Dior shoes are just beautiful! 6 pairs of classic models worthwhile to buy for the first time

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Dior鞋子随便穿都美!6双经典款值得珍藏 初次下手必买

“Simply look at the foot, you can see if a woman is elegant.” – Christian Dior

Dior鞋子随便穿都美!6双经典款值得珍藏 初次下手必买

One step into Dior elegant and gorgeous store, outside the dream of the package with the jewelry, the most couldn’t help to stop the eyes, that is, the brands seem to bring Apple light, single single is only worthy of adjective shoes The payment, inheriting the brand’s consistent elegant and delicate, Dior has a lot of shoes in 2020, there are many shoes models, and they must pay from these pairs of began!

#Shoe 01

J’adior high heels

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This pair is the most tempting of Dior’s many shoes, the existence of the lotion, simple pointed heels, the most capable of the women’s skin, the “J’Adior” pattern of the side, the “j’adior” pattern is both gentle There is a recognition, quietly decorating elegant, carefully calculated the frightened and elegant and elegant appearance of the upper legs, as long as we put it on the legs. Perfect shoes.

In addition to the basic black tune, the limited edition launched in each season is the most suitable artwork for shoes into women’s most collections! The soft fabric passes through the fine laundering, so that the float flower and cotton are intertwined out of the most dynamic shoes exquisite craft, each pair seems to be high-grade uniforms.

#Shoe 02

Dior鞋子随便穿都美!6双经典款值得珍藏 初次下手必买

J’adior flat ballet shoes

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Dior鞋子随便穿都美!6双经典款值得珍藏 初次下手必买

If the woman who does not usually use the shoes, the J’Adior series of shoes also has the design of the ballet flat-shelf design. They are as low as “j’adior” embroidery, and they will not open the beautiful people.

#Shoe 03

Dior Granville

Dior鞋子随便穿都美!6双经典款值得珍藏 初次下手必买

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Dior鞋子随便穿都美!6双经典款值得珍藏 初次下手必买

After the seemingly simple hemp canvas shoes, it is actually hidden with the most delicate and delicate crafts of Christian Dior. In addition to the soles are completely hand-made, the above-skinned words are more embroidered, so that the whole double shoes are thick and tough, more It shows a classic element of many exclusive Dior, and the Rosa Mutabilis printed style in the season is more beautiful and elegant.

#Shoe 04

BOY-D Delica high heels

Woman charm is delicately presented with the most soft and intact, this DIOR new BOY-D shoe, full shoe uses gray-white glazed calfskin, both retro and full of personality, but the line is deeper, and the line is delicate and elegant. In addition to this, the shoes are more useful in the new magnet “CD” lock, and there is no exquisite detail in the body. It is a pair of perfect shoes that are enough to fight all occasions.

#Shoe 05

Dior鞋子随便穿都美!6双经典款值得珍藏 初次下手必买

DWAY sandals

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Dior鞋子随便穿都美!6双经典款值得珍藏 初次下手必买

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I want to be lazy and fashionable, this DWAY sandals is completely the first choice! In the leather insole, the most delicate printed method and artistic embroidery is perfectly displayed, step on the embroidery of “Christian Dior”, as if the brand is locked in the foot, and the summer is too suitable for a pair.

#Shoe 06

Teddy-d ballet shoes

This new new TEDDY-D high-heeled ballet shoes are the inspiration for the brand from the historic work. The shoes are attractive, and the elegant and delicate perforations are attractive. Different gentle expressions, outside the exclusive CHRISTIAN DIOR, except for noble and elegant.

Dior鞋子随便穿都美!6双经典款值得珍藏 初次下手必买

I really want to hold a sleep! Dior entry → Classic Collection “Shoe model TOP6” These two areas, and the fascinating and eternal design is really not greasy!