Simple and refreshing lightweight cowboy, retro, stylish, easy to wear summer colors

Sunny summer, wearing a clear bright colorful clothes, will look more vitality, light-colored cowgirls are common in daily products, compared to deep blue cowboy, light-colored cowgirl not only express concentrate, but also Very year-old.

The light-colored cowboy items in the spring, summer are also very good, and the cowboy jacket sunscreen can improve the handsome, the skirts and denim skirts are also easy to wear the summer.


Light cowboy jacket

Although the light-colored denim jackets have some heavy feelings, the fresh color can also bring cool feelings. The concave shape can improve the overall fashion, handsome.

Aged pink print T-shirt takes an Oversize’s denim jacket, and then matches a black tight leggings, and good body is undoubtedly. Yang Mi’s simple modeling, not only showing the body, but also reflects the girl’s breath, fashion and vitality.

Oversize’s light-colored cowboy highlights the girl’s sense, light short cowboy coat enhances handsome. Simple Slim white bottoming shirt, outer short cowboy jacket, then equipped with a high waist and denim wide leg pants, upgrading the waistline shaped legs long styling, fashionable and handsome.

The big cousin Liu Wen’s looks, wearing a master of men. Loose simple white t with black loose shorts, outgoing retro light cowboy coat, highlighting cool feelings, looks hands and practicing.

Li Bingbing is wearing a white personality simple vest, a lightweight cowboy suit, refreshing and simple style, reflecting handsome and pure woman taste, and is very young.


Light jeans


Refreshing light jeans, the faint blue looks more soft, and there is also a feeling of summer, giving people a refreshing feeling.


The fresh brown white V-neck shirt is matched with light high waist jeans, simple combination, but not only outlined the book, Xinhune, but also a sweet and sweet temperament, it looks super.

Xin Yuzi wears a blue double-breasted short coat, simple practice, wearing a light jeans with blue Laofu shoes, trendy mashup, emit full of British temperament, and blue Laofu shoes and tops Color echoes, resistance and elegant. Wear a fisherman, leisurely replenishment.

White bottom-up with light green small fragrant wind coat, elegant temperament, take a light jeans, fresh and fashion. The hand picks the color bag, refreshing and fashionable modeling, fashionable.


Light cattle skirt

If wearing light-colored jeans will feel hot, then wear comfortable denim skirts, not only wear your own style, but also fashionable.

Dili is dressed in a refreshing white printing T-shirt, with a light-colored denim shorts, age-furnished fashionable, full of energy, full of fairy.


Wu Hao wears a plaid tube top dress with the shallow and cool, cool sexy looks, and the color is also a fresh feeling, summer day is full.


Light and elegant white defensed top, show sexy charming clavicle, create a summer elegant woman taste, wearing a light-colored single-breasted denim skirt, shaping a perfect body.

Aged retro light cowboy is really good, the small partner hurves out your wardrobe and wears a refreshing summer day that belongs to you!

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