered that Qin Yan’s so-called is to play the League of Legends.

I just went to play games from the hospital, this is too big.

So, Zhang Jun, the youngest emperor of the heavens, and the good friend Qin Wei gave the League of Legends.

Shortly after.

“I rely on, Jun, you are too hanging, this is too windy.”

“Nima, this can be, there is no heaven.”

“My old day, five kills, this is still the rookie I know?”

Among the Internet cafes, Qin Wei was shocked again and again.

At this time, behind Zhang Jun, it was surrounded by countless people. Everyone looked at Zhang Jun’s screen.

“Jun, have you become so powerful?” Qin Hao came over and worship.

Zhang Jun smiled: “If I said, I suddenly opened, do you believe?”

Qin Wei scratched his head, showing a honest smile: “If others say that I definitely don’t believe, but you said, I believe.”

Zhang Jun felt a warm in his heart, did not explain anything, continue to play.

For the League of Legends, you want to play well, nothing more than the key elements: consciousness, speed, operation, and heart.

Originally, Zhang Jun, who was previously used in these areas, but now, this is too simple to Zhang Jun.

“Lying in the trough which is ‘Iron’ trumpet.”

Zhang Jun and Qin Hao two people are doing matching, suddenly, some people shouted.

“That, that.”

“No, it’s true.”

“You can be miserable, that is, I am.”

The onlookers are very excited, they have spent.

Qin Yan looked at the screen, a depression: “Jun, our luck is too bad, actually encounter such a big god.”

“Do you believe it, now ‘Iron’ is affirmed to live.”

“Then the big hand, it’s nothing to use the trumogue, too boring.”

“Nothing is bored, I don’t know, I will go to the dog when I am so cow ×, I will go to the dog.”

Then, a burst of laughter broke out.

“Is this ‘Elong’ very powerful?” Zhang Jun asked Qin Yu.

At the last time, although Zhang Jun also played this game, it was not a lot to know, except for the players standing in the absolute peak, he really didn’t know what other gods.

Qin Yao didn’t wait for the speech, Zhang Jun heard a thin voice: “No! You don’t even know ‘Elong’, I am sure, this will be lost, and it will be very miserable. “

Zhang Jun returned, I saw a 178th year old, and the girl who was very perturbed, and he looked at himself.

The girl’s skin is very white, and the one is not short, at least one meter seven, wearing a rice dress, wearing a white lady under the foot.

“See what you look, I didn’t have read the beauty, I told you that you are derived.” Girl said.

Qin Yan went to the angry, but when he turned his head, it was found that the angry decisiveness disappeared when he was actually a beautiful woman.

“If I have to win?” Zhang Jun faintly said.

At this moment, he suddenly felt that it seems to be tightly tight.

“Don’t dream, you can’t win at all.” The girl did not hide his own disdain.

“If I am lucky enough?”

The girl thought, the eyes turned: “Let’s have two gambling, if you lose, you give me a thousand pieces, if I lose, I will give you a thousand pieces?”

“There is a thousand dollars, it is not enough for me to eat meals, not bet, justic.” Zhang Jun shook his head and turned it.

The girl disdain: “I see you can’t gall it? I still can’t get one thousand dollars.”

“I definitely win this ‘Iron’, there is anything to gamble.” Zhang Jun confident.

The girl hesitated: “What do you want to gamble?”

“I want to gamble, what is wrong, what is important is what you have to look at it.” Zhang Jun said, and a pair of eyes unscrupulous on the girl.

For this girl, Zhang Jun did not have any evil ideas.

Although this girl in front of you is very good, it is much more than her good-looking woman.

The girl saw, suddenly an angry, hesitated, the girl said: “If you win, I will be your girlfriend, then if you lose?”

“I want to lose, I will let you dispose, how do you see?” Zhang Jun smiled.

“Yes.” The girl has promised.

Soon, the game started.

Three minutes later.

“Jun, let’s happen, the other three teammates don’t give it.” Qin Hao’s face is not very good.

In the group battle, the individual’s strength is very important, but the team’s cooperation is more important.

It’s just a few minutes, you can see the level of both players.

Zhang Jun did not speak, but the heart is dark, you can be wrong, not the other three teammates do not give strength, but four.

However, how is it.

I said, I will not lose to ‘Iron’, I will never lose it to ‘Iron’.

ten minutes later.

The girl is full of smile: “Haha, you will also be strong in this way, you have to hit the other road.”

Zhang Jun did not speak, concentrate on the operation of it.

The game is another side.

Ai Long face has a smile: “I didn’t expect my opponent’s opponent’s strength. Unfortunately, you met me. If there is a group of tacit teammates, maybe give me a bit of trouble, but now Well, you don’t have a little opportunity. “

Players who watch the ‘Ailong’ match in a live broadcast.

“The dragon brother is a cattle.”

“The other party is too weak, don’t talk about the dragon, even if I go, I also destroy each other.”

“Dragon brother is so great, I want to give you a monkey.”

Looking at the barcock on the screen, ‘Ailong’ is comfortable.

He was originally a second-class team’s back-to-play player, the life of B., more than ten hours of cultivation every day, salary is only daily overhead.

However, since I left the team, I lived on the game online, and my life had changed.

From one or two thousand dollars per month, it has developed tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of money per month, and no longer have to train for a long time.

Although the strength has long been more than the peak, it is not the opponent of those professional players, but in the ordinary players, it is absolutely one of the top masters.

And he has to do every day, but it is chatting with fans, explaining the use of various heroes, the technique of fighting the battle, and the ‘一’ ‘own strength.

“Haha, it’s really looking for death. I didn’t want to clean up with you so quickly. I didn’t expect you to run over, the small rookie, then don’t blame me.”

After the words of Ai Long, I said in the live broadcast: “Dragon Blood (Ailong Fan title), today I let you see, the difference between professional players and ordinary players.”

“Longge, is the real technology.”

“Longge, solved the other’s rookic chicken a minute.”

“Dragon V587, the enemy is all garbage.”

In the live broadcast, a piece is then popped up.

Ailong looked at the number of live people and 320,000.