I have seen many Korea’s wearing, or the simple laziness of this blogger is the most amazing, no goddess.

Stylish is a reincarnation, whether it is a trend, the element or the popular style is constantly changing, but the elegant temperament wear is in the four seasons, and the more you look at it. For example, this time I have to share the most beautiful blogger Suamar for everyone, I have seen many Korean landscaping, or the simple lazy, lazy, no goddess Elborn!

The blogger Suamar and the goddess Elborn are all Korea bloggers living in Paris, and the style of dress is similar, and it is a simple temperament route. In the winter choice, the blogger Suamar is mainly coat, windbreaker, sweater, suit, semi-skirt or high wagon pants, and the color is based on rice black gum ash, brown or Moradi.

The black long woolen coat tail, the clothes are crossed, and the superimposed black and the high-waist toilet is nine-point jeans. Gas field.

The more simple, the more you, this sentence is in the blogger Suamar’s wear. In addition to the single product, the color-based texture is dominated, and the blogger is mainly compliant, and it is preferentially Same color tips mainly in black, beige or light brown.


The gentle light-colored cloak coats are fashionable, and there is a high level of high-level, and the superimposed co-color is half-high. Simple and gentle.

Because of the Korean blogger living in Paris, Suamar and Elborn are often communicating on wearing problems, and sharing wearing inductance and skills. In the process of mutually colliding with each other, the horizontal level of the bloggers is constantly improving, and the style is also quite closer.

Large long coat stacks black high-neck sweatshirt, black high waist tube pants connected black pointed short boots, Elborn this set of simple and desperation;

Look at the blogger Suamar, Morandi color is half-high collar kitwood version of the slim, it highlights the blogger’s upper body curve, and does not lose temperature softness, and the outer black suit has collided with each other, white ankle boots more What is the same, a woman, is it too simple to be lazy?

In addition to prefers to cut minimalistic coats, windbreaks or suit single items, bloggers also follow this request in the selection of trousers, usually using high waist pipe jeans or high waist straight jeans, modified leg type and shackles long one hand Grasp.

Black long coat stacking gray knit sweater, light blue high waist straight jeans, white pointed ankle boots, blue white color refreshing, extremely simple, elegant woman.


Pants with high waist and octal pants are the highest in the blogger Suamar, and it is easy to play the advantage of the blogger and the advantage of the blogger, whether it is with coats, suits or sweaters.


Retro red knit sweater version is slightly loose, with black eight-shot tube pants, just makes a classic red black color, a width is tight, black, black square boots modern fashion.

The waist line is a very important part of the blogger Suamar. After all, where is the legs where the legs are, only the waist line can maximize the body advantage, and the elegance is too straight.


Brown coffee color short sweater with camel high waist mopping trousers, light brown knit sweater acts as a shoulder, is particularly casual, and the whole body constitutes a large-end color LOOK, coordinating advanced and high autumn and winter atmosphere.


I want to wear simplicity like bloggers. In addition to prioritizing crop minimalism + basic models, they can’t forget to use some female-cultivated elements or items to improve gentle and elegant, such as sweater, Knitted half skirt, ankle boots, pointed shoes or V-neck design, wave point elements, earrings, silk scarves, scarves, etc.

Black long coat stacks white V-colisters, small white trousers echoes inside the color, and the V-neck design used to highlight the elegant taste.

The last is the footwear single product, the high height of the ankle boots, the pointed ankle boots or high-heeled shoes are popular with the blogger Suamar, on the one hand, it can increase the increasing effect, on the one hand can improve Feminine.


Have to say, South Korea’s blogger Suamar is really clothes, whether it is a coat, windbreaker, sweater or suit style, is so simple and elegant and temperament, no wonder is known as the most beautiful blogger in Korea. If you like her dress, I will wish to refer to it in winter!

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