Turn your homework ~ half discount buy new year snacks! 14 treasures 1688 album (nuts | sugar, meat)

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The New Year is coming, the annual taste is getting more and more rich! This year, Xiaobian is recommended to everyone.


So delicious, not expensive

New year snacks come to the province to provoke a wave of annual fees. Many small partners say that now this year is getting more and more old.

Even someone summed up

The most no annual city list


, The first thing

Dongguan, Shenzhen, Xiamen

So, you feel that the New Year

No year reason

What is it? Remind everyone, about how to find a big-style foundry factory, half-folded or even a discount of big snacks, the tutorial is in the end of the text, everyone needs to take it ~


This article catalog:

I. New Year’s Eve map

Second, nuts (six 1688 big-style founders shared)

Third, the sugar (Xu Fuji, UH, Dove, Big White Rabbit)


Fourth, meat and other snacks (mini intestine, meat, dried fruit, biscuit, etc.)


5, 1688 Usage (How to search, how to identify quality stores, how to find a homologous store)



Deadline: 2022-03-19 00:00:00

1. What is the reason why the Spring Festival is gradually lost? (Multiple choice) *

Can not set off firecrackers, not lively, income is improved, as long as there is money, the happy threshold is improved every day, the happy threshold is improved, and the people have become less pressure. It is not married, the second child is not, the buying car is not Brothers and sisters, people are naturally old

New year map of China

So, put your new year’s new year this year, awaken your annual memory,

Do you have a new year? Or do you most expect? What is the favorite new year?


The world is delicious, it is difficult but hometown


Xiaobian speculation can generally be impressive, most of them are some hometown

Specialty snacks, food

, Come with us to share with us, your heart, or you are impressive

Those things about new year



– Sour vegetables are overdoor overnormality of the Northeast Table


– It is indispensable to eat meat, northwestern

Huanghuai North China

– Love pasta, steamed paste

Southern Jiangsu Zhejiang

– Eating a household cake “year-old”, exclusive secret recipe for each household

About the new year, there is a brewing year wine, new clothes, cut rice fat sugar, do Yangmei, etc.

Dragon people candy, longan dry

, The most expecting but dare not try the sugar ginger (

I am now, I have never eaten sugar ginger, and Xiaobian decided that this year is high and low! )

Accepted to share

“Industry Secret”

The link, the following sections, everyone will look at it, after all, this year

Wrong tells the truth

Not much, please

Cherish the value, cherish the Xiaobian ~~

Many big brand food brands, a rat, a certain grass, a certain shop, etc., most of the goods are looking for



processing. Then everyone knows,

The price is not very friendly, so if there is a store in the corresponding foundry factory, then you

Direct purchase

Is it a lot of a lot? Speaking here, many small partners may question the product quality of the foundry, throwing the brand quality inspection, is there a phenomenon that the quality is too bad? In fact, it is not necessary to “care”, as a


Factory, it is also supervised by the market and the food department, and it has said that many founders are actually

Laborful qualifications

The production capacity is also very strong, and it has been walking wholesale, the way of the foundry.

Suffering from marketing.

With everyone

Said a thing of the way, the same product of different brands is coming

“Since the same foundry”

,often! ! I can’t think of it, I have eaten it is a factory product. So let these

Treasure Factory


Have a name!

Second, nuts (five 1688 big-style founders shared)

1. Hangzhou floating food strength factory (delivery door)

The return rate is 18%, which is very trustworthy. If there is no mistake, the box horse is 150g nuts, about 88 yuan, 1688 this 188G35 yuan, probably 40% off level.


Xiaobian has already repurchased many times, giving the children in the family arranged, the quality of the mountain walnuts is very good, I like the friends of the peaches, we can achieve the freedom of mountain walnuts in the stage ~ If submit order display express The price is too high, you can find a customer service, is it a default postage error Ha ~ Xiaobian’s postage is approximately 3-4 blocks, non-remote areas.


2. Hangzhou Lin’an Jiarun Food Co., Ltd. (Delivery Gate)

If you like to eat dried fruit, then this store really can’t come! The price is very suitable. Hello ~ Super suitable for the New Year’s goods, you can’t hurt yourself. It is recommended that you will focus on the Hawaiian fruit of her home, no matter what to say, sales first is its truth.

3, 之 味 Strong supplier (send gate) – * Grass

This is a 4-year bulldonian store, there is a * grazing full-line product, the price is about 50% off, then the priority is to suggest that everyone is purchasing, because! ️运 运️ 6.5.

4, three squirrels Co., Ltd. (portable door)

This is the official factory store of three squirrels on the 1688, probably better than a treasure. You can go see.

5, Qingdao Wanlong (send gate)

This home is Warron’s factory shop in 1688, 46% of the turning ratio, is also quite excellent, according to Xiaobian’s experience in gallop 1688, general retransmission rate exceeds 20% is not bad. Don’t say anything else, buy it. The overall price is probably 5-10 yuan, still very fragrant than a treasure authentic store.

Third, sugar, Xu Fuji, Yueha, Dove, Big White Rabbit

6, Nanyang Ronghui Shengfang Electronics (Delivery Door) – Candy, Shaqima

I finally got to sugar, there is a child in my home, hurry to pick a pick ~ This home is a candy, Shaqima, egg rolls, is very suitable for chasing, and the probably preferential range is 10-35 yuan.


7, Shaoxing City Bochuang Trade Sports Store (Delivery Gate) – Yueha, Big White Rabbit, Tipo, Dove

10 years old shop, the number of people with 23W, the friends, this home is a snack collection shop, which is a snacks here really is the most common snacks of our New Year, big white rabbit, melon seeds, chicken feet, seaweed , Chocolate, one-stop purchase.

8, Shanghai Milijia Trading Co., Ltd. (Delivery Door) – Chocolate, Biscuits

This shop is a chocolate, the ultimate good store of biscuits, almost hot chocolate, biscuits, one-stop purchase, postage is saved!

Fourth, meat and other snack mini intestines, meat, dried fruit, biscuit, etc.

8, Anhui Shangyi Yun Food Co., Ltd. (Delivery Door) – * Pavilion, * Mouse


This home is a focus on buying meat, you can see * shop, * rat production information on the factory profile, the meat lovers must collect. In addition, this is a 3-year bullish standard store. To know, at the 1688 platform Niuhe standard, you can also make the cattle head to identify the Sky Shop.


9, taste food strength factory (delivery door) – Wang Xiaoli

Another super meat shop, 8 years of cattle head logo ~ special meat, there are a lot of meat meat, love king Xiaoxi Tiger leather feet, you carefully see if you often eat it? Shipping cost 4 yuan! ️ is also good.


10, Hangzhou Hao Ms Food (Transfer Gate) – Hundreds of Grass

This is a factory shop in 1688, mainly with casual snacks. It is recommended that everyone will turn to turn ~ probably 2-7 yuan more than a treasure store.

11. Fujian Province Red Sun Boutique (Transfer Gate) – * Pavilion

This home is the homologous factory store of * shop, the sea is striped, the bamboo shoot is mainly, the roughly favorable range is 5-15 yuan, one word, fragrance ~

12, Fujian Royal Kitchen Food (Delivery Door) – * Pavilion One Intestines, Meat

This home is more powerful, not only from the distributor of the shop, but also has a cooperation with the Iraq, Wal-Mart, and Da Runfa, etc., anyway, his family’s star product is to taste, and like to eat a sinister.

13, Fujian New Star Food (Portal) -shan M Uncle Cheese

This biscuit is dominated, all kinds of biscuits, only if you can’t think of people can’t do it, what kind of small cookie you interested in? The small news said that this is a rocky cheese, you can find it here.


14, Huizhou Huicheng District Lin He Duck Food Business Department (Delivery Door) – Zhou Black Duck

Also, I found a treasure store, Zhou Black Duck is coming ~ Don’t say more, it is a meat snacks, there is a duck neck, duck, and the business brief, Zhou Black Duck designated shop, everyone is assured to buy.


5. How to search for the usage law, how to identify quality stores, how to find the same source store


First, add a little less knowledge – how to search for a store in 1688?

1. Click the search box and select the search box as “Search”


2, enter the full factory name (sometimes entering a few keywords will jump out the target factory ~)


Here you should pay attention, some factory names and shop names are different. You don’t have panic. For example, the 1688 factory store of three squirrels is this situation. Factory: Three Squirrel Co., Ltd., Shop Name: Three Squirrels.

Second, how to identify quality stores?

Although the main wholesale, many stores are also supported, and they should look at the store requirements.


⭕️1688 generally won’t ship, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai’s postage is generally around 3-8R, so you can do more, will not be too losing

There are a lot of goods in 1,688, relatively cheap, and the quality cannot be generalized, so sweet potato also pay attention to the high-quality store.

⭕️1688 store does not necessarily support 7 days no reason to return, must see clear shop introduction or consult customer service

Third, how to find a home shop? Teach it, it is better to grant it.

1. Factory information for large brand snacks

The method is very straightforward, directly watching the name of the factory, and pay attention to the plant address;

2, look for homologous stores

Search in Taobao, 1688 search factory name and use the factory address auxiliary verification.


Finally with everyone

Talk about some of the people in the nutter industry


Choose a nut gift box

Tips: mountain walnuts, pine, pistachios, cashews, and roots

First echelon

巴旦木, walnut, Hawaiian fruit is

Second echelon

Peanuts, melon seeds, broad beans, can only be returned

Frying category

If these things can be passed throughout these things in the package.

Ok, write here, there is a kind of small series.

The feeling of flooding, the above is all the small bodies in recent years.

New year-related 1688 good store sharing

Lay ~ The purpose of sharing is to help you, love you every!

I wish you a happy new year, peace and health are good ~ then, you can share your favorite in the comments and smallholders, or other friends.

“Year of the year”

Is it a new year, or a country’s New Year?

Do you still look at the party together?

Not reprint without authorization


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