“Good” brand denied exiting the Chinese market Kunming multi-family business super difficult

Valentine’s Day, there are consumers who have found that in the market, in the market, the hot water droplets chocolate “Good time” have become difficult to find, recently, “Good” brand large-scale withdrawal, withdrawal from China The rumors of the market are also endless.

When the company issued a clarification statement on February 12, it denyed exited the Chinese market, indicating that it will continue to invest in the Chinese market, and to promote business and business in the Chinese market with distributors and partners.

So what is the market situation in Kunming? On February 15th, the open news reporter visited the Kunming’s multi-family business.

Kunming Market: Multi-family business super difficulty

In the Kunming box Ma Yuecheng, put on the shelves of Chocolate, Ferrero, Meiji, Song Di Van, Dove, etc. “Sorry, no goods found” later.

“好时”品牌否认退出中国市场 昆明多家商超难觅身影

On the chocolate showcase in Kunming Runfa and Carrefourmen, the reporter did not find “good” brand related items. A customer who was picking chocolate in Carrefour Century Square, told reporters that they were quite deeply impressed by the water droplets of “good” brand, before they can buy it from the supermarket, and now I find it hard to find it in the supermarket, I am Will choose to purchase from the e-commerce platform.

An industry insiders told reporters that commercial super difficult, “good”, or related to dealer disputes.

On the 15th, the reporter found it in Taobao Tmall and found that there was no Tmall flagship store, but it can be purchased through the Tmall Supermarket, Tmall International Import Supermarket. At a good Jingdong self-operated flagship store, there are 17 single product links such as rules, iron boxes, bulk, but also have 15 single product links to display “out of stock”.

Official response: will not withdraw from the Chinese market

The results of the financial report show that it is not good to operate in the Chinese market in recent years. In 2020, the global net sales were approximately $ 8.15 billion, a year-on-year increase of 2%, but the sales of China’s market fell 46%, of which the fourth quarter decreased by 82.2%. In contrast, the sales of North American markets reached 7.417 billion US dollars, an increase of 4.7% year-on-year, and the market sales in Canada increased by 4.1%. When the fourth quarter, North American business net sales reached 1974 million US dollars, an increase of 8.9% over the same period in the previous year.

On February 12th, there is still a good time, the full-owned subsidiary of China is good, and the official WeChat public number issued by “Good Chocolate” official Weibo. “Online flagship store ends the operation” “Withdrawing the Chinese Market” and other information is not true. According to the statement, it is expected that the Tmall flagship store optimizes its e-commerce business model. It is expected that the new official flagship store is online at the end of February; while the Jingdong self-service store is in short supply, the sales volume is caused by the surge in product sales during the Spring Festival. , Is working with the dealer to solve the supply problem, and the subsequent goods will keep up.

“China has always been one of the important markets of good companies. It will continue to continue to shake in the long-term development strategy of the Chinese market. Good company will continue to invest in the Chinese market, and with dealers and partners, continue to advance The business and business of the Chinese market. “Said in the statement. (Opened news reporter Zhu Yanqi)