Han Mode demonstrates the trendy sense of cotton clothes!

Thick cotton clothes sometimes wear the feeling of cumbersome, how to match to look more fashionable? Let’s let South Korea people in the red model to demonstrate cotton clothes with LOOK, teach you to wear the yarn cotton.


Orange cotton is thick, hooded design adds casual and playful taste, the rough design is both stylish and warm, the beige sweater with a geometric pattern, with bright red and treasure blue, personal sex, avoid monotone. White tights clear new slim, with coffee snow boots cute fashion.


The white jacket and white print T-shirt, demonstration laminated mix and pad, this dressing has always been very popular, especially the Korean MM of fashion, showing his own match, with black tights and Black canvas shoes, the upper and lower jamming is fashionable and generous.

This red cotton clothing is a straight version, giving people a feeling of casual fashion, and the enthusiasm is very energetic. The hood design adds a playful taste, and the top of the gray Mickey pattern is cute, the following black tights and Black ball shoes, this fashion is aged, it looks extra young.


Tibetan blue cotton hooded design, there is a clear feeling, color classic atmosphere, simple color, simplicity, in-line, black pantyhose and black boots, casual winds Lost fascinating woman.


The classic must have a single product of the girls. This black cotton suit is more simple. The details emphasize personality, the belt design is in the waist, and the curve can be worn in the winter, the big fur collar design is quite grab The mirror is hipster, bringing the feeling of luxury in the air.

White cotton clothes are fresh, so that the girl looks extracted to be extra-quiet, in winter, white cotton clothes can be refresh, and the sweaters of various colors are OK.

The black cotton jacket is a styles of the back. The classic style is not a fashionable feeling. It is warm and a wild, and the fence on the hat is very good, with a grilled shirt and white T-shirt, which is a laminated dress. Warm and fashionable, with simple jeans, add a pair of stylish boots, it is very famous.


I don’t know how to dress, I want to make myself more beautiful, you can pay attention to us, we can teach you to create your personal image, our micro signal:


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