Novice entry Hainan horn pear, choose a bracelet or a small piece is more suitable?

I often see the newcomers who have just gotting the sea in the Internet are asking, Hainan Huanghuo Bracelet is suitable for newcomers? Is it recommended to start a small piece or a bracelet? Which is better, etc.


Some people suggest that novices should not buy a bracelet directly at the beginning, first start to sea yellow small pieces, small materials, because the price is cheap, but also fully feel the texture and texture of Hainan Huanghuo; also say novice should start sea Yellow bracelet

Many others say one word, it seems to be reasonable, is the material that chooses small or small pieces can be made by hand, or choose the skewers of the fine material better?

This problem does not have the correct answer, no one is two, nor is wrong. Although it is a newbie, but how to play sea yellow, still to hobbily and purpose according to your own interest. The novice enters the sea-yellow bracelet, the small pieces can be, if he is because the bracelet begins to get started, you will not be able to buy a small piece, then it will not be discouraged.

Of course, if there is condition, it is best to start some small materials. After all, the small materials are cheap, take the physical to compare, do hand, personally feel, combined with the exchange of online or friends, summarize more experience, Slowly you can enter the door.

However, I have a favorite bracelet, the material is good, it is right, even if the novice can be started, more looks more and more materials can improve the aesthetic ability. Nowadays, many merchants sell the sea yellow, the same material is similar, and it can be more comparison.

There are many people who are online transaction sea yellow. It is basically deserved to be a picture. Do you want to start, how to determine the quality of the sea, how to determine whether it is worth it?

Identifying sea yellow is a very complicated process. It is difficult to discover the picture, and even if it is a physical, it is difficult to identify if there is no long-term observation of experience and contact with Hainan Huanghuoi. If you purchase online, you can refer to it.



Recommendation 1: A commodity requires the merchant to take a shot, because the online purchase is unique, and must confirm the goods to be shipped with the merchant before the order, make sure the goods received are the pictures you see.

Recommendation 2: Require merchants to shoot physical maps in natural light, light background, or take pictures in the hands, which can form comparison with skin color or white gloves, which can reflect the real situation of the real thing.


Suggest 3: Require merchants to provide big pictures, especially some detailed pictures, can’t be blocked, especially the kind of artistic photo of beautiful, warm light, or beautify the beautiful picture, cautious.


Purple oil sketch


Those Old Tibetan players are also coming from a newbie. It is not a correct answer from the entrance to the door or the hand string, the most important thing to buy the door and play the mood. You think the novice will be introduced to Hainan Huanghuoi. Is it a choice of a bracelet, or choose a small piece?