Yang Chao’s clothing did not say, wearing a plush jacket with a knitted opening, sweet and warm and thin

# What to wear today?

# 品牌 好物 #

Soft soft whose plush jacket is deeply liked, but the people who dare to put the plush coat are less and less, asked the reasons, saying that they are afraid to wear bloated feelings. This is not fake, but it is not a way to solve it, we can learn from Yang Chao.


Yang Chao Yue has nothing to say, wearing a plush jacket with a knitted opening, sweet and warm and thin.


There are many ways to solve the problem of “plush jacket blinking”, which can be launched from color, version, style, matching. Yang Chao, this shape is so thin, benefited from the color, will choose the style, will be worn. Below, let’s talk about how she picks the color, how to choose the version, and how to match!

Color choice


The plush jacket is made of lamb, which is characterized by heavy, furry, and self-contained. For such fabric items, can wear slimming effects, the color is the key. So how do you pick a color? Two color color ideas are given to everyone.

The first idea is like Yang Beyue, choosing a bright color color color similar to the sky, high saturation high, with color Zhang Yang eye-catching effect, transfer people’s sight from the body to the color, once people Ignore the upper body effect of the plush jacket, and I don’t feel bloated.

The second idea is to choose the color of its own slimming effect. In this color list, the black slimming effect is in the top, suitable for the fat body. Second to black color is grayish, it is on black basis to add a bit of gray tones, compared to black, not monotonous, not darling, more eye-catching. There is also a color of the brown, it belongs to a color of the earth, with high-level charm, which gives the plush jacket, and also helps to improve temperament.

Style’s selection


The plush jacket is a single product that has been born for more than ten years, with a variety of styles, such as loose, long, short, long, repair, etc. These styles have their own good, but they have a thin effect, Yang Chao, the long plush jacket is the best.


The reason is that this short-term long coat is neither delayed, and it is also good for covering the width across the thick legs. It is very good to the pear shape. Second, the long coat is still a design, with a personalized fashion element. Anyone who uses this design is not afraid in fashion, and the plush jacket is no exception. Therefore, the length of the long plush jacket will be selected, and the fashion feelings you want, the slimming effect is all.


Match with ideas

Want to wear a plush jacket, matching is the most difficult place, Yang Chao, this shape, to unlock it to a new wear, that is, “plush jacket + knit cardigan + leather shorts”. This is a three-piece and distinctive single product, one with furry and lovely, one has a woman’s taste, a sweet and cool, from the charm of the style, although the three do not take, but there is nothing I am so awkward. On the contrary, it is also equipped with the mix of the mix and rising wind, which is not only a different fashion charm, but also makes you a good figure on the streets of the winter. More importantly, there are very few people who wear this matching method, which helps us show your eyesight, unparatorared visual sense.

With regard to Yang Yuyue’s wearing style, he introduced here. I hope that after you finish reading, you can do it like Yang Beyue, wear a sweet and warm and thin effect. Just, it is necessary to remind everyone that winter in winter is inevitably cold, can’t stand the cold girl, don’t forget to match a thick flesh leggings inside.


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