Don’t wear the ‘lotus leaf’ T-shirt out! As long as you have simple 5 steps, save your embarrassment



Clothes, T-shirts have been taken long, and the neckline will inevitably have “lotus leaf”, most people will choose to change the clothes as pajamas, or lose them directly, and some people will think it is unfortunately, so they will continue to wear the door, But wearing a loose T-shirt is really awkward, fortunately! Xiao Nan shares 5 very simple “recovery” steps here, let’s take a look!

Step 1: Bring the collar into a wavy and bubble it into ice water.

Step 2: Swipe the moisture from the gesture of “Holding a Mega”.

Step 3: The neckline is repeatedly promoted by hand in a vertical direction.

Step 4: Use the iron to repeatedly press the neckline in the vertical direction.

Step 5: Try flat.


In addition to the trouble of “lotus leaf”, white T-shirts often have flooded troubles, especially the hot summer, easy to be sweating, will increase the chance of white t to get dirty, and in order to Extending the life of the T-shirt has to be cleaned, maintained.


If you encounter more stubborn dirt, such as sweat, you can use natural cleaners – lemons to clean, add lemon slice, then pour the hot lemon into the water, so that the clothing is soaked for 15 to 20 minutes to easily clean. Dirt and make the clothes soft.

Said so much, in fact, as long as you keep habits in daily, you can deal with immediate treatment, hardworking clothes, do not pull the neckline when dressing, you can extend the life of your clothes, and you can save your own package!



“Lotus edge” neckline and the yellow T-shirt wear the door will really be very embarrassed! I will collect this article to avoid wearing imperfect clothes!