alert! Don’t let the protection become a descendant, the bed guard is selected!

Children’s bed guardrail, as long as you know, this is a fence installed on the side of the bed to prevent children from falling from the bed, almost become a “parenting artifact” that must be home.

In recent years, due to the unexpected accidents that occurred in the case of installing the bed, it is reported that Hunan is reported, September 8, 11 months of young children, due to accidental cards in the middle of the bed and the guardrail, I finally stopped breathing. Inappropriate bedbars, not only does not bring security, but also caused fatal accidents.

The case is not a case.

On June 12, 2018, a kindergarten accidental death incident in a kindergarten in Kwun Tang Town, Guangxi City, wakes up, and she accidentally slipped away from the bed along the bed, and his neck was caught along the bed along the guardrail. To his suffocation die.

In September 2017, netizen @ sells Meng to send Weibo, saying that he purchased an unsuitable bed guard in online maternal and child store, causing a 7-month-old daughter to be sacrificed after the gap between the guardrail and the big bed .

All kinds of tragedy came, let our parents are sad, is it better not to use the bed guardrail?

The answer is negative, we can’t be scrapped, children’s pendant cases are more victorious, facing this situation, we should be cautious when buying bed guardrains.

Open a treasure website, a search, a variety of bed guards jumped out, then choose a difficulty in choosing, how to choose? What kind of style? What is the most secure installed?

Save the choice of difficulties, what are the following small knocks?


Different models of beds correspond to different size bed guards, 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters, 1.8 meters, 2 meters, etc. The main installation is 1, 2 facilities, 3 facilities and even 4 facilities. Common species include: fixed bed guards, lower fold bed guards, vertical rope bed guardrails, etc.


First, the fixed bed guard field.


It is fixed in the guardrail that is fixed in the bed. All the beds are suitable, strong, not shake, but it has a shortcoming, the bed guard can not be folded to the bed, it is inconvenient.


Second, the lower fold bed guard field.


Generally, there is a button in the lower half of the rod. After you press, you can turn down the bed guardrail. You can get directly below the bed, generally suitable for a flat bed. The embedded bed is equipped with a folding bed, but because there is a lot of safety hazards because of the existence of the bed.

Pay attention to:

1. Be careful to pay attention to the height of the bed guard, whether it is matched to the height of the bed used. Otherwise, it will not be completely folded.

2, to avoid the bedside table, otherwise it will not be able to get down.

Third, the vertical rope bed guardrail.

The vertical heroic reduction is no need to turn over, and can rise or land on the upper and lower straight lines. It avoids the disadvantages of the release bed column, do not need to avoid the bedside table without the height of the tube bed. This type of lifting design is easy to keep it, it is easy to keep it.

It has the advantages and disadvantages of the above bed guardrail. Is there any guardrail that can synthesize all the advantages, safety and high?

Yes, this is the fourth new guardrail. Xiaobian finds a brand called a stick, this year’s newly launched bed guardrail, this bed guard blocks into the traditional bed guardrail, integrated the bed All the advantages of the guardrail avoid all minezers.

First, it is integrated, like a fixed bed, suitable for all beds, strong, not shake.

Second, use one-handed-operable zip door, regardless of the material to the appearance, is a big promotion of the maternal and child security industry. Don’t take into account the bedside table and bed height, don’t worry about the risk of lifting and down.

In addition, it does not need to be installed, no injury is not damaged, which is extremely high. The most worthpass is that its fence is 1.1 meters, completely don’t worry about the risk of jailbreak, avoid the risk of falling from the guardrail. Integral forming seamless design, no longer have to worry about the risk of suffocating suffocation, no more secure beds than this.


I hope that the babies in all the world can stay away from harm, healthy and happy, and consolidate the above analysis, the baby will prevent the bed, the stick pig is the most preferred!