The guardian man returns home with “huge sum”, two police officers to guard against one night

“Do you need help?”

At 18 o’clock on January 10, after the K1584 train from Urumqi to Chongqing, I found a male passenger Chen Wenlong to sit on the car on the 8th, and immediately inquired.

Next, the carriage is staged for a warm heart story of one night …

Hui’s hard money, returning home, sitting on the train

“I want to sleep, but I am afraid …”

The man saw the police asked, and the look was alleviated. Subsequently, he pulled the police Chen Wenlong to the coach connection, squatting four no one, opened his pocket, which is a hundred dollar bills.

It turned out that the man named Wang Bo (the name), this year has been in Xinjiang Hassian, and the day before the day before preparing to return to Sichuan’s home for the New Year. Xinjiang to Guangyuan’s journey 2800 kilometers, the time a day, he is like a boat without anchor, and the wind blows the waves.

“Don’t be afraid, there is our police in the car.” Chen Wenlong made Wang Boqing a number, a total of 15,800 yuan, let him put the money.

The police “close” protection, the two rounds with him

“We often encounter this situation. The Spring Festival is coming, and people who enter the country will return to their hometown, and many of the migrant workers have used their cash travel.” Chen Wenlong told the upstream news · Chongqing Morning News reporter. After bringing Wang Bo back to the bed, he called a chartered by the police.

Yan Changjun is a bureaucrat of arrivals in 41 years. In 2012, he served as a police officer in Chongqing to Urumqi, and July this year will retire. Because of the meticulous work attitude, he was selected as the most beautiful civilian police in the Chongqing Railway Public Security Department. Lao Yan took Wang Bo’s hand and said: “You sleep peace of mind, I will stay with you with Chen Chen, the snow outside the window, home is here.”

Subsequent night, 2,800 kilometers, Chen Wenlong and Yan Changjun turn on the bench on the 11 bed of the No. 8 car, guarding Wang Bo, give him a psychological counseling, so that he can sleep on the train.

It is very short one day, a long day and a long day.

The train is galloped, the scenery outside the window gradually from the desert snow as the mountain green tree, watching the home is getting closer, Wang Bo’s mood is more stable. Yan Changjun smiled and said: “Xiao Wang, go home immediately, let’s contact the police station of Guangyuan Station police station, pick you up at the platform, and then save money into bank card insurance.”

On the other hand, Chen Wenlong contacted the Guangyuan Station Police Station, 19 o’clock on January 11th, the train arrived at the station, the police of the police station had already waited at the platform. Chen Wenlong helped Wang Bo once again, with a lot of money, 15,800 yuan, a lot of a little.

“It is very short one night, but for Wang Bo, who has returned to his hometown with hard money, this day is very long, our police can do it, it is to ensure the safety of their personal and property.” Yan Changjun said, that night, see Wang From the heart of God, he felt warm in his heart.

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