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In addition to the wool / cashmere sweater, the down jacket, autumn and winter should look at the hearts of various leather goods. As a person who takes a rubber shoe as a decompression game, I have a little experience in leather care for care.


The care of the leather is related to its material. Common materials can be divided into three categories: light surface, vegetable tanning (mainly packaged), flushing (such as snow boots, suede boots).

Light face, leather bag

Light-facing leather goods is the best to be tested, mainly 3 steps:


Dust removal




Plus one



Dust removal

Leather goods can’t be washed, if you have a water, you will be dried in time; you can’t expose it in the sun. Usually dust removal, wipe the water with a soft dry towel or cotton. If dirty, you can rub it with eraser.

Light color leather goods should pay special attention to dyeing problems

It is like some dark denim coat, jeans (especially the original cow), it is likely to give them a flower in the friction of the ladle, the skin bag, that is hard to handle, only to receive professional leather care care Shop to care.

Insert a sentence,


It is recommended to buy a light-colored bag

, This is my blood lesson! It’s hard to clean, and once the old is also a dirty feeling …



The oil maintenance is best to use professional leather products, and good products are often made of pure animal oil, such as butt, sheep oil.


Generally, it is enough for a year.

Let the leather keep the gloss and softness, and extend the life of the leather.


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Columbus is a professional leather care brand in Japan, and its family products are in the forefront of Japan, Lotte and other e-commerce sales list. This fuelier yellow wine cream is mentioned in leather care, there are many people recommend.

Its main ingredient is from the fat tissue under the mink, permeability, moisturizing the leather, keeps it soft and elastic to prevent cracks from leather.

The paste is pale yellow, and it is basically a colorless state after wi-pushing, and it is suitable for any color; not just leather, leather bag, leather shoes, cortical furniture is also applicable.

After painting, the leather goods touched smoothly, and the surface was dry, not very gray.

Huang Yu is a domestic brand with more than 20 years, specializing in the care of leather care products, the price is relatively high, most of the leather care products I use are its home.

This sheep oil is in the function, and the use of a fuel oil is similar, and the difference is that it is black, brown is optional.


I am generally colorless, because it is difficult to ensure that other colors will have some color differences with leather, or dyed to other places.

❸ ❸

Before the accommodation, the oil is repaired, and the leather is recommended to hang storage, and the skin bag is properly placed. Do not stack because stacking may generate irreversible creases, sometimes even sticky together, resulting in damage.

Light boots

The care of the light-skinned boots is similar to other glossy leather goods.

Mainly dust removal, two steps of oil, but do more meticulous, and more tools.


Leather boots are also irresolated, can not be exposed in the sun, everyday care is done, you can extend its life.

Daily care

I usually do this 5 steps:

1 sole dust removal (sole brush)

2 Upper dust removal (shoe gloves or shoes)

3 wipe the sludge cream / shoe milk (shoe glove)

4 wiped maintenance oil / shoes wax (shoe gloves)

5 shoe bottom (sole brush)

Before brushing shoes, if there is a footwear, it is better to support the entire shoe, so that each step will be convenient.

I have been using the emperor’s home, and I bought it home for a leather boots care suit, including rubber boots, maintenance oil, fast shoe wipe, but still can It is a set of products to pick the product.


Dust removal, pollution, oil, and polished a glove can be used to buy a few more.


Fresh cotton, very soft and comfortable, many colors, random delivery. I have used it for more than a year, and there is no hairy and fading.


Gloves are in the opposite side of the fluff lengths,


The short velvet is used to go to oil, and the long fluff is used to polish it. There is also a layer of plastic material on the inside of the glove, which is used to prevent the oil to protect the oil when the oil is polished.

Very practical care small design.

I generally

Wash your gloves after one or two times

Because if you don’t wash, stick it on the upper shoes, the shoe oil will make the fluff stick together and affect the use effect.


In addition to gloves, the tools that will be used include shoe brush, but they will be sent when they buy a sludge or keep the oil, and it is not necessary to buy it alone.

This demeal cream

Only suitable for light surface leather, suede, and matte skin,

Because the paste is easy to accumulate on the surface of this type of leather, it will not be opened.


The paste is white, not stained, so various colors of boots can be used. At the same time, it can nourish the leather while so that the leather is soft and not tight, and the leather mildew is also improved.

Drain the leather boots before you use it before, just squeeze the appropriate amount of sludge, then use the shoe glove or soft cloth, and then rub it softly.

Although it is also a nourishing effect, if you want to further maintain, it is recommended to use specialized maintenance oil.

This maintenance oil is also

Can only use light surface leather

After uniformly painting the paste, the shine glove is repeated and then repeatedly wiped the brightness. Remember

Don’t brush it with a shoe, this step is polished, and the shoe brush is easily damaged.

It has colorless, black, brown 3 colors, I have been repurchase no color, because the scope of application is wider, don’t worry about the color of the shoe and oil, or if it is dyed to other places difficult to clean ~

Occasionally, it is lazy when it is lazy ~ Sometimes I don’t want to wipe it off the dirt cream, wipe the oil, and rub it with this shoe after dust removal (even slowly, dust removal is not done), the boots can also become bright .

It is actually a sponge containing leather care solution, which is capable of brighter nourishing leather, dust removal, cleaning, and get it at a time.

However, its service life is not very long. After all, it is limited to the nursing solution in the sponge. If you don’t do it, you will use it directly, it is easy to hide the saga, and finally there is no effect.

By the way, it is recommended to use the shoe oil that is mainly used to fix the color, repair the slight scratch.

It is used for mild fixtures of general leather goods

It is very professional in color, and the light is white, beige, like dental, polyfen, birch color, etc., and some labeling adds pearl ingredients, but pay attention to transparent colors can only be used to brighten and Basic maintenance.

Although it is a shoe, it

It can also be used in a general leather, a leather bag, and a slight repair of a belt.

Most of the leather goods can always be prepared.

❷ ❷

If the leather boots belt insole, before receiving the routine care, you can also remember to clean the sunshine. One such as the long boots is a half year, and it is recommended to do anti-sterilization deodorization.

In addition to suitable for shoes and socks, this fresh agent can also be sprayed in the shoe cabinet. Very small, convenient with you.

Tangeted skin bag

Tangeted skin is the most troublesome, most complicated.

Plant tanning is a process of treating the original skin. From cattle, sheep and other animals, they are not processed, and they are called “raft” or “original skin”, and the plant tanning agent extracted in plants in plants is tanned.

This leather surface does not have any coating or chemical fibers, and the bag made will pass through the use and time, exhibit different color and ripples on the surface.

So even if the styles bought two people, the status of the last bag is completely different.

The vegetable tanning bag is said to be “nursing”, but it is better to “develop”, develop a exclusive bag with its own imprint.

Such care needs to be performed frequently, especially during that time just bought.

(The following care is from the Taobao shop “Fostyle Bodhi”)


Prepare tools before nursing:

A piece of dry towel

A piece of sponge


A box of butt or sheep oil

First, rub the dust on the skin with a dry towel.

Second, use a sponge to take colorless butt or sheep oil, gently rub, so that the oil is sufficiently infiltrated, and even the whole sponge.

Then, with a sponge to give the skin evenly to the skin, remember to take care of each corner of the bag.

After overture, put the bag in the ventilation place naturally air; wait until the skin is dry, quickly, remove the surface of the bag, so that the bag looks more oil and lustrous.

After the tanning skin dust removal, after oil maintenance, it is equivalent to the surface of the surface of the grease, and the color of the leather will change, it be deeper; it is better to waterproof and anti-fouling performance (if you want to strengthen waterproof Antifouling performance can be made to suppress some waterproof spray, which will be specifically said below).


The absorption capacity of the vegetation tanning skin is very good. You usually touch it, and the fat on your hand will be absorbed and become part of “developing”. At the same time, sweat, dirt, etc. are also easily absorbed, and it is difficult to repair. So, once it decides to use the vegetable tanning bag, you have to take care!

Snow boots, suede boots, suede boots, etc.

This type of boots are special, plus some or fur, so

Nursing in daily wear is more important than cleaning.

The care of the boots should start from the first time it wear it, and the big brand generally has the corresponding care and maintenance instructions. I think


It is necessary to do it most necessary to spray the waterproof care agent, which can waterproof and avoid some stains (not complete waterproof and anti-fouling, to reduce the difficulty of latter cleaning) to a certain extent.

Also extend the life of boots.

This is our classmate @ms. Tough self-usage, from Japanese professional care brands Columbus, the list of day submarines for many years.

Just shake the spray, spray evenly from 15-20 cm from the shoe, wait for ten minutes to half an hour, the shoes will have waterproof, oil and anti-fouling.

Before using the VS before use

It applies to shoes, bags, clothes, including polished skin, suede, suede, and other fur leather.

Will not damage the softness and breathability of leather. Because the spray itself is colorless,

The shoes of various colors are suitable (pair, small white shoes can be used ~).

However, before using it, remember to clean the dust on the upper with a flush or soft brush;

After touches water or contaminated dirty, it is necessary to make up in time.

When we wear, it was found that it was cleaned up in a timely, especially oil, and did not wait until “Chen Yeard,” Small block stains can be brushed with a soft hair to brush a little water (laundry liquor, shower gel or washing liquid is OK) brushing a brush; if the shoes are sheep material, it is necessary to use a sheepskin special detergent.

Cleaning and drying

If the dirt is relatively large, or wear a whole winter, you want to clean it, except for the washing store, there are also special snow boots cleaning agents to make yourself clean up.

Take 3 precautions first:

Snow boots can’t be immersed! Can’t immerse! Can’t immerse!


The cleaner used should not contain a bleaching component; if the material is material is a sheepskin, sheepskin special detergent must be used.

Do not expose or directly bake in the sun without any circumstances, you have to dry it in a cool place.


This set is the product used in the “maintenance and cleaning method” video demo (video link:, in addition to UGG, it can also be used to clean, Maintain other fluffy shoes.

A set of 4 products:

1 bottle of 4 oz (about 120ml)

Sheepskin Waterproof Care Spray

Used to prevent rain, snow, stains, etc.

Sheepskin cleaner

, Used to clean the stains.

Sheepskin new agent

Used to remove the odor inside the shoes.



Sheepskin cleaning brush

It is not used to wash the shoes, but after washing, it is used to gently reflect the surface of the shoe, so that the upper fluff is restored.

There is a block eraser on the back of the brush. If you are not particularly stubborn, don’t use it, it is easy to remove the color of the shoes.

Waterproof care spray and fresh agents are relatively simple, specifically, the use of detergents, you need to prepare a sponge.

First, gently moistive the surface of the boots with water and sponge (do not wet the whole bubble!):

Then, apply a small amount of cleaning to the wet sponge and gently scrub the surface of the boots:

After the scrub is finished, remove the excess residue with a clean wet spree. You can fill in some paper in the boots, accelerate dry, two to help keep your boots:

Finally, put the boots in a cool and ventilated place, naturally drying for about 24 hours, OK ~ If you are drying, you plan to take it, remember to spray waterproof spray.

It is recommended to take the cleaning, spray new new agent to the odor, spray the aforementioned processed, etc.


My experience is shared, is it helpful to you? If you have other supplements, you can send a message together.




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Daily care

1 bottle of 4 oz (about 120ml)

1 bottle of 4 oz (about 120ml)