Give your most gorgeous lighting feast, beauty pirate ship Bihai Blue Mechanical keyboard experience

This year’s double twelve, famous international electric competition brand beauty pirate ship launched two new full-size keyboard: slight empty and blue sea blue. The author is fortunate to get this blue sea blue and experience it for a while, and share this use experience and share this.

Before formal introduction, and everyone discussed a problem, in the original impression, what kind of design style of the mechanical keyboard products of these old-fashioned electricity manufacturers? No matter how there is no cover, it should be the black or silver fuselage, most of which are black or occasionally white light-translucent keys, sharp and rich RGB lights. Probably the way below.

As an extremely orthodox electrical exterior manufacturer, the original product of the pirate ship is actually this style, but this time the blue sea is blue, it is definitely a very shocked product.

First, out of the box and accessories

Dedicated to the package, there is no different, there is no difference, the pirate ship’s packaging box looks stable but elements are rich, and it is quite a large factory style.

Use my residual fingers to open the box, revealing the Bihai Blue’s body, this unopened suspension design is the favorite design of the e-sports brand, and the blue shell, blue, red, white The keycap is completely subverting the design style of traditional electrical brands.

This blue sea blue mechanical keyboard, primary key area, and digital zone are mainly composed of light blue keycaps, and the red zone keycap is full of rich pirate ship elements.

Pirate ship with pink ESC


Tab key


Left SHIFT single-tube (after all, the pirate is basically one eye)

Retogenic pirate knife


Edge boat


Direction key four anchors


And the boat rudder, pirate cap, treasure treasure, really created the atmosphere of the sea.


Ribbon + DEL’s gemstone blue key cap + F area gem blue lettering, the entire keyboard is decent.

Of course, there are five fever-lifting enter, almost all elements on the pirate ship.


Sandblasting all-aluminum panel, surface is flat, no flaws, there is a lock WIN key indicator in the upper right corner to avoid misconduct in the game.


The back is the entire blue back cover, walking with very mechanical lines, one of which is a piece of foot and four angles of non-slip rubber pads are also blue, and the back is very small, and it is very strong .

The connectors and joints are also sea blue design, and there is a symbol of the pirate ship on the joint and a non-slip line.


Side view, this keycap height

Second, the impressive light


Speaking of the lights first, let’s take this of the new shaft body of this Cherry, see the information, and the linear shaft body, the gram pressure curve is similar to the red axis, and the different dust cover design is used. The side is a white and translucent plastic shell.

This shaft body can be compatible with all conventional keycaps, while having better lighting performance compared to other common shafts.

First look at the perspective of routine use keyboard, this rainbow fluctuated light plus the light of the white shell outside the shaft, soft, reminds me of Harbin’s deep winter ice lamp.

In addition to the sea blue primary link and the digital keycap, the other parts of the keycap are not added to the light, so the light penetrates the crystal shaft body to showcase on the key cap around a circle. A beautiful feeling.

Especially because the main key area has a half gap, the light light of the digital zone can be better, on the white F area cap, such as the new pot, the entire desktop atmosphere is also reflected. .


Just finished the ice lantern, I now feel that they are a bit like the floral lights in the 15th of the month, haha.


If the routine transparent cover shaft can do the top light, from the bottom above, this keyboard can be seen to make the keycap on the bottom plate of the key, and a little fairy tale world feels. .

The pirate boat, this time is really a lot of money.

The keycap in the PBT material is not special to polish the water, but the water in each keycap is obsessive and neat.

Finally, the picture ends the two motion combined this part.

Third, powerful ics


Each electrical compete brand must have its own special drive. The pirate ship is naturally less. It is very powerful. First, it is really big … more than 700 MB, it takes 2G C disk space when installing, no matter if Install in the C drive.

Open iCue, automatically identify the device of the pirate ship, if not identified, will only display the monitoring of each hardware on your computer.

After plugging in the blue sea, you can find this keyboard on the front page, click to type the setting interface of the keyboard.

Including custom macros and selection of lighting effects, not much, but the key is that you can customize the lighting effect, as well as the lighting layer, interested players can study.


The setting portion can adjust the layout, frequency, and lamp brightness, etc.

Fourth, summary


From the pirate brand, this is a series of keyboards that have a very distinctly subverted appearance, a very distinctive nautical theme, which is reflected in every detail.

The biggest bright spot is still in the lighting section, which is different from the traditional character light transmissions or simple keycap slots, the blue sea blue relies on the shaft of the player’s keyboard up 104 colored neon columns, and then cooperate with the change of light The effect is really a lot of brilliance to the player’s desktop.


The pirate ship improves ICUE driver to make the light more dazzling, you can help you add Wings in the game.