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At 8:30 tonight, I have to do live with Wang Ziwen. I also have a notice yesterday, but the special period, the event is delayed, and I am sorry to say to all the readers who are intended to support first, and the specific live time is determined. Tell everyone again.

One day, my friend circle, Weibo, all places are for heavy rain and rescue screens, keep watching the latest news, some articles have read the beginning, I have been crying, I will cry with the studio at noon. After an emergency discharge, a donation is issued, but it can only be done with a little power. I hope that the young friends in Henan are safe, our hearts are together with you.

I have been anxiety, open the computer write push, but I have been repeated. In addition to the distance, it is possible to make it easy to get rid of them.


Today’s theme is to go to work.

Not long ago, I saw a news.

# 穿 穿 上 上 被 解 #

I clicked in and found that a company requested employees to wear uniform but did not open air conditioners, some people wear shorts to resist, and the company sued him to court, and finally the company lost the compensation …… ▼

Although this company is very wonderful, this dress is quite common, and in many cases of shorts are indeed inadvertently.

The front of the beaver and the Bobber couple are also hot because of dress.

They went to the Elysee Palace and the French President, the President’s wife met, the beaver wore a backhead skirt, and wearing a colorful ball shoe. ▼ ▼


Trendy is stylish, wearing something like this street. But in such a formal occasion, it is not allowed to spit by netizens at home and abroad. The beaver is behind the back of the fire.

▼ ▼

Recently, I don’t have a graduation season. The background has come to a lot of workplace newcomers to let me write this topic.


Last year, I wrote a “Men’s Code” (poke blue word can be warm), saying that men’s installation specification in formal occasions, when many people let me write a woman. Today, I will fill the pit ~

Many people may say that our company doesn’t pay attention to these, we can wear anything. This is the case like our studio, wearing a vacation to go to work, but occasionally need to be official, especially the small partner responsible for business.

I didn’t spit it before. We have to go to Macau to participate in a very important business luncheon. Cuisan is going to wear T-shirt slippers. Later, I let her change, but I only found a black dress. After that, I found that the other party was wearing a suit and tie. She got a painful lesson, now every time I go to a similar occasion.

Therefore, whether it is engaged in, it is necessary to master these basic dress specifications. What is needed in case?

Let’s take a look together:



Example card stated: This article does not include any commercial soft implantation



1 clothes should be fit

In the workplace,


The fit of the clothes is better than it is designed.

, Especially in shirts and suits this partial formal single product.

I have to be marked in the picture. Shirt ▼

Take it in just as possible to justify it.


Suit ▼

Oversize shirts wear in informal occasions, although fashionable and lazy, but in the formal occasion, it will appear not enough to have a profession. This is a bit too loose on the left of Meigen. ▼ ▼


2 color preferred neutral color


Black and white ash blue and big geographical lines, these are not wrong. If you want to be slightly lively, you can choose large area solid color or stripes. Remember not to choose a piece of item, the cartoon pattern is even more refusing.


It can have a certain time


Color contrast

. For example, your suit is dark, the light-colored shirt is selected, the contrast is relatively high, and the visual impact will be stronger, and it can create a fruit break. ▼ ▼


Although the ALL BLACK of the extremely simple blogger love is very cool, it is better to be so clear as the contrast color. ▼ ▼

3 Avoid easy wrinkle, will pass the material


I have a friend is a company executive. I went to find him at noon, I found out that there was a suit crumpled. I said that you came to work like this, he said no, I was ironed in the morning, but I was a morning. Clumpled.


Seeing a friend is actually okay. If there is any important thing on the day, it is best not to choose a linen such a wrinkled suit or shirt. Especially when you need a long time, it is difficult to guarantee that it is not wrinkled, and the light color will be more obvious. The clothes are wrinkled, and it seems that there is no texture and it will look very casual.

The fabric that will not be suitable for formal occasions, and the underwear underwear is not very appropriate.


Like this, the pocket liner will also appear that the texture is not very good. ▼ ▼

4 want to create a sense of practice, wear a straight line type


The lines of the clothes are straight, those who we feel that are neutralized are all-line designed, such as suitcases, vests, shirts, trousers, straight skirts, shirt skirts. The soft T-shirt lacks linear lines and relaxes to people’s feelings.


Contrast Curve and Linear Jacket ▼

Knitting (Curve) and Suit (straight) ▼


In addition to large outlines, the details of the clothes will also affect its line sensation, such as the shape of the neckline, pattern, etc.


This is also a dressing, which is generally in addition to solid color is striped, striped straight lines will also be calm fall. ▼ ▼

5 chooses a little button

When I wrote a men’s clothing last time, a piece of dressing looks not good, it is very likely because of button.

It’s not to say that the details determine success or failure, don’t underestimate this inconsistent button, if you want to transform ordinary suit, shirts are more advanced, change button is a trick.

Replace the plastic button into a glossy Beni brother, clothes instant worth UP ~

6 skirt length near the knee

Every timeday will put a photo of the royal family because they have cumbersome rules, which meets etiquette norms. But when there is also a “rollover” in the royal family.


In 2011, Kate Wang Hao participated in military camp activities, and the light skirt was launched by the wind. At that time, the British responded strong, and some media put this photo class than Monroe. Later, Queen ordered the designer to study the skirt, and prevent the embarrassing again by increasing weight. ▼ ▼

The length of the skirt is the most formal distance between the knees. The skirt is easy to walk and the sexy is too long. ▼ ▼


7 pants is just right to the foot

The trousers of official occasions should be elected, and they are in the trousers.

Don’t mop

. This is too long. ▼ ▼

It is best to see a clear pants line and look more practiced. ▼ ▼

8 Prepare these three shoes is enough

The shoes are the key to improving the whole style. It is also the same for the workplace. A pair of comfortable good shoes are still very intimate, each of the workplace is worth investing in a pair.

Last year, I interviewed New World Female President Echo, mentioned that her office put three pairs of shoes to prepare from time to time, a pair of high-spirited shoes, a pair of shine shoes, and a pair of flat shoes that can run the site.

This combination is also known for the ordinary workplace.


In the formal workplace, flat shoes are not the best choice. 3 ~ 6cm medium heels is a suitable height, allowing you to make your entire man’s body more stretch. The shoes are best not tole, and they will not be revered, and there is less decoration. ▼ ▼

The hate of this kind of zone, sexy means is stronger, strictly is not enough, and it is more suitable for the annual meeting. ▼ ▼

In the flat shoes, you can prepare a flat pointed shoes, Laofu Shoes or more handsome Oxford shoes, good, good way, suitable for small partners who often have a field business. ▼ ▼

9 official occasion can wear stockings

Many people have a prejudice for stockings. In fact, in a very formal occasion, the light leg is not enough, stockings can beautify the skin, wearing a skirt with nude silk stockings, more formal. But don’t buy too thick, the light leg artifact is too fake, buy transparent slim, and the style of color is good.

Kate Wang Hao participated in the event, often wearing ▼

10 Go to the bag, don’t buy big cards, but the leather should be good

If you don’t have to buy more expensive, the most important thing is that the texture is good.

The top-covered bags have a soft collapse, no matter what, what will make the whole person look more spirit. The size should be moderate, it is best to install the computer and file (A4 paper size).

The color is mainly neutral color, I don’t want to be too stuffy too serious, I can choose beige, elephant ash, more suitable for summer.

11 Do not exceed 6 points

Exaggerated jewelery will not have to say more, everyone knows that it is not suitable for workplace. Pay attention to the quantity,

Workplace accessories should not be much more.


There is a very simple judgment standard: do not exceed 6 points. It sounds a lot, it is actually easy to exceed the standard.

Earrings are two points

There are also brooch, necklaces, rings, watches, bracelets … If you look at it,


Glasses are also an accessory.


12 Prepare a set of commonly used accessories

If you want to go out quickly, you can prepare a commonly used accessory combination, remember to choose low-conditioning, even if you wear it every day. For example, a ring + a good table + a pair of exquisite little earrings, all the simplicity can add extra points to the model. ▼ ▼

13 Add Identity with a scarf

If you want to have a professional fan, you can wear a small scarf.


The color can be selected from the small area, you can use it as a pen. ▼ ▼


14 Don’t wear big logo

Now all brands are in various big logo’s clothes, but I still think that logo should not appear on the workplace.

Especially for business, public relations, etc. Of course, if you wear your own brand ~


15 Avoid the easy-to-light clothes to ensure convenient action

One piece of clothes is beautiful. If it doesn’t make your feet when you make your work, it will feel unconfident, it is careful.

Don’t be too big, sleeves, pants legs don’t be too long, clothes and skirts are not too short. ▼ ▼


Finally, there is still a big tabogen that is wearing sexy, over-exposure / tight, such as reverse, exposed stomach or wearing conversation, is not particularly performance, be careful to be a leader, haha. ▼ ▼


About the workplace today will talk about this.

Henan refueling!

Everyone must protect yourself!

I will here today, I wish you all peace. Good night, we see 🙂




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