What are the positions in the living room in the living room? Elected the wrongdoing home house is restless

The use of clocks in daily life is always indispensable, but in fact, there is a certain amount of Feng Shui in terms of suspension, so

The position of the hanging bell Feng Shui in the living room

What are more suitable? How to buy a clock is better? Let ’s take a look at the following!

What are the taboos of the hanging bell feng shui taboo

1. The hanging clock can be hung in the south of the living room. The color is better in red, orange, and purple. Because this position is a fire, it is best to match the octagonal hanging clock.

2. If the clock is hanging in the east or southeast of the living room, choose cyan or green, and the square clock is more auspicious.

3. The northwest of the living room is also suitable for hanging clocks. The color should be white and golden. The round clock is more suitable for this position.

4. The west of the living room is a fierce prescription on feng shui. It is not suitable for hanging clocks. The north should be quiet or not, nor is it suitable for hanging clocks.

5. Do not have a clock in the middle of the living room. The bell is “end”. The meaning is not good. If you enter the door, you will “see the end”.

6. The top of the sofa should not be hung on the clock, which is easy to make people restless, and the body is prone to problems, affecting the health of the family.

7. The hanging clock should not be placed in the open place at any door. You can resist the wind outside the window, or hang it on the side of the door.

8. There is a master hanging clock in the living room. Do not do too much about other small alarm clocks.

Precautions for the placement of Feng Shui in the living room

1. Can be placed or suspended in Suzaku, because Suzaku is the front, the owner in front;

2. It can be placed or hung on the Qinglong Fang. Because the Qinglong Fang is auspicious, the left side of the living room should be placed;

3. Do not place or hang it on the white tiger. Because the white tiger side is the fierce recipe, the right side of the living room should not put the clock;


4. Do not place or hang it in the basalt, because the basalt is behind, it should be quiet or not.

What are the ways to buy in the clock?

1. Pay special attention to the coordination of the room style, space, lighting and personal preferences. Generally speaking, it is necessary to first determine whether the style of the hanging clock is simple or colorful. It is avant -garde or retro. It is round or square, or heterosexual style. Try to choose some decorative images. The hanging clock will have a more direct feeling of the actual decorative effect of the wall clock. It is recommended to choose a hanging clock with a diameter of 34 cm (or above), and 30 cm in diameter is the first choice.

2. The hanging clock is a special online shopping product, so it is first fragile. Not all businesses have the power packaging hanging clock, so choose a company with high reputation and strength to improve the clock. Transportation risk.


3. The choice of quality of the bell is particularly important. The quality of the hanging clock includes materials, crafts (border grinding, surface printing, molding process, etc.) and several main aspects of the movement. The most important one is exercise. The price of online high -end clocks is between 50 yuan and 500 yuan. If you want to buy a clock with a price of less than 70 yuan, the quality is generally not guaranteed.

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Green bell Feng Shui is located in the living room location

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