A baseball cap chooses, learning is not afraid, do not pick up your sister!

For the hot season, the baseball cap not only has such sunscreen functions, but also maintains the appearance of the personality, but you want to pick out a few in the style of the baseball cap with your own style and functional. Let’s take it!


Pick according to the style


Many people think that the appearance of the baseball cap is basically consistent. In fact, there is also a very subdivided style in the baseball cap, and more common style can be basically divided into three types: flat hat, bend hat and truck cap.

1.1 flat hat


The flat hat is naming according to the hat of the hat. As the name suggests is the baseball cap without curness, from the overall style, the flat hat is more common in the hip-hop style of Zhang Yang, with loose personality hip-hop costumes, more Highlight the fashionable style.


Of course, the hat also has around the face, and the packed hat is large and the large hat is effective to cover the face line, so it is more suitable for men with a relatively distinctive face line, or a long face type is also very suitable.

1.2 bending hat

Compared with the pachel hat, there is a little curvature, and more relaxed at the podium hat, it is also a classic baseball cap shape, so the effect of bending hats and comforts are comfortable, daily retro Leisure styling is also better.

The bending cap is more suitable for the face lines that are unclear or the facial features of the facial features, and the arc-shaped contour line can modify the visual contour sense. However, men with more face fat will make the smeas of the cheeks more obvious.


1.3 truck cap

The shape of the ferrous hat and the bending hat is basically consistent from the appearance. Different places have a large layer of sponge in the hat, and the second half of the hat is spliced ​​from the mesh material, the carcap is the earliest workers’ equipment, so the mesh material It is also more breathable.


The ferrous hat is the same as the face of the face type, but it is not suitable for the back side of the mesh material, but for the temperature of the summer, the breathable truck hats are preferred.

2. Select the material according to the material


The baseball cap not only has a variety of hats, but now there is a variety of options in the material, but the different materials will not only differ in style and wearing feelings, so it is also very important to start from the material of the baseball cap.

2.1 cotton material


The cotton material is very common in the baseball cap, which not only has a soft and natural texture, but also excellent gas permeability. The good ductility of cotton material is capable of fitting the line of the head, so it has very comfortable practicality, and the price is also easy to accept.

Cotton material can be said to be more ideal for summer, and the breathable texture will not have a hot sense. However, the cotton material is poor because the material is large, and it will be different in the shape of the hat.


2.2 Cowboy Material

Cowboys have always been known to wear-resistant, and the cowboy baseball cap has a very distinctive American casual breath from the style, and the unique texture of cowboy fabric can make the baseball cap more taste.

And the tough stroke of cowboy is also very ideal, and it is possible to keep the baseball cap original model. And the cowboy baseball cap will not be very picky in style, but the cowboy baseball cap will give a unique freshness.

2.3 Leather material

The leather baseball cap has always given the wilderworking locomotive style, and the leather alone also allows the baseball cap to show a unique fashion style, and the leather material also has a soft and breathable characteristics, and it is very comfortable to wear.


However, for the hot summer, the leather baseball cap is more suitable for the autumn and winter season, with handsome leather and buckle jeans best. At the same time, the leather is soft and the price is relatively high.

3. Pick up the elements

In addition to the material and the cap shape, it mainly determines the color of the baseball cap, or the overall design element, with the diversity of fashion style, different elements also determine the overall style of the baseball cap, can be selected according to their own style.


3.1 Embroidery


The embroidery of China’s charm is combined with baseball cap, which not only makes patterns more stereo, but also highlights a very distinctive style. And in addition to piercing LOGO in a hat, there is also a letter and a pattern can also be presented by embroidery.


Want to make the baseball cap are easier to match, in picking the embroidery element, try not to choose the color too much fancy or hierarchy. The addition of embroidery elements will also make the hat more quality.

3.2 webbing

With the prevalence of functional wind, in addition to the style of costumes, there are also very distinctive appearance characteristics in the baseball cap, which will be integrated into the baseball cap, which will add a cool and cool personality with the wind. style.