Where is the wrapped hip, which can make a beautiful focus, more temperament

The sister in the Korean drama wearing a bus stop in the morning and evening, which is very beautiful and moving why the pants are so welcome to be fashion bloggers and stars? Because of the case of casualty, casual and comfortable wearing is too high, so the little vest of the beauty is wearing the feeling of jeans, which looks more thin.


Some people like girlfriends wearing pants, they have helplessness that wear pants can’t be too hot. I have a lot of female colleagues who don’t like to wear pants, which is not very cool, which is convenient for women. But some sisters wear trousers turned into fashion bars who thought they were not a good woman. They often wear a girl who combed a big bright hairstyle.


But the fashion blogger often has a unique vision, they can find the secret of trousers, and can surprise you when they are matched. To choose trousers or shorts, you can’t just look at the height of your trousers, you should start from the overall feeling, see if your head shoulder is harmonious.

Some sisters will choose a slim arm when wearing a pants, I think it will be a little more fat. If you are slightly thin, you can wear it, but if you think that your clothes are too tight, then you will avoid it, it will make people look more thin.


Some stars or fashion bloggers are wearing trousers in jeans, but such a look is not so comfortable. So how to match yourself is more comfortable, how to wear the most important thing, I think you should choose a relatively loose comfortable dress, like jeans, wide leggings like this loose trousers are not suitable, the jeans itself is a bit tight.

The top trousers is a trousers, or you can shorts. The fashion is simple in trousers, but it is more suitable for commuting. The hundreds of shorts are simple, but they are also very suitable for vacation, so they have to consider when the girl bought it. It is also very important to match the coat and can have a feeling of walking on the fashion chain.