Don’t add chaos in the car seat cover, not so beautiful, there are still great hidden dangers in the emergency

After buying a car, many drivers like to make a variety of interior transformations for their own cars, such as adding a steering wheel, hanging jewelry in front windshield, aromatherapy jewelry, the most common ones are given to give it given The seat plus seat sleeve, one is to feel beautiful, and the other is that when we bought a new mobile phone, we will give the mobile phone film as soon as possible, protect the screen of the mobile phone, and the seat cover to the seat.


I want to protect it after buying a new car. There is nothing wrong with this idea, but many people will ignore it. In fact, adding seat sleeves will cause hidden safety hazards to us. First of all, like our car’s seats, the general material is generally the fabric or mixing, or the leather, no matter which material is, when our car is out of the factory, these seats are detected by the friction coefficient detection. Essence


In other words, if you add the seat cover yourself, it will change the friction coefficient of the stool. Like driving in the urban area, it is okay because the speed is so fast, but when driving at high speed, the speed is up. Once the accident friction coefficient is not reached, the seat belt may not have such a big role, so as to give passengers to passengers, so as to give passengers to passengers Cause more serious damage.

In addition to adding the set of seat cushions, many drivers have also been added with the back of the back. The full -inclusive seat cover. This seat cover is actually a very large hidden safety hazard. When adding a seat cover, the seat bag is so strict, and I did not even notice the side airbag next to the seat. If the side airbag next to the seat was held, then when the accident occurred, the airbags would occur. It cannot be popped up, blocked, or secondary damage is caused when it pops up, which seriously affects our safety when emergency situations occur.


In addition, if the material of the seat cover is not selected well, it will affect our health. The price of general prices is also average, and some taste is particularly large. After sitting for a long time, it is really panicked. Buy a little better. The price is naturally not very cheap. So if you add that kind of unpleasant seat cover, it is really better not to add it, spend money to pay for it.

If you are afraid that you want to add a flower seat, you can add that kind of ventilated seat cushion to the stool. Usually driving in the urban area is not big. That’s fine. My brother Meow personally does not like the decorations of the flowers in the flowers, just use the original stool. My SUV seat is still leather, and you can enjoy the feeling of the leather. Not so particular, as long as it is not deliberately drawn with sharp weapons, sitting is not bad.