Sugar Friends have no small things, prevent diabetic foots and three steps

Mr. Wu, who lives in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, has diabetes for many years, and blood glucose control has never been good. Due to frequent houses at home, diet, exercise, medication, re-examination is irregular, and the foot has not paid attention, and gradually develops to the foot and ulter to become black, soon there is a small toe necrosis, blood vessels and tendon exposed … Native hospitals have been told that they can’t keep their legs, need amputation!

Mr. Wu came to play to listen to the Southern Medical University’s Chinese and Western Medicine Combination Hospital bone injury department, then the lower limbs were ischemic, and the gangrene, pain. After carefully inquiring the medical history, the Chief Physician team of the Ku Chujiang, using local cleansing combined with control blood sugar, after the latest bone cement fill technology + VSD negative pressure attracts joint technology, Mr. Wu’s right lower limbs finally saved .

Sugar is not underestimated, smoking is a blessing

Xu Chujiang introduced that in the near future, the bone injury department also received two serious diabetic patients, all of which were severe infections, and have reached the point of amputation. The infection of the foot will cause systemic infection, sepsis, etc., to endanger life as blood flows. Once the infection cannot be controlled, the amputation is the only choice for saving life. Diabetic foot is a series of foot problems caused by diabetes. For patients most intuitive, the most intuitive threat, and the most difficult treatment is the foot ulcers and infections caused by diabetes. In particular, there is a feet ulcer and infection with diabetic angiopathic.

In addition, there is a hazardous factor that is universal but is easily overlooked – smoking. Smoking is blocked, promoting the formation of thrombosis is a great gang of diabetes and deteriorate.

Xu Chujiang said that diabetes is terrible, the key is to prevent prevention.

Preventing diabetes foots with three steps

Xu Chujiang introduced that the prevention of diabetic foot, the first rush is strictly controlling blood sugar. If it is already diabetic patients, it is necessary to do three points to prevent foot complications.

First, prevent the foot damage.

The foot is damaged can be said to be “the first multi-meteen nobs”. It is crucial to do a good job in the protection of the foot. In particular, this is more critical for a peripheral neuropathy that already presents diabetes. Such patients are likely to have damage, but they have no feelings.

The protection of the foot should pay attention to the following six points:

1. Do a good job of foot checking. Every day, you must check if there is a subtle damage on your feet, such as rubbing, cracking, blisters, etc., pay special attention to check the toes and soles;

2. To wear pine, wide, soft shoes or breathable shoes, avoid wearing sandals or high heels. Keep the shoes dry, but also a few pairs of shoeways;

3. Wash the feet daily with warm water and neutral soap, and the temperature of the water does not exceed 40 ° C. Absolute taboo hot water hot!

4. Keep the foot breathable, dry, and prevent your feet. Once the foot is found, the first time is cured;

5. Prevent frostbite;

6. Truncate the nails, 胼胝, etc.

Second, prevent infection.

Infection is the true cause of diabetes, it is also the key to keep the limb. Prevent infection needs:

1. Pay attention to personal hygiene, especially the hygiene of foot hygiene and footwear;

2. Avoid the occurrence of paronychia and athlete’s foot;

3. Diabetes patients suggest not to go without qualified place;

4. Once the foot is damaged, do medical doctors as soon as possible, do not use the stimulatory disinfectant (such as iodine et al.) To clean the wound.

Third, prevent diabetic angiogenesis.

The sufficient blood supply is the key to the body resists foreign invasion, and it is also a basic condition for a healing of various wounds. The blood vessels are the focus of the primary attention of diabetic foot surgery treatment.

Prevention of diabetic vascular lesions should be started from the following aspects:

1. Regularly check the lower extremity artery. Once diagnosed, the diabetes should improve the lower extremity artery ultrasound examination to understand the blood vessels of the lower extremity. If the blood circulation of the lower extremities is smooth, it is recommended to take 1 to 2 vascular ultrasound inspections per year in the case of blood glucose control; if necessary, CT arterial angiography or interventional arterial angiography;

2. Avoid the pressure of the foot tissue, wear loose shoes, do not take too much attention;

3. If there is a foot deformity, especially the deformity causes the foot partial pressure to be corrected;

4. While controlling blood sugar, strictly control blood pressure, blood lipids, and clear patients with arteriosclerosis, it is recommended to use anti-platelet aggregation treatment (small dose aspirin);

5. Suitable exercise can maintain blood vessels and promote the establishment of lateral branch while controlling blood sugar.

Discovering problems must timely medical treatment

Xu Chujiang reminds that once diabetes patients have found any foot problems, they must go to the hospital in time, don’t keep your psychology, don’t be hard. Be sure to accept regular treatment, do not believe in the bias.

The doctor’s standardized treatment includes disinfection, cleaning treatment, wound dynamic observation and evaluation of skin damage; the local cleansing and antibiotic application of infection; vascular reconstruction treatment for vascular lesions and means of surgical or interventional means, etc. . According to the different stages of the development of diabetes, various surgical methods can also be chosen to use a single or joint application program.

(Full Media Reporter Zhou Jieying correspondent Peng Fengmei, Zhu Qinwen)

Source: Guangzhou Daily