How does the baby will wear shoes when you stand? The shaded shoes is suitable, and the baby will pick the sandals in the summer “three bogey quad selection”

When summer and baby’s first shoes are not encountered, many newer fucking parents will be entangled. How do you choose sandals to children?


Some parents think that sandals are mainly cool, just pick it up; some treasures love fashion, call the baby called the sound; there is a picture of fashion, special to give the baby special Sandals …

In fact, there are many misunderstandings in this, don’t read the first shoes of the baby, especially sandals, not only getting a child to walk, but also related to your own safety!

Case: The little doll is just wearing shoes, and the children’s holiday gift “does not ask”

Meng Meng’s daughter is 10 and a half months, just standing. Cowing this year’s Children’s Day, my mother wondered to give the baby to send the first gift, thinking about it, it is better to buy a double sandal!

Half a month in advance, my mother gave the child to the sandals, and the pink sandals also took a sequin, it was uncomfortable, it looks beautiful. Mom can’t wait to put on the daughter, and I look forward to the first step.

The child was attracted by this shiny shoe, always standing down, heard the mother’s call forward, wrestling two steps. Mom helped her, her husband’s legs were a little bent, and later simply changed to climb.

After that, how to guide the mother, the child does not leave, and it is far away from the sandals. “My girlfriend is too lazy, walking is not learning, I am almost one year old.” Bao Ma complained.

I have a granddaughter who knows the granddaughter, I know this matter, I will reprimand it for the treasure. “Are you a gentle moon to help? You can walk one year and a half, so I will wear shoes so early, I will put it on her. Will it be? Mon! “


Meng Meng is aware that he is anxious, and because of this thing, let her daughter stand very excluded, let alone.


Analysis: How does the baby will wear shoes? Wear too early

When the baby is just standing, some mothers will wear shoes for their children. I think they can do both kids walking, can you keep warm, why not? In fact, this point of view is wrong, to wear shoes for shoes, not harmful:


Affecting baby crawling

Crawling is a big move before the baby learning, only climbed first, the baby’s muscles are more powerful and coordinated, in order to enter the walking link. Wearing shoes prematurely, a bondage of children who are learning crawling.

2) hinder baby sensory development

TCM believes that people have four, namely earned, nasal roots, breasts, and foot roots, and four are the root. People are old and old, and the wood block is proof.


The bottom of the human body is distributed in many nerve endings. If you go through your shoes when you learn to walk, it may cause the baby to lack the necessary tactile stimulus, thereby disturbing, affecting the sensory development.

This is because the child will adjust the foothold and center of gravity according to the specific situation of the road, and in the sensitive period of child sensory development, there is no such thing as a world, will be partially or completely cut off. A link.

3) The shoes are too heavy, it is easy to cause the baby to fall

The shoes are too sinking, which may not be 啥 for adults, but for children, the legs are not particularly powerful. At this time, they will choose “iron shoes too early,” will be easy to let him Falling with head, or even want to learn to walk.


How big is the baby wear? Not one year old!

Some child care theories believe that the child should wear shoes at the age of one year. In fact, this matter is not age-based, but to see the baby’s actual growth of the baby, it is necessary to fully pay attention to individual differences.

So, be sure to wait until the baby is steady to give him shoes!

So, how to judge that the child is stable, can you wear shoes? Sugar is given you the following criteria for reference –

✡ When your baby walks, you can keep your balance when you open your hands;


✡ When the pavement is somewhat uncomfortable, the child does not need to stop to adjust the body;

✡ Baby’s small foot is smoothly landing, rather than tightly bucking the ground, or with the front foot as a foot point.

When the child can meet the above three conditions, pay close to the child to buy a pair of comfortable shoes!

★ Learn “share shoes”, more suitable for your baby


6 ~ 12 months of baby: love climbing, starting

In the summer, you may wish to increase the foot and increase the footprint and enhance the balance.

In the autumn and winter season, you can choose soft-bottomed indoor front shoes, such as

Handmade small cloth shoes, velvet bag

Baby is lively and love, be sure to wear suction resistance. Going out, we should put on the shoes, but it is

Keep warm


Mainly, after all, will not walk independently.

12 ~ 24 months baby: there are more outdoor sports

Summer parents can choose the sole and soft, breathable tutaneous shoes, such as shoes for mesh, stressed



Baby after 24 months: walking smoothly, adding big sports, jumping, etc.


Four standards for shoes: the body is harder, strong clay, good sole anti-slip effect, breathable children’s shoes.


Pay special attention to the child after 2 years old

Foot type

Avoid the emergence of flipping and flat enough.

Summer gives your baby a cool shoes “three bogey four elections”, collectible

In the summer, these three sandals are full of streets, but they must pay attention to their parents, do not give children such sandals.

First type: cave shoes:

In August 2014, in Jinan, the 4-year-old girl took the left foot by the elevator, the fire department said that the culprit of the accident is likely to be a cave shoe.


In August 2015, the boy wearing “cave shoes” was biteed by the escalator of the new east suburbs of Beijing Chaoyang District. The foot was injured …

CCTV 315 has exposed this child’s shoes, because it is too soft, it is easy to be rolled into the elevator, and the balance of babies is not strong, and the hole shoes are sweating easier to slip.

The child’s feet lack corresponding support in the shoes.

It is difficult to stand in an emergency, and “Eating Elevator” is perfect.

Second reasons, the cave shoes are too loose, but it is really comfortable, but for the baby who is growing and developing, the feet development is not perfect, the foot bows are shallow, and the little feet often in the big shoes, easy. It causes a foot insulated or enough.

Second: calling shoes

Let’s take a test: Under normal circumstances, a 2-year-old child is between 80 and 90 cm, the researchers put the fubbery in the distance of 80 cm away, the first pair of shoes decibels close to 90, second Double more than 90, the third double up to 105!

If there is information, if you live in a noise environment above 80 decibels,

Possibility of deafness can reach 50%

It will also endanger the health of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and cerebrovascular and cerebrovascular and cerebrovascular, so calling the sound of the shoe, still not listening!

Third type: flash shoes

This children’s shoes can greatly attract curious baby’s sight, while walking while watching shoes, it is easy to happen, such as falling, hurting, etc.

And the colorful lighting effect is too eye-catching, not flashing, or developing bad habits that children frequently blink, so in the night, it is easy to damage the baby is developing. Vision health.

So how do you want your baby to buy a pair of suitable sandals?


A smell:

If the pungent smell is decisive, it is likely to use the material, glue, etc. of the non-standard.

Even if the newly bought sandals, slightly taste, it is best to ventilate for a few days, put the taste. The baby is still small, the mouth is close, must be prevented.

20% off:

The shoe is not the soft and better, the specific formula is:


First folded in the bottom:

The sole should be bent in the top one, and the two-thirds of the two-fold non-bendable shoes can fully support and protect the bow.


Discover the body,

Bao Ma can be like a tissue, hold the shoe and the shoe, gently twisted the body, if it is easy to deform, walking is easy to sprain the foot, do not choose.

Three touch:

Summer baby loves sweating, it is still good, and there is no outermost anti-slip is not enough. If it is too smooth, there is no frictional force. Otherwise, the baby is easy to slip, and it will be injured in the head.

Four tests:

The shoes are uncomfortable, only the feet know, the baby’s feet is fat, the low-than-foot high, it is best to try, not only feelings and visual instead.

How to choose a size for your baby?

What do you see when the size of your baby’s shoes? Measure it at home! Let the baby paid, put a white paper on the ground, first painted a straight line that is longer than the baby’s foot, then let the baby stand well, use the pen to mark the foot and the longest toe on the straight line.

Finally, the distance between the two horizontal lines is used, reminded that both feet are measured, which is subject to a longer and wider set of numbers.

Online shopping children’s shoes: size = net foot length + 0.5 ~ 1 cm;

Sub-store buy shoes: Let the baby put on the ground, mother put the little thumb into the back, and the other hand presses the baby’s toe, and feels tight.

Finally, the baby should pay more attention to the shoes. Summer selection of sandals, it is necessary to see if the baby’s physical development is stable, but also to consider, avoid three kinds of pits, master four methods, give your baby a suitable sandals over summer Let’s remember to collect it ~