Haining real estate boss wears a mink every day, and the superior hotel is half a month!

Draw a leather coat, often traveling in the hotel

Senior hotel, living is more than ten days

The opening of the invoice also wrote a real estate company

That kind of people,

Many people will think of a “big person”


There is a frequent guest “big boss” in the hotel.

Proposing 30,000 to help buy a community parking space

Xiao Wang is engaged in service work in a hotel in Haining City, Zhejiang Province. At the end of January, a guest of the hotel caused her attention.

Because the guests per night is not cheap, this man lives for ten or a half months. Every time you check out, you must open a real estate invoice.

Xiao Wang guess,

This man may be the leader of the property company.

Later, through the daily work, Xiao Wang knew the rough identity of this man, surname, 40 years old, Haining Local. He introduced himself, it is the middle leadership of a real estate company. Everyone is chatting, and each other is gradually familiar with each other. This manager has added WeChat with many people. Xiao Wang is also one.

On February 8, Xu Manager came to the front desk, inadvertently talked to the room price parking space, at this time, Xiao Wang suddenly remembered that he would need a parking space, just said to him: “Xu Manager, I want to buy a parking space, my home A community, I didn’t want to buy a parking space. Now I want to buy one, can you help. “



Xu Sou silently, Xiao Wang saw it, quickly said: “It doesn’t matter, I can’t help it, I don’t have trouble, I will not trouble the manager.”

Xu said: “What is this? Your bus is naturally a help, I can help,

As long as you give me 30,000 yuan.

. “

Xiao Wang wants: the market price is 90,000 to 100,000 5, how can he be so cheap? Will not deceive people?

Xu seems to read the heart, saying:

“I am a cost price. Of course, I am very excited, but I am very straightforward, I will help you, you have to give me a cigarette.”

He is going to make a good place, let Xiao Wang rest assured, think he will definitely be attentive; if he is the benefits, let Xiao Wang feel unreliable.

Xiao Wang believes this.

More than 40,000 dollars have been paid

“Big boss” suddenly disappeared

Network map, Source: Visual China

The next day, that is, February 9, Xiao Wang

Take 30,000 yuan from the bank from the bank to give Mon

Xu said: “After 4 days, I will give you a contract.”

In this way, Xiao Wang began to wait, to the next day, Xu sent WeChat, said that it is necessary to margin, so Xiao Wang gave him through Alipay

5680 yuan

After another day, I have to pay taxes.

The cost is 7,000 yuan

Xiao Wang felt that this money was reasonably, so through the payment of 7,000 yuan, but 4 days passed, Xiao Wang did not see this so-called Xu Manager.

Xiao Wang began to doubt, this man may be a liar,

I haven’t seen my own parking space, I have already taken 42680 yuan!

In the next few days, Xiao Wang has been reminded. At this time, Xu began to play missing: After a while, I said in Hangzhou, and I will say that in Shanghai, the company is really busy, and it is also positioned. The ridiculous thing is on February 23, he also passed WeChat.

Use the voice to find Xiao Wang borrow 2650 yuan, the reason is that it is not enough to buy things on Taobao.

This king refused.

Xiao Wang began to investigate the true face of this liar: First, she went to the residential department of the community and found that there was no parking space below its name; second, Xu said that a certain real estate company, Xiao Wang called , The result of the real estate company said that

There is no such person at all!

On February 26th, Xiao Wang went to Haining Municipal Public Security Bureau to report the case.

He put the big boss fill facade


What is the hook

After receiving the report, the police station quickly filed the case, soon, this so-called Xu Wei’s true face surface: the name of the Haining, but he is not a real estate company manager but a thoroughly liar, Not only that,

He also has many experiences that were sentenced by the Haining Court, and the crime is theft or fraud!

On the morning of February 28, the police arrested them in a supermarket in a community in the urban area.

Xu confessed to his criminal behavior. The police asked: “What is your money?” “Gambling lost.” Xu Mou will be idle, but there is a home, but don’t go back, all day long.

Xu said,

He fake some big company’s leadership, living in high-end hotels, wearing water, and also open a company invoice. In fact, there is no place to be reimbursed at all, nothing is to give yourself a facade, but only in this way, people will feel him It is a rich man, and it is good to cheat.

At present, Xu Mou has been criminally detained by Haining Police because of suspected fraud.

But things haven’t finished yet, on the afternoon of March 2,

There is also a man who surname Zhang to report, saying that there is a cheap list in his hand, and the result is missing after $ 60,000!

I really don’t know, how many people have got a lot!

Source: Qianjiang Evening News reporter Jiang Shenmin correspondent Chen Qingping

B / day Editor: Zheng Siqi

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