Under the banana and OH sunny long sunscreen clothing comparison, send it to the beauty of sunscreen

Today, “Harry Potter” in the sunscreen of “Dubai Black Robe”, dedicated to me to pay attention to sunscreen sisters just like me!

Under the banana and ohsunny long semi-pull sunscare

蕉下和oh sunny长款防晒衣对比评测,送给爱防晒的集美们

$ 299 under the banana

Ohsuunny 198 yuan

1 Appearance: I am in the length of the picture. It is obvious that Ohsuunny covers more. The version of the hopping under the banana is a wave shape, ohsunny is a slim, and some people prefer OS version, which is very thin.

蕉下和oh sunny长款防晒衣对比评测,送给爱防晒的集美们

2 Material: Banas is a cold bit better than OS, but I have been worn for a long time, because I have a hottest, wear a full will. But the fabric is thinner, the component is more than ohsunny

蕉下和oh sunny长款防晒衣对比评测,送给爱防晒的集美们

3 Sunscreen effect: I bought black in order to fairness, the two performances are great, and the strong ultraviolet light is not inferior

蕉下和oh sunny长款防晒衣对比评测,送给爱防晒的集美们


1, although it is to increase the hat, the actual difference is similar, and the banana is not able to cover the forehead, this is very fascinated.

2, the mask part is really a chicken rib, pulls up the eyes, don’t say it, the nose will open it, so that the next empty, it is really lonely. And when you don’t wear a hat, you can’t pull it up, or you really have a card.

蕉下和oh sunny长款防晒衣对比评测,送给爱防晒的集美们

3, the hat can be disassembled, I don’t know if there is a use, dismantled like a hook.

蕉下和oh sunny长款防晒衣对比评测,送给爱防晒的集美们


The disadvantage may not put the zipper of the horses, no mask. But I feel that the mask part is completely unnecessary.


There is a demand for Zama, do not like to wear a mask

Not in a hug, you like light, slim, and the hip, choose Ohsuunny