10 sets of well -received Chinese and English bilingual readings can save a lot of money

Although everyone says the best way to learn English is to read more English books. But in Xiaohua’s view, good Chinese and English bilingual readings are more conducive to parents’ English enlightenment for their children.

One is,

The content of Chinese and English bilinguals is convenient for parents to prepare for previewing and help children check whether they can master.

After all, most parents read the original English version, and they are more or less “obstacles”. If a good set of English readings and the introduction of Chinese and English bilingual versions, parents can understand the meaning of their English in accordance with Chinese.

Especially the children who have entered the Chinese chapter or Gao Zhangshu, the parents have completely unable to keep up with the rhythm. At this time, there is a comparison article in Chinese, which is a lot of help. In order to check children’s learning progress and whether to understand the content of the book, after reading the Chinese part, after reading the meaning of it, and then communicating with the child in English, it is really nice.

two is,


Introduced version of Chinese and English bilingual readings cheap

Compared to the original reading, there is really a discount to no friends in terms of price.


Therefore, when you can encounter high -quality bilingual readings, Xiaohua will also recommend it to everyone without reservation. Today, the 10 sets of classic bilingual readings that are worth reading and re-reading. I have also made age. Children aged 2-12 years old can get a seat on my own and find a book that suits you.


Sandra Bosin’s enlightenment classic picture book

Suitable age: 2-6 years old

“Pig Baby Bilingual Story”

Sandra Kaimeng Classic · Three Sets

Speaking of the author Sandra ·


It will be reminiscent of her two classic picture books series -Pig Baby Series and Sandra Apocalypse Classic Series. In Europe and the United States, it can be said to be a household name, and every young baby has a set.

Of course, the star Zhang Ziyi’s family also used her book to enlighten English for wake up.

△ Zhang Ziyi wakes her daughter to see Sandra Bodon’s picture book (the first series is placed on the sofa)


Sandra Bodaton

Not only the illustration master, but also the master of text. her


The style of painting is unique and stupid animal image. Friends will like it at a glance. The language is not only simple and interesting. There are rhymes almost every sentence. The biggest feature is that the sense of humor can get it. If Dr. Sus series suitable for children 4-12 years old

Then the Sandra series is a must-have enlightenment of the 2-6-year-old baby.


Tao brother series

The bilingual version of Tao’s series is divided into two series. It is a well -known children’s emotional intelligence training book. It has ranked in the New York Times best -selling book rankings.

Author Todd Pal has created more than forty works for children, translated into 15 languages, and sold 3.5 million copies worldwide. His Taoist series, with exaggerated colors, childish style, simple language, encouraging children to face their families and their families with a more inclusive attitude, and let children learn to understand and share love.

There are different parents, grandpa, grandma, grandparents in the world, but no matter how different they are, they love you and hope that you will grow up healthy and brave yourself. There are various families in the world. There are many people, some people, some of them, and some of them, and some have only one father or mother. It will give us warmth and the power of growing up. This is Tao Di.



Snuggle time


There are 5 volumes in this set of books, which are full of tender and love. Although each child grows up different, but the love of the mother and father, the love of loved ones is always surrounded by the baby. Love is everything that the baby feels: hug , Companion and ubiquitous encouragement and comfort.

The creation of content, gathered many talented writers and illustrators, including the Nobel Prize winner, Bob Dylan’s imperial illustrator. Sentences are simple, rhyme, vocabulary involves all aspects of animals, locations, weather, time, etc. A large number of adjectives and verbs are used, which is very suitable for children in the early stages of enlightenment at 2-6 years old.


Witch McGonagua and Kitter Mog

Suitable age: 3-8 years old


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Meg and mog

The image of the McGangling Witch’s picture in the series of picture books can be regarded as the ancestor of the witch in the picture book.

In Britain and the United States, almost every family will have a few pictures about this magic witch. After reading, the children can still leave it to my grandson, just like heirloom.

This set of picture books is simple, vivid and interesting, very suitable for English enlightenment!

Witch Macques live together with her kitten Mog and her owl. McGonestrian looks like an adult, in fact, it is still a child. The characteristics of all childishness are not falling. In addition, her spells are average, so the joke continues.

The kitten Mog and the owl are also two unhappy little lazy worms. The life of these three live treasures is thrilling and interesting. It is a very funny series of stories.

The illustrator of this set of books has won the British Kateglinwell Award twice. The cartoon of the same name of “MEG and Mog” has won the “British Animation Award”. The image is cute and humorous.

Sino -British bilingual layout, which is convenient for children’s pure English parent -child reading, but also convenient for parents to understand English in Chinese.




Winnie Witch

Suitable age: 5-8 years old


Witch Winnie should be the most popular witch in the world.

The birth of “Witch Winnie” is very dramatic. In 1986, after completing “Witch Winnie”, Valerie Thomas sent the manuscript to the Children’s Department of Oxford University Press. At that time, this work was not distributed, just for the readers in the school to read and use it. But the publisher Ron Sip believes that the story will be very good, so they choose it.

At the same time, he was also attracted by the works of a young illustrator. The painter was Korky Paul, so he asked Cage to draw illustrations for Valeri’s story. Cage was attracted by the plot of the story at once, and soon outlined the illustration of the entire book. While the illustration is perfectly interpreting the content of the story, it also creates a space of imaginative power, and constantly stimulates that small readers are associated, exploring and thinking. In this way, the first story of “Witch Winnie” was born.

But no one expected at the time that Winnie and her little black cat Wilbur would achieve such a miraculous success and became a long -lasting classic. Once published, it became a hit, and won the Children ’s Book of the Year Award and the Red House Children’s Book Awards.

The award is selected by the British Children’s Book Group Alliance. It is worth mentioning that all the judges are served by children, and in the UK, it is the only award selected by the reader’s own voting. The book selected from the child’s eyes must be the most attractive book that can make them love.

Since its launch, it has been translated into more than 30 languages, and has been republished 21 times, with a total circulation of more than 20 million copies, which is loved and sought after by small readers around the world. Her appearance subverts people’s views on witch, and at the same time, people all over the world recognize different magic worlds.


Detective Nate


Suitable age: 6-12 years old

This is a set of detective stories written to children,

Translated into 24 languages, 40 years of best -selling in the world, and 15 million copies have been sold,

Through reading, children have the brain that can think about and cultivate their ability to solve problems.


“The Great Detective Nate” is carefully created by Langdon Book House in the United States

Sino -British bilingual bridge book,

About 1,500 words in a book help children to read wonderful stories while improving English levels.

According to the most authoritative and credible reading difficulty grading system in the United States, the Lance Index of “The Great Detective Nate” is about 340 L ~ 550L, which is suitable for reading 6-8 years old with English as a mother tongue. It is recommended to read in China 6-10.

The content of the novel story is novel and special, and there is a lot of imagination.

The plot of the story is quite life, and it is not difficult to choose words. Most of them are easy to understand. It is a common word in life.

The cases in the book are also common things in life. They are very good for children who are full of curiosity, and at first trying to read novels, it is a very good reading.

Text with moderate length, one page of black and white one page color map

The frequency of illustrations, professional and scientifically help children transition from reading pictures to the first textbook of the initial chapter.

The detective Nate carefully observed and inferred that a series of evidence collected, based on reasoning, and analyzing problems, and successfully helped friends solve the problem of life and detected the case. Reading the story, reasoning,


Small readers can think with Nete, cultivate children’s ability to solve problems, and develop children’s ability to diverge their thinking.



Naughty bag Henry

Suitable age: 6-14 years old

Xiaohua has recommended the chapter book “Horrid Henry-Naughty Pack Henry”, which is a suitable set

At the age of 6-12, there is a book of older children with a certain English foundation. The sales volume in the UK reaches 20 million volumes, which is one


In Europe and the United States, second only to children’s novels in Harry Potter



The earliest set of books was published in 1994 and was translated into 26 languages. It was published in 24 countries around the world. It has many versions, including novels, comics, and painted versions. It was adapted into cartoons in 2009, swept through the United Kingdom, and won three British Academic Television Awards nominations.

In 2011, it was adapted into a 3D children’s movie and was released in the UK- “Trockey Henry”.

▲ The characters from left to right are: Miss Qiao (Teacher Peter), Miss We Meng (Teacher Henry) flipped the cat Margaret, Naughty Bag Henry, Guai Zai Peter, Ghost Sorrow Teacher, Restaurant Supervisor Grait Graita Graita

The author of “Naughty Bag Henry” is Franciska Simon, the best -selling children’s book writer in the UK, and has a pivotal influence in Europe and the United States. She has continued to occupy the first best -selling list in the UK.


Little fart diary


This is a set of comic books that are suitable for children who read the first chapter book. Of course, bigger children are also suitable. Strictly speaking, this is a good book that even adults will be obsessed. 200 million copies globally, and were translated into a phenomenal best -selling book published by 53 languages ​​in 62 countries and regions. This set of alternative bilingual diary has been published since 2007, capturing the hearts of small readers and big friends around the world.

The protagonist Gray is a junior high school fart who is not very eye -catching. He has a little smart and naturally love to play with everyone’s eyes.

The author Jeff Kingsi, with a life -oriented tone and pen, the unbearable jokes and funny and lovely illustrations, portrayed a “sometimes naive, sometimes rebellious, sometimes naughty, and helpless” adolescent boy. As a best -selling book around the world, since the introduction of the mainland in 2009, “Little Fart Children’s Diary” has captured the hearts of young readers and friends from all over the country, and has become a popular reading book for school -age children.


Tang Keer Qi Yuji

“Tang Ke’er Encounter” is a model of Book Book of Frank Bum Bridge Bridge of Children’s Literature. As the author of “Green Wild Fairy”, Bum is famous in China. However, there are not many people who know or read “Tang Ke’er Qi Yu Ji”.

The introduction of bilingual readings in “Tang Ke’er Qi Yu Ji”, a total of 6 volumes, Xiaohua and Emma also recorded audio for this book.

It is suitable for children who read from parent -child reading to independent reading. It is also suitable for children who have accumulated English to a certain level.

This series of six tribes can stimulate children’s curiosity, allow them to enjoy the story of the story and gain a great sense of accomplishment. It is recommended to be the first English chapter book for children.


Lesson first lesson

This set of Chinese bilingual readings is a campus story that ranks high in the Amazon Books in the United States. Suitable 6-12 years old


Children read! Each volume

There are audio QR codes in the back cover,

Scan can be listened!

For children who are just going to school, for the first time, it is normal to face a strange environment and unfamiliar person. It is normal for worry, nervousness, and anxiety.

The content of this set of books is based on the psychology of the child. One

A total of 5 volumes,

The story is based on the real life of American children, surrounding the campus life of Teacher Hartwell and students, covering many children what they have encountered in school. For example, the nervousness, anxiety, anxiety of the first day, the uneasiness of the first exam, the expectations of the first outing, the sadness of the first summer vacation … Real and wonderful, I believe that the child will find a lot of resonance after reading it.

Suitable age: 2-6 years old

Suitable age: 2-6 years old

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Suitable age: 6-12 years old

Suitable age: 6-12 years old


Suitable age: 6-12 years old