A Border extraordinary intelligence, so it can easily play Frisbee? For the Golden expression is not satisfied

Pet kitten with more support there is a significant difference, and that is more cheerful puppy love animals and want more interaction shovel feces officer, convinced that this is the first reason people love the puppy.




There are many interactive methods of communication, such as a walk out together, but also watch cartoons together, the whole is the most basic interaction. If officials have carefully shovel feces and methods, it may also carry out some puppy training, as each will be able to play some of the more advanced mobile games, such as access Frisbee.


To put it plainly pick Frisbee I think that is shovel feces officer will hand Frisbee throw, then let the puppy to pick up the phone game. These phones abroad began in the beginning of the game, until recent years before the rise in China.

Frisbee pick this thing looks simple, but in fact the dog must be able to do it in personally experienced must Workout later, with the popularization of Chinese scope is not wide, so many shovel feces officer will encounter in this matter to many problems.

There is always a shovel feces before the official due to the problem and then Frisbee to me for advice, it is interesting, shovel the contents of the funding is not related to the official dog feces pick Frisbee training method, but then qualified dog Frisbee.


Shovel feces officer who raised me the same one


, One person, one dog strong emotion, usually playing some games. Shovel feces officer had prepared ahead of time to come out of Samoyed be connected Frisbee training, but by some online discouraged.

Some people on the Internet, then only special mobile game Frisbee dog can play, refers to this particular dog

Border Collie

. For those people also come to many reasons.

Some say the world’s top pick Frisbee tournament game full of puppy

A Border

. And a Border physical and mental structure must be better than the other puppy, then more appropriate Frisbee.


Ah, the top edge of husbandry tournament appearance rate, good body structure, high intelligence, there are three reasons add up, sounds like that’s going on. So does that mean, “can take only a Border Frisbee” is the proper name for it? Ha ha ha, I then say it, who, if believed, who cheated.

As rumors tend to be so blinded by the people, because of their content depends on half-truths, as the rumors say like that, on some technical professional access Frisbee game, the most Debut is indeed a Border.

However, I invite you to figure out the shovel feces officer, a Border does not mean that only the largest number of debut a Border can then play Frisbee. That is the purpose of registration to participate in technical professional tournament in order to get results, and a Border is the largest among the puppies cost-effective, so appearance rate is high.


But the vast majority of officers and dog feces shovel then play Frisbee, go not to enroll in what to major events, nature does not specify the puppy has a high level. Just to catch shovel feces officer threw the Frisbee is concerned, a Border guarantee, Samoyed can guarantee, so are the other dog.

As for animal husbandry, large side body structure is not the same, these words are appropriate. But this rumor is bad when, only vaguely emphasis on anatomy, animal husbandry, side and thus the difference, but did not detail where the final analysis, is not the same, different points of connection Frisbee as this exercise and what hazards.

When it comes to the human body should be a Border differences with other puppies in the middle of, I think it refers to a Border’s neck and shoulders. Clavicular and a Border perspective forelimb 90 degrees, and a similar proportion of the length is 1: 1. Clavicle spacious, all head and neck there are always plenty of interior space themed events.

As a configuration to cause a Border elbows neither in no camber, to see from the front, the legs of the human skeleton is advanced and the plane parallel to each other. Body structure as useful to do it? They also talked about all that is from a Border Collie large family of origin.


To put it plainly Shepherd listen to the names on the understanding of their work is to help people to shepherd the group. In foreign countries, as well as a cattle dog Border Collie assist jeans expulsion herd.

Shepherd expulsion of a flock or herd, the key is to keep the bite according to their ankles. Just look at a simple bite, in fact, is very dangerous. To understand it, much better than a sheep shepherd’s much bigger, not to mention the burly cattle. Plus the total number of cattle and a flock of many, they shepherd in the middle of carelessness will be hit or kicked. Everybody can think of, lethal thick hooves stepped down due to how awful.


Therefore, each head collie afraid to say how high physical attack, but dodge expertise is absolutely full point. Willing handy to avoid the risk, there must be opposed to the body structure.

And it is a Border Collie among the best there is, when it comes to the front of the body structure allows them to larger floor rotating body and neck in flying or jumping. Like features can help avoid a Border crawling, and then in the phone Frisbee game itself, can help them to be more flexible over to catch the Frisbee.

Features like that really can only be seen in a Border Collie or a very few hands. But then the Frisbee This theme activities, limit high and low limit too low. Despite such as bolus Samoyed dog can not jump in the air with a nice turned to catch a Frisbee, but they are still able to catch the official shovel feces thrown back, posture is not only a Border just so free and easy.

As like


Golden dog

Or another type of hound puppy, willing to catch the Frisbee throw back that this is a very easy thing. Shovel feces government if it does not deliberately make things difficult for the dog, willingness to take Frisbee interaction is simple.

Placed in a Border Intelligence higher than other dogs, it can only access a Border able to play Frisbee is called also funny. A Border IQ is high, but such things take Frisbee, a lot of training by means of refining, let the puppy to produce a conditioned reflex. Puppies must only understand the basic dynamic password, you will be able to ensure a very smooth flow of interaction.

That kind of training must shovel feces official efforts must be time and energy, but also created from a set of established reward and punishment system. I think what the dog IQ less than it would be inappropriate to play Frisbee pick is called, but that is shovel feces officer lazy excuse it.

Overall, I think the vast majority of puppies are suitable to play Frisbee connected mobile games, but this is mainly a Border where more excellent. Gentlemen shovel feces officer training dogs to feel comfortable, to improve access to each other’s feelings according to Frisbee.


In addition to open access Frisbee outside, shovel and dog feces officer may play some other interactive games. Such as dogs playing chase and play, but also you run after me. Also can be selected a curtain of fine linen and puppies tug of war. Perhaps shovel feces officials can rely on some toys, dog and conduct interaction.


This puppy is very cheerful little animal, if a little shovel feces efforts officer time, the puppies will become happy. So in the end because I look forward to your shovel feces official work how busy, can extract as much as possible to spend time with such a flattering Mao Haizi fun and improve each other’s emotions.