How to get a white shirt? Take the white T-shirt, refreshing and comfortable and fashionable

# What to wear today?


Hello everyone.

White shirts everyone have, how do you wear? I always wear white shirts before, put into the skirt or pants, and wear a rule of the rules. Although it is not ugly, it is also very monotonous.

Recently, I saw the stylish blogger and the female star’s street shoot, and many people found

White shirt is used as a cardigan or coat


The matching pattern is much more. There are a lot of patches with white shirts with T-shirts. Because the white shirt is a hundred colors, in principle, it can be

Arbitrary color T-shirt

Match. But I want to wear a good look and I have to pay my mind.


What color T-shirts don’t look good in the white shirt? Recently, there are several of the following, one is



T-shirt, simple refreshing and pleasant, applicable people very wide. Second,



T-shirt, classic black and white match, simple and fashionable. Three is


Pink, yellow or green


T-shirt, bright and lively.


Different white shirts are not necessarily t-shirts, like T-shirts.

Small vest or dress

It is also very good.


Below we will give an example, see what you look at the white shirt.

White shirt with white t-shirt, refreshing and comfortable

Shirts matching T-shirts are relatively casual. These two years of popularity, this color combination is also suitable for shirts and t-shirts. For example, wearing a white shirt, a white T-shirt inside. The shirt is preferably casual, relatively long. Put the inner T-shirt into the trousers, create a high waist line. Very comfort and fashion. White shirts are here to play a cardigan.


Both outside the outside is white

It is the most popular color combination this year. You can wear a white shirt, a pure white T-shirt, you can put a white l bellied. Refreshing and handsome, it is quite comfortable. But it is still more changing. Because the up and down are loose, plus white expansion, more fat. Suitable for people who have long.


The white T-shirt wearing in the white shirt is not necessarily pure white, and there are various patterns of various patterns in the chest. And more levels of level. You can don’t deduct the buckles of the white shirt. The hem and T-shirt are stuffed into the trousers. Down to the jeans. This will have a high waist line. At the same time, the pattern of the T-shirt is exposed from the shirt, which is very leveling. It is a relatively tidal match.

For fashionable sisters, ordinary white t-shirts in white shirts are still boring. Then you can cut the inner white t-shirt. Become one


Waist white T-shirt

The side of this T-shirt can also be rotten, which is more trendy. Bicycle jeans down the hole. This is a small sexy and very modern match because of the reasons of the wrap.

In addition to the round neck white T-shirt, you can also wear a piece in white shirt

White Dew T-Shirt in POLO

The skin’s skin is large, so although the neck is small, it will not be bored. If you match a shorts, it is a set of refreshing and stylish summer.

Black T-shirt in white shirt, classic black and white match, atmosphere and type

Black and white is a hundred colors, and the two colors combine together is quite good. For example, wear a white shirt, one piece

Black t-shirt

It is very good. Classic black and white match, simple and refreshing. The clothes are best taken slightly. This will not be bloated and more fat. Black T-shirt can take some sleeves or even shoulder sleeves or wide shoulder sleeves are good.

A lot of styles in white shirts. In addition to ordinary white shirts, you can wear a long white shirt, a bit of a long shirt like a windbreaker is quite good. Inside


Black dew t-shirt

Down to black trousers. Although the coat is long, it is black. But because of the reasons for the waist, it seems that breathable fashion. It is a set of thin and high.

Color T-shirts in white shirts, such as pink, yellow or green are good, refreshing and fashionable

White is a hundred colors, so the white shirt can be equipped with a T-shirt with a color. For example, wearing a white reflection and long shirt,

Pink T-shirt

, White shorts, white shorts. Refreshing is sweet and sweet. Very nice street wearing.

These two years are very popular, then wear in white shirts

Army Green Dew T-Shirt

It is quite refreshing. It is good to drop with light blue cowboy. Shirts can be shorter, so it is relatively profitable.

White and yellow combinations are refreshed and bright. So wearing a piece in white shirt


Yellow tight t-shirt

It is very good. Then put the next shirt, and a denim shorts. Out of a pair of long legs. Fashion and youth. Very nice street wearing.

White shirt riding a dress, elegant and sweet and romantic

Although the T-shirt in the white shirt is good. However, white shirts do not necessarily have to take a T-shirt, and it is also very good to match the dress. There are romantic sweet and elegant charms that are not coming out of T-shirt. For example, a white shirt, a red sling or tube top dress, sweet and fresh, very temperament.

White shirts and hanging tape dresses can also match refreshing and handsome style. For example, wear a white medium long shirt, a bright green sling dress, refreshing and sweet and very tidal, and very sunshine.


White shirt takes a white tube top dress, this skirt is still a slim dress, if it is very realistic. Add a white shirt outside, and the horse looks a lot. Show the shoulder, there is a kind of fashionable feeling, cool and spicy, very unhorse.


The combination of the hanging tape dresses in white shirts and printed is also very nice. You can put the shirt semi-half, and the waist is tied. Give people feel sweet and cold and free. Very fashionable.

When the white shirt and printer happens dress, the shirt is not used to wear, but the button is not deducted to play a knot in the chest. It is also very good. Fashion is also a level, very romantic.

White shirts and short sling skirts are refreshed and bright. and

Long hanging tape dress

The match is also very beautiful. It seems elegant. For example, wearing a white shirt, a white V-neck happeal dress, the skirt is a flat cloth and a lace. Have a sense of layering and very tidal. It is quite high because the vertical lines have the effect of visually elongation. Originally an elegant and lazy dress, with a white shirt, with a casual casual feel. Very atmospheric.

White shirt can be used as a cardigan and

Small floral chiffon dress

Match, the skirt is best to choose a rice white small floral, close to the color of the white shirt. This is still a copy in elegance and refreshing.



. If the flower of the skirt is too gorgeous, it will look a lot, it is not easy to wear temperament.

White shirt

White, black or other colored T-shirt


It is good. But white shirts don’t have to take a T-shirt as a cardigan.

Sling dress or tube top dress

It is also very beautiful. Which kind of match do you like?

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