Early start, supply, white jade food daily soybean products hundred tons

Tofu, north tofu, south tofu, tender tofu, woou tofu and bean sprouts, soy milk … located in the second business base of Tongcheng Town, Tongzhou District, filled with bean fragrance, hot air production workshop, 100 The rest of the staff is busy on the production line of the soy products. The boxed white jade tofu often eaten in Beijing is produced here.

“In fact, the second night of the New Year’s Day, our production line has been reached.” Erhang Xijie Company manager Analin said with his head to tell reporters, busy production lines are deadline, the Spring Festival holiday is full, two Heaven, carry out equipment and repair, and then put into production. By the year of February 19, the production base has been started for 7 days.

The second business of the Shounong Food Group is the main force of the Yangtze Corporate and the Soy Products Market. At present, there are 780 employees, including more than half of foreign employees, distributed in production, logistics, sales, equipment and more. This year’s Spring Festival is special, 407 foreign employees responded to call, all chooses to stay in Beijing New Year.

Purchase auspicious lanterns, New Year’s window, and decorate the staff canteen warm and festive; before the Spring Festival, the gang is a condolence product and epidemic prevention materials; the first year of the New Year, the second day, organize the title of the Beijing employee WeChat line, in the specified point The time period continues to carry out the answers and sweepstakes, which are both increasingly communicating … In order to let everyone warm the New Year in Beijing, the business union does not have less spending.

“The next day, it is basically full of full 7.” An Lin said that due to the return of the foreign employee land, it is necessary to start a period of full production. This year, due to the foreign employee, due to foreign employees In the New Year, the production of a line can enter the production state faster after year.

Start early in early production, but also because the market supply demand is strong. There are many citizens who stayed in Beijing this year. The demand for soy products is also higher than in the same period in the year. Plus some small-scale enterprises have been discontinued, and the white jade food production base has to make up the market gap.

“Now there is about 160 tons of soy products supplied daily.” An Lin introduced that these soy products will enter the citizen dining table through more than 600 business super-store shops throughout the city.