From the Forbidden City, a unmealed flowering! On New Year’s Day, these cafes don’t miss it.

Today, in Beijing, small and small parks, cafés and tea areas have become a new place where tourists are casual. However, the reporter interviewed found that because the price of drinks is higher, the tourists take pictures of the card, and the consumption is small.


Experts said that Canguang catering should be implemented to the citizen consumption level and truly close to the needs of the public.

Tiantan Park Temple of Temple

A Fu drink makes people lingering

On the bar of China’s red main tone, a red blessing paper-cutting paper with a picture frame is placed next to the coffee machine, showing the blend of Western-style diet culture and Chinese traditional art. Maotai Red Sili, Black Wine Red Versor Cappucker … Creative coffee classes, let many tourists who are intended to hide, I can’t help but taste it. This is

600-year-old Temple Park in 2021 new café – Tiantan Fu Beverage

“After the sergeant on the kindergarten, there is nothing to come to the park, chatting with the old neighborhoods.” Zhang Ayi, who lives nearby has an unintentional walk into the cafe, gradually became a frequent visit here, “in this environment, see The children and young people are laughing, mobile office, I feel that my mentality is young. “

In the evening of the weekend, the reporter saw at the scene, although there are still some customers in the store close to the closed shop. The two grandfather of the bend is sitting on the chair and stopping a cup of now grinding coffee; next to a few parents, letting the child tap the card before the red Temple of Heaven; Mobile office, the coffee cup in hand is “standard”; a trip of the three-person foreign tourists also take the red-blue Temple of Temple’s theme coffee cup, and I will look at it right away.

Located in the Yellow Temple Street, Huang Temple Street, Dingmen, the new three forgotten the lake café in the fall of 2021, and it has become one of the most popular places in the park.

. “I have been waiting in line last weekend for a long time, and I didn’t sit down to the best viewing position of the window. Today, I just came to talk about something, and I was here.” At the nearby white-collar king said, self-discovery this After the “treasure” cafe, there is a short time when you work, you have been happening here.

This boutique café operates independently of entrepreneurs. In addition to the leisure office here, there is a small studio, canvas, brackets, and oil in the café, providing a professional and quiet creation space for visitors.

Zhongshan Park came today Rainxuan

Drinking tea and eats snoring

In Zhongshan Park, it was founded in 1915 to the rain Xuan Tea, which built a Beijing-style cultural experience area for the public and tourists.

On June 1, 2021, the Rainxuan, who has been repaired, is open to the public. The tea room in the first floor resumed the ceremony of Li Dazhao, Lu Xun, Ye Shengtao, Lin Hui, Qi Baishi and other revolutionaries and progressive cultural people at this event. On the 2nd floor, the two-one theme exhibition area of ​​the Juvenile China Society and Literature Research will be opened.

“The Juvenile China Society is one of the progressive communities established in the May 4th, and the early leaders of the Communist Party of China, Mao Zedong, Deng Zhongxia, etc., many times came many times, today’s rain Xuan participated in the activities …” The explanator slowly speaking, there is this The historical story in the old house will bring people back to a hundred years ago.

In addition to restoring tea custom business projects,


Mr. Lu Xun has also resumed the winuma buns who have eaten the favorite. “The biggest feature this bun is the ‘high help’, there are 26 pleats, like a bird cage, and some people call ‘bird cage’.”

Come here today, Yu Xuan chef, Song Jianfeng.

“After more than 20 years ago, I have eaten this winter bucket in the old shop. Today, I will come back with my wife. I feel that I am looking for young people.” Zhang Sister Zhang was sitting on the wooden square bench in the store, and he was interested in the side. Around, “I can eat in front of the store, now I can only drink tea, the environment is elegant.”

Because the dining area of ​​the Tea Site is only arranged in 9 tables, the tourists can only be equal late.

. According to the person in charge of the Zhongshan Park Management Office, it has been opened to the present, and the tea got has received more than 30,000 tourists.

Summer Palace Summer Coffee

One slion bed, attracting a photo

A small corner in the West of the Summer and Garden, a cafe called “Coffee” hidden in the room in the vicinity of the virgin of Kunming Lake.

Under the antique “Water], the aroma of the coffee floated through the curtain. This café is open from the outside of July 1, 2021,

It became famous “net red card” on social platform.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, it has been close to the closing time. The store is still full of tourists, almost every table has a drink, and some have pastries with pastry. “The impression of the Summer and the garden is still stayed in the 1990s. Today, I have passed here curious to come in and see, I didn’t expect it to stay.” Tourists Xiao Chen said.

Moonfall, the moon, the Juhua gangzhu, the moon is red … The name of the beverage full of artistic conception is a cultural taste of the East and Western Aesthetics. “Jin Tinglu is Jin Gui Lantro, the mysterious bird, the Term, is done with oatmeal, and these two kinds of coffee are best.” The staff introduced,

On the day of Beijing, many guests took the coffee cup to take a call in all corners of the store, and that day became the most lively day in the store.

The Luo Han bed in the east of the store is the most popular position. The seat cushion on a long slion tissue and the back is a bright Ming Yellow, with indigo embroidered pillow, between 4 Dunshi wooden small.

Moving the scene of the royal life in the TV series into reality, and has become one of the most scenarios in the store consumers in the social platform.

“The Summer Palace is a famous attractions and royal gardens. The tourists who come here are not just for the consumer product itself. It is also to experience the local characteristics of architectural culture, Chinese garden art and even aesthetics and philosophy, feel the historical and cultural heroes behind.” Beijing business Lai Yang, executive vice president of the Economic Society, believes that in such an environmental atmosphere is to pursue an experience consumption, “the innovation method that integrates the fashion consumption habits of modern aesthetics and traditional Chinese elements is also increasingly being The market is welcome, and it also has a different kind of interest. “

Expert Reviews

Park catering avoids excessive commercialization

From the “one unique” from the Forbidden City to all scenic spots have been launched

From a single Wenchuang commercial store to the coffee shop, tea and drink stores, Wenbo Wencuo is going to a new competitive growth period.

As an important part of the scenic spot, it is also being built to have a social place with unique cultural charm.

“Park cafés in the park is the upgrade utilization of public spaces. It is also an improvement of urban life quality.” Lai Yang talks, citizens and tourists come to the park, enjoy the beautiful environmental green land, complete business service facilities The entire leisure experience in the higher support level.


However, the reporter also found during the visit, although the cafés and tea restaurants in the park have a very good casual experience for tourists, but

Many service levels in the store have not kept up, and there is a problem of high price. In the case of a drink unit price, the coffee in the 啡 店 is generally between 38 to 58 yuan, and the tea is more than 100 yuan; the price of the Temple of Tiantan is also around 40 yuan in the monocket, New Maotai Hong Shui even high up to 99 yuan.

In addition, due to the smaller space, the food store such as Rain Xuan Tea, the, etc. is very nervous. Every weekend or in a snowy weather, these drink shops often have a phenomenon that people are full, queuing.

“The operation cost of park catering will be higher than the downtown area of ​​the passenger flow, and the good environmental quality itself has added value. Tourists have got a better consumer experience, and it is also reasonable for additional value.” “In Lai Yang It seems that the food and beverage pricing of the park has rationality to a certain extent, but

The park management also has to let the “high high” conceptual wound into the citizen’s consumption level and truly close to the needs of the public.


Under the current management system, the use of commercial operations in the park is very limited, in order to achieve the balance between leisure experience and consumer services, the park should be adjusted in the design of the management system.

Lai Yang suggests,

The park develops quality, catering consumption, should also avoid excessive commercialization.

“Many municipal parks themselves are also vectors of garden art, to a certain extent belong to the level of museum.” Lai Yang said in such a place to conduct commercial management, in addition to meeting consumer demand, consider the protection of environmental carriers and architectural relics . The new urban greenhouse park can consider the development of more consumer service functions, reflect the integration design of urban public space and consumption space, and provide higher quality of life to promote consumption.




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