Buy bags to buy classics! Completely not afraid of over-time super classic package full summary

The world of bags is always replacing, and there will be many new packages every year, occupying themselves in the fashion world.

At the same time, there are also many packages that gradually fade from the trend, disappearing in everyone’s sight.

However, there is

Hundreds of packages


After the test of time, it is still standing in the package industry.


Lady Dior


These packages

Have a very high influence on the fashion circles

Over 10 years, it is still very popular, it can be said that it is a “legendary package”!

Old bag powder is sure, I love the package classification. This kind of classic package that has been launched for 10 years, or even decades, still is still very hot.

I will give them a name, they are the world of bags.

“Super Classic”




Today, Mr. Bao will give you 10 super classic packaged money!

They are all in

Bag history is very representative

And there are


huge contribution

Package. Not much to say, let’s take a look!

Hermès Birkin

It is the king of well-known bags, and there is an unparalleled position in the world of the bag.

As a very legendary bag, Birkin’s birth is also from a adventure.


In a plane journey, the British superstar Jane Birkin raised the Hermes CEO at the time, I hope to have a big handbag that works well and practical.


So Herme specially designed a package for her, which is Birkin, which is very familiar, which is also the source of the name of platinum bag.

Jane Birkin and her platinum bag


Today’s Birkin, not only


It is the brand representative of Hermes.


Luxury bag representative

Macroscopically, it is a common big package, the key is so expensive, it is very difficult to buy!

In this way, platinum packs have gradually become a kind of

Symbol of identity status and wealth

Many star celebrities have lovely use, many of whom have a number of different colors of Birkin, which can be said to have become a nearly fanatic collection!

Victoria Beckham


A variety of TV series and movies will also add the image of platinum packages to show a role of wealth and status.

These years, the threshold with a platinum package is getting higher and higher, and it is necessary to pay a good turn to buy, so that this package has a little mysterious color.

It is precisely because of this



Let everyone who love the package realize that the bag “difficult to buy”, “long waiting list”, and “need to distribute”.

Birkin is even more powerful, Vintage is equally precious.

Even the second-hand Birkin usually does not cost too much, some popular or limited style does not even have a big appreciation space!


The same name is famous “Kelly Pack”,

The history of Hermes is a long history.

Kelly Birth of this package, can be traced back to 1892! And eventually officially came out in the 1930s.


However, the road to Kelly is still long.

Until 1956, Monaco Wang Hao Grace Kelly was published in the “Life” magazine, and let it name a lot!


In the photo, Wang Hao used it to hide his pregnant body. This seemingly inadvertent action, but it reveals

Elegant woman beauty

, Especially charming!



It is because this unforgettable photo, let this package set off a great boom, Hermes change it to Wang Hao’s name – Keelly.


Since then, Kelly became a

Legendary classic package

It is still countless star, and the lady is sought after!

Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Miranda Kerr

Kelly simple classic exterior, now it has become

Representative and standard of single-handed flip bag

I often think of Kelly when I see a single-handed bag.

It is also it, so that the noble and elegant impression of a single handle bag is deeply rooted.



In the Hermes family, it is relatively young.

Its design is inspired by a double dance – Lindy Hop. The bag has a symmetrical structure, and the unique shape is very recognized!

Lindy’s design shoulders shoulder, the practicality is very good, the style is very good.

It is easy to use to be different, so in the lady has always had its own mass base.

Moreover, with nearly two years




The firefighter, the Lindy full range of package is also driven, the popularity is much higher.

This is also an important reason for this year’s Lindy package to join the super classic.

Not only is the Hermes will be launched, but this bag has gradually become a very important and landmark in Hermes’s package.


In addition to Birkin, Kelly, another member of Hermes “Three Diamond”, in many love bag, the girl, this life must buy the list of bags.


Founder’s flipping Messenger bag design, compared to Birkin, Kelly is more popular with young girls.

Metal H logo on the front of the body is very brand identification.

Although some people think that the big logo is a bit of public; but some people love Hermes H to deduct some retro luxury results, think is the highlight of this package!

In fact, there are many packages launched by Hermes, and many styles are not afraid of time.


But the most solved is super classic, or Birkin, Kelly and Constance, can be said to be the most representative 3 in Hermes bag.


Many people may not be familiar, like it is generally a more senior Hermes love.

But it is actually a very powerful package!

Contributions in the history of the bag, is not as Birkin and Kelly!


In 1923, with the arrival of the car era, when he was the third generation of Hermes

Émile maurice hermès

Real estate, people need a package that can be flat in the car seat, Bolide is born like this.

Moreover, in order to prevent small objects slip when the car is driving at high speed, the designer also gives this package with a very special, very advanced switch-zipper.


This design makes Bolide become

The world’s first package with zipper

! In the package industry, it is absolutely a milestone!

When Bolide was red, coupled with a special zipper switch and a very classic phase, Bolide can actually be said to be

Hermes pioneers in the era of handbags

In the history of the bag, there is also an important sense.

The 5 Hermes bags mentioned above, every season of Hermes will launch different colors, sizes, and materials, which don’t be afraid in the short term, no longer launched.

2.55 is


Nasal ancestor level

A CHANEL package, which has also left a trace of a silty heavy color in the history of the bag design.

Its birth, brought a lot to the bag industry

Reform and innovation

it is

The first package with chain shoulder straps


And the chain can also create a variety of different backs!

The emergence of this breakthrough design allows girls that can also liberate their hands and have become more elegant and elegant.

In addition to the chain shoulder strap, Founded flip package and Mademoiselle Lock, 2.55 also has a very unique rhombic design, each detail

Licensed Chanel classic logo

In the years, these elements have also been sought after and learned throughout the package industry.

Classic FLAP


It is the design after 2.55 by the old Buddha.

Because the exterior is very similar to 2.55, it seems to be inherited, and the content of the classic is continuous.

Since 1983, the Classic Flap is a bag of Chanel’s popularity.


Its double C buckle, skin-in, full of rhodes, also become

Brand very classic elements

Girls with Chanel plot will start with 2.55 or clasic flap, because both packs are too classic, can be said to be


Directly define the image of Chanel in many people’s hearts

It is also because there are so many people’s love, the price of these two packages has continued every year.


Left: CF, right: 2.55 Reissue

As the super classic paragraph of Dior, the girls who love the bag should be very familiar.


Many people also manage Lady Dior called Dai Packed, because it is a legendary figure

Princess Diana

The bodies of the bodies before.


In the photo, you can see that Dai is often attending it in all activities.

Princess Diana


Noble and elegant Lady Dior defines style for Dior, in a sense

Let Dior become a big brand in the package industry


After 20 years, I have been done for more than 20 years, and now I am still one of the most important packages of the brand.

Lady Dior not only has new launches, but Dior will build a Lady ART artist partner every year, which makes its fashion vitality continuously.

As a representative of Dior bag, Lady Dior will launch different versions each season. It doesn’t have to worry about which day Dior is no longer launched in the short term.

Year 1999,


Published on Dior 2000 Spring and Summer Show, just out of the road is very red, once a generation of IT Bag!


In 2018, Saddle returned to the fashion circle, once again burst red, became a package of collective!

Unique saddle shape, can be either retro, can also be elegant, with some personality, can say


Perfectly explain the image of the new Dior

Now Saddle will have a lot of new launches every year, and the trend is also very high, even the middle aged saddle bag has also been very popular!


The Saddle is actually a special style, and it is

Dior saddle bag independent triangle design

These two years are full of red, but even when they don’t have such a fire, this package will not give obvious sense of time, absolutely a unique classic design of the world.

Vintage Saddle

Birth in the 1930s


Goyard St. Louis

It is a representative of a lady shopping bag and is also the most famous package of Goyard.

It is also one of the bags of Louis Vuitton and opens a nearly 10 years old flower market.


It is very classic and more designed to design lightly. It is now a lot of people.


So long, ST. Louis is a lot of stars, celebrity everyday goes or uses a package when traveling!


Kylie Jenner, Hilary Duff, Kate Moss

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