2 Mao money button is also available! The reporter survey found that there is another mystery behind the low price.

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“Double 11” is approaching, everyone opened the model to buy buy. Under the epidemic, the male and female woman who loves beauty drives the sales of perfume, and promotes the development of “his economy”; and some people are in “薅 毛” to buy a low price, and the curious business will lose money; and come to the delivery Time, how to deal with the privacy information on the courier, how to face the business harassment phone, and make many consumers have a headache …

South China Morning Post launched “Double 11 Special Planning”, take you to pay attention to “Double 11” interesting new phenomenon, as well as the detail worth noting.


5 cents of hair ring, 7 cents data line … Open a variety of shopping sites, many goods are not only low, but also! Are you really earned when you are “wool”? The Southern Morning Post client reporter found that these “price touch” products seem to be a loss of sale, in fact, behind the “secret” of the merchants behind.

Low price is also available!

“Leading, people can’t bear to order

“The price is too horing!” Ms. Yang is a online shopping. Recently, the low-priced goods of many online shopping platform refreshed her online shopping record, she bought a 5-centian hair ring from a platform, and a 2 cents of buckle, “actually still “.”

This low-cost product is not an example. On a shopping app, low-priced merchandise is covered, such as 1.8 yuan of Christmas hair accessories, 1.5 yuan dry flowers, and even a card of 0.2 yuan, so that consumers have doubt their eyes. Some netizens ridiculed: “I don’t bear anything about it.”

Under the driving of low prices, many consumers feel the fun of “薅 毛毛”, and some people have accumulated a lot of chicken ribs.

On some shopping platforms, you can search for a lot of 1 yuan. South China Morning Post client reporter Zou Chenglin photo

How is the postage?

1.5 yuan for the goods basic loss

The reporter found that most of the small commodity delivery in low prices came from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, especially Yiwu, known for the wholesale of small commodities.

Zhejiang Shaoxing Zhuji Merchants told reporters that a courier enterprise established in the past is rapidly entered the Chinese market, and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai is the sales of the trial operation. The seller of a single shipment is over 10,000 pieces. To 0.8 yuan / single, lower than the industry’s recognized 1.4 yuan / single cost price.

Later, the express delivery company was punished by the relevant department for “low price dumping”. At present, the single-day delivery of 3000 ~ 5000 pieces of merchants are at least 1.2 yuan / single settlement; the remaining shipments rose to 1.5 yuan / single, 1.6 yuan / single.


Compared to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, the local express delivery industry is slightly higher. Mr. Ma, who has worked in the Gucheng Road, Nanning, said that his customer’s highest single delivery is about 5,000 pieces, with a minimum of 1.5 yuan / single settlement. In his opinion: “The package is less than 1.5 yuan, which is a loss.”

A community near Nanning National Avenue, the staff of the express station organizes the goods. South China Morning Post client reporter Zou Chenglin photo

Will merchants lose money?

In fact, in order to earn traffic and brush orders

“This is a changing drainage, the order is lost, but it has won the heat.” Ms. He Ms. Senior E-commerce tells the reporter, the low price is the cost of selling sales, from a sense, the alternative straight train (pay drainage .

“Consumers are used to searching for stores with high order, this is a kind of shopping instinct.” Ms. He said that the product information flow page, if the store plays “0.99 yuan”, “will attract consumption Click to buy. In this way, you can increase the click rate and increase sales.

Why is this price price so cheap? Because there is no Chinese business to make a difference.

“According to the consumer data, the platform will tell the manufacturer, what kind of thing is needed.” A industry insiders said that in one 1 yuan mobile phone film, through the precision analysis of big data, the manufacturer conducts order production, saving the search Source, stock backlog and other costs. “1 dollar” is not allowed to be in a state of poverty, and they must make sense.

Is the business losing money? Ms. He is thinking that some platforms are cultivating consumer consumption habits, when they are used to the operation process of this platform, they will be more and more dependent. The platform can also pass some high profit goods, fill the loss of the previous low price.

When the public online shopping receives the package, it will often receive a single page with a gift and screenshots. South China Morning Post client reporter Zou Chenglin photo

Is the consumer earned?

Be careful to have these traps

Ms. He believes that merchants sell goods at low prices, consumers can indeed coming to wool. However, it should be noted that there is also a hidden danger. In the early stage, the merchant may steal the column, reduce the production cost, resulting in a decline in the production cost, resulting in the production cost, resulting in the production cost.

Ms. Zhang, who had had such a shopping experience, said: “I have bought a relatively low price mattress. When I repurchased a year, the mattress rushed a big mouth, such a big thing, return is also troublesome “

In addition, the platform’s large data platform provides the risk of personal information leakage in addition to providing consumption information to the merchant.

“Business will inevitably do not lose money.” Hu Ming, deputy secretary general of Guangxi E-Commerce Association, said that the merchant occasionally low-cost, which belongs to normal promotions. However, if there is too much time, the frequency is too high, it belongs to improper dumping behavior, which will disrupt the normal market order.

Industry insiders say that this marketing method is favorable, and merchants can become a malignant cycle while the merchants are in small profits.

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