I have been in the New Year this year (what to wear (lottery)

The fan is said: Time in my hand


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The first two days of Fan Lord collects everyone to share what the New Year is wearing, Fan Friends are very enthusiastic, and they have made their watches. Do you look at that piece? Looking at the goal of this year’s long grass?

Part1. | Cartier

Perhaps the reason for the fan just written (advanced) guide (advanced) guidance (advanced), the fans of the Cartier are particularly many. Blue ball is very popular ~


☞ @ 姜 626


# 我 今 This year, wearing what table # Cartier tank series W5330003, I wish Liu Dehua to recover soon

From the fan: Is the Liu Dehua we know?



# I am this year, what is the table # Cartier blue balloon machine 33cm. One of the most favorite tables, not because it is a hundred, classic, mainly carrying me too much memories …

From the Fan master: It is a table with a story, and the memories are always particularly precious.

☞ @ 江璐

I have died in the New Year this year, because it is Aikiya.


From Fan Master: Fan Lord also loves Cartier ~

@ 青清

# 我 This year, Daikiya watch # low-key luxury has connotation, no round is very special, rose gold diamond super love!


From the fan: the style of rose gold diamond is a little trench oh xd

@ 琳

Fan Fan (do not mind this to call you

) The Chinese New Year, I also wore blue balls. I said that I have just started to start in my hand last month. I still see that you have been introduced in 10 items to Germany, although blue balloons. It is said that it is a bad street, but it still can’t stand this kind of classic model. Of course, there is still a picture you wear it. I also started one.

Write this article to say that you don’t want to use it, but if you don’t have it, it is mainly love to watch business fan, of course, I prefer Fan Fan’s quiet temperament. Looking forward to having more beautiful texts. I wish you a good year in advance!

From the fan: Thank you, Morin’s recognition, thank you Senlin’s praise ~ a little touched ~ Chicken Year Daji XD


Cartier blue balloon


This year is a New Year! Cartierha, blue balloon WE902074, because it is a representative for me

From Fan Master: Does the representative? ?

Part2. | Rolex

The “one is always for all” of the lap, and the Fan master will not absent the brand.

@ Sv

# 我 This year, what is the table # 我 # # 不 考 考 考 考 你 你 你 你 你 你 你 你 你 你On January, I went to Switzerland Lucerne to buy, discount + Raised 11385 Swiss franc. Then someone said that it is expensive, and there is only more than 70,000 points in China. Only comfort yourself, Switzerland bought it, the country is mostly, it may be illegitimate.


From the fan: not only in the price, where to buy it is also very important ~ Your table has your story.


@ Janny

This year I Dai La Ru’s New Year, Jin Tang did not wear when

From the fan: It makes sense, the gold table does have a look ~

@ 花旗


BURBERRY1352, Role Shigadong takes 116523


From the millet, there is two points from the millet, and they feel two points: one is that it encourages me to try my dreams, but dreams can not only be achieved, but they can be realized in advance; the second is a person who loves life, he assumes any beautiful items . New Year, come on!

From the fan: It is too good, the fan is help you. New Year, come on!


☞ @ 儿


# 我 年年 This year, what form # has not taken a table for more than ten years since the university graduated, I want to bring a problem with blocking table, which is applicable to the powder discharge table of the Rolex women’s log, regardless of the brand, value, beautiful view All are very satisfied, work and daily are good, especially the powder discharge, satisfying my little girl’s heart and the low-key and luxurious. Purchased in Singapore Changi Airport. It’s really more beautiful, this watch is not only external beauty, but it is really accurate. It took more than 5 seconds. At present, in addition to the family actually have been found, it is a little disappointed, haha, it seems really a very low-key form.


From the Fan Master: There is a colorful value, this table is worth having ~ low-key is crash.

@ @

# 我 年 年 年 林 年, 戴 戴 表 # I am not ready for the New Year this year, I don’t want others to marry me, think that I am a little in the field, so that they can have less negative energy. . Going home in the New Year is not a show, the buns are not on the pleat, and the main purpose of going home is to miss the elders and brother sisters in the family, as sauces.

From the fan: This is a sprinkled BOY. However, the panracy still recognizes your Rolex, loves to and Jacques.


☞ @ 景

# 我 This year, the Draft’s watch is a gift for the 3rd anniversary of the year of marriage. It is also a harvest of the baby before birth. One is eternal, saying that it can go to Financial Street, you can go home to diapers! Very practical, I feel that there is no love again.

From the Fan Master: This is a watch full of life. Remember the next time


Part3. |

@ Herr strong

# 我 年 年 年 年年, wearing IWC Mark 18 # may be studying in Germany, there is a unique moment to Made in Germany, the German watch has a unique temperament that is not in the Swiss watch, plus charming flight The element makes this IWC Mark 18 become the first choice after I have returned to China.


From Fan Master: Friends who have complex in Germany are not in a small number, you are not alone ~ I wish you a smooth job.


This year, the New Year, Wangers, Portugal, seven-day chain rose gold limited edition, due to limited edition 50, the likelihood of the hit, a very low rock lime, a white small second disk and power storage showing very conspicuous, all the table is a rose gold The texture is very good with 14mm thickness and 42mm big dial to wear a heavy feeling on the wrist.

From the Fan Master: I can see that you have a very emotion of this table, and all kinds of advantages are like a number of families. I like it, limited to 50 sticks.

@ 初 初


# 我 今 This year, what is the table # is IWC chronograph. It is estimated that I shouldn’t choose to pick up with me, my grandmother passed the world, and the watch was four years ago, my grandmother sent my gift. Grandma said that I sent a gift when you were your brother’s sister, but my brother sister didn’t have adulthood. With our side, I am the only child who can have a grandmother to send gifts. I have been put in the box in the box. I will take it out every time I want my grandmother. I think my grandmother has not left me, I can think of grandmother, it is also a pinned carrier on my mind. In my opinion, this is not a watch, this is not a handsome tool, this is just the medium I miss my grandmother. I love you grandmother, I don’t want to go here, just find a place to think about my grandmother.

From the fan: gift from grandmother, very precious. The fan is believed that your mission must be communicated to another world.

Part4. | Others

Patek Philippe

☞ @ Axent Xiaomi

# 我 This year, I have a lot of tables. # I have a lot of tables, but I will have a lot of Patek Philippe 5101 this year. The manual upper chain is very like. You can interact with the watch. When the weather is good, you can sunly the sun to love the watch. The power storage of 10 days is also a lazy, the most important thing in the New Year, the most important thing is that his shell design is very suitable, and the pendant pendant is very comfortable, the low-key Touring Wheel is hidden in the back I like it very much!

From the fan: You can’t have it, just reserved for your descendants



☞ @ 国 城

# 我 年 年 年前 年 # 戴 表 # 买 机 机, Kolber, is said to be a small brand, although it is a bit heavy, but it is very like, the key is cheap

From the fan: no matter whether you expensive and cheap, you like to cram


3.Franck Muller, Frank Miller


☞ @ 范 范 zegna_spartan_147

# I am this year, what is the newlywed gift from the Casablanca family, this year, the New Year is always reminding yourself whether you want to forget the joy, soon become the top beam column in the home and struggle for your family.


From the Fan Master: I don’t forget the joy, Fang Cheeshi!

4. Baoqi


@ 阳

# 我 This year, what is the table # 宝齐莱 白蒂 帝 华 series a female watch, this form is a wedding gift that received last year, asked I hope that there is no gift to have a diamond ring. Only special watch, then received it, especially like it.

From the Fan Lord: Don’t diamond the woman to drill the woman, the luck will not be too bad ~


5. Omega


@ 洁


# 我 年 年 年 年年, 戴 表 表 表 犒 犒 犒 犒 犒 犒 现在 现在 现在 现在 现在 现在 现在 戴 戴 戴 戴 戴 戴 手 手 戴 戴 到 手 到 戴 手 手 手 手 手 手 手Seeing Cartier, growing, has a new goal in 2017

From the Fan Lord: 2017 small goal, come to block Cartier


6. Chicone


☞ @ vivi

This year, the year of the year, and the boyfriend talks about 3 years, the split is free, and he went to France when he commented on the 3rd anniversary, and he went to China to wear this table. He only bought a Hermes wallet, but unfortunately broke up for two months … the most beautiful memories

From the fan: still a little sad wishful memories



@ 阿尔特

# I am this year, what is the table # 万宝龙 明 经 经 series. Because I am still working hard, only this table can bring! Dubai, the first look, the hotel is next to Mall, and I have decided to take my hand twice. The next goal is Drive Cartier.

From the Fan Master: This year, a table, three tables next year. life is long so add oil.



@ Danny Julys

# I have been in this year, what table is wearing a table. Two and a half years, I purchased a NOMOS in October last year, and the art of university studies, accidental opportunities began to make a happiness mechanical watch, especially with the end of the movement. After learning that my idol Putin’s emperor belt is Germany’s Lange, driving Mercedes-Benz, and has been in Germany, and I have experienced the advanced automation of German machinery in the Internet, so I want to study Germany Lange. But the price really is expensive, the style is calm, I am a bit hard to hold, accidentally meet NOMOS, which is minimalized to the coil powder. In addition, its birthplace is like Lange and Glasi are in Glasi Town, history shortly, but the blood is pure. Small and fine factories can also independently develop movements, it is difficult to be valuable, and very thin, and the red dot prize, the side proves its skills. The overall style is very in line with the taste of this new design lion in this workplace. The key entry price is not high. In summary, it is never accidental, but there is a self-heaven. As the movie “falling” is the same, the time is non-linear existence, because it is fruit, the fruit is because. Maybe in another time dimension, I also wear Lange, and wear Cardia, and perhaps dance with the fan. Said so much, just want to express: New Year, NOMOS and Cartier U disk is more equipped ~ [wit]


From the fan: the bread will have, it will be there.


9. Grasi

☞ @ alan

# 我 This year, Dai’s Glasi returned to the old home # This watch is my favorite (one is the most expensive, hahaha) simple atmosphere, the first look is attracted by her big blue needle, business Leisure can be competent. As a young lawyer who is just working, Glasi is not high-profile and does not lose quality. Most importantly, I think she and Cartier’s U disk is very.

From Fan Master: Future Gold Lawyers Case

10. West Rail City

@ Huddled hamster

# 我 This year, what is the table # 西铁城, just bought a table, 18-year-old birthday gift I have visited a dozen table shops. In June this year, we have to wear this college entrance examination hall, but also refuel (ง • _ •) ง

From the fan: caught a good young fan, June college entrance examination!



# 我 今 This year, what is the table # 西铁城 蓝 天 空 空 a AT8020-54L. Removing less young, more than a humble life. Hide yourself with deep blue, but use bright yellow to hint the heart, smooth, five-game electric waves, thousands of days and stopwatch, when the function returns to life more experienced in the heart (PS: Blue Angel Flight Performance Team, with me I fly ~ PPS: I won’t tell you that the exchange rate of flying slide is also super fast ~)


From the fan: so much function is enough to take you. The exchange rate is unknown to the flying slider.


11. Casio

@ Lin

# 我 今 This year, what is the table # Casio G-shock because it is more accurate.

From the fan:




☞ @ 农行 渊 潭 支 支 Cai Xinyan


# 我 今 This year, what is the table # This year, two MikImoto’s pearl table, one person and mother one person

From the fan: the parent-child watch feels very love

13.Apple Watch

☞ @ 低调 华


# 我 This year, I’m doing the table. # I will take the iPhone Watch this year. The reason is simple: I have a piece of Omega, a piece of Rolers, is a level of tens of thousands of pieces. It is not good or bad. I can’t reflect myself with BIG. Or how it is worse than wearing a table representing science and sports, you don’t need to explain your mechanical table to people.


From the fan: Apple Watch does have excess interpretation of the province, clever choice

14. Hamilton

@ Sonic

# 我 今 This year, what is the table # 新 尔 顿, 80-hour long-term motivation, the US spirit and the perfect combination of Switzerland

From the fan: a very hard part



@ 聪

# 我 我 过 年 带 带 带, 巴 巴 表 手 手 表 包 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 表 戴 戴 表 戴 这个Series, not only embarrassment, every time the store will quietly take off, colleagues often ask how much I bought it, as a college student, I’m not in line with my identity, simple and generous watches Suitable for me, a few days ago, I love this men’s watch, fashion design more youth, so the most expensiveness is not the best, the best is the best.

From the fan: It is right, suitable for yourself is the best.

16. Armani

@ Hazon

# 我 今 This year, wearing a table # This year, I started a suitable Armani watch, which is the Aprio series, Anaprio 1972; Suitable for young people wearing a young product is more suitable for me this student family, With Tiffany & Co. Company Re-enhanced Classics, with Roosevelt’s same watches as design inspiration, launched a CT60 series watch looks almost

It touched me with mature stability. I have learned the fan and more knowledge, I should not choose the wrong one.

From the Fan Master: Tiffany Table We just pushed a few days ago ~ Hahaha



@ 我 爱 吾 仔 _

# 我 年年 年 年年, 戴 表 # a piece of DW, my boyfriend sent, and the leader and my boyfriend are not in good, I don’t dare to say that he is sent, can only say that I bought it, enough, not love

From the Fan Lord: Fan Lord smells the taste of Drama → _ → May this year you will love more love ~


@ 亚娟


# 我 今 This year, what is the table # a common domestic table, hundreds of dollars, but I like its simple dial, fine clip band. I don’t know the brand, write behind the dial: tianyi no.t9009s

When I went shopping, the Tissot’s table was 5000, and I can’t buy a little. Three-tier city life is still available, monthly salary 5000. I believe that we have a leisure money, you will be able to buy a table in my mind!

From the fan: there will be a watcher, there will be it.

19. Skaro Scar


# I am this year, what is the table #sekaro 8018. It’s really a clever, I broke my screen tonight, my first barrel gold bought the table, only for more than six months [face]. Seriously, I am a little annoying my little stupid, I always feel that it is not broken by me, it seems that I have never fell it, everything is too fast, I’m going to me, I have never responded … Oh, in fact, this I blame my Ma Daha, I should pay more attention to the details, I have led to an unexpected appearance of this could have, I hope it can grasp the bad luck this year, give me a year!


This is the table I have fallen but I want to bring, that is, this poor table / :: <


From the fan: I just want to say that crack is also beautiful.

20. Tiantian Table

@ 斯 延

# This year, I have a king table # This watch is what I bought when I first went to Guangzhou, and did the futures and securities investment. I also like the crown above, that is the symbol of the king, I believe that one day I can also Become a generation of financial kings. Why is my eyes that often contain tears, because I love finance, love the passion of the financial market. I believe that the money is not sleeping, using my wisdom and self-confidence, I believe that I can become a generation of financial kings in the future. Every day, the wind is fired every day, and people who love to me and those who love me.

I like to bring my right hand, because Putin Emperor also took the right hand, I am a fan, learn from the king style. I am like the name of the king and the crown of the crown. There is no attention to other details.

. Thank you from the fan, Happy New Year, good luck, happiness every day to buy a Cartier watch has always been me, because the pursuit of love is eternal. Wait for Hong Kong to buy

From the Fan Master: The fan also wishes you to have a financial king a day. Will you want, don’t forget.

twenty one.


☞ @ 之

# I am this year, wearing what table # I wear is a roman watch in the 1970s to produce manual string, more than 100,000 Cardiy, decades of ancient Rome, wear it is because it is really low-key In line with my values, when the company likes black ghosts, Portugal, blue balloons, I am more willing to wear a person who knows an antique table, which is more in line with my values, the most important thing is this grandfather. Collection.


From Fan Master: The antique table is also in line with the value of the fanhahahaha.


Part5. | Creative DIY

☞ @ 请 叫 我 大 大 叔 叫 叫 我


# 我 年年 年年, 戴 表 # 造 造, simple and generous, three questions, Tuomene, radar electric wave and other sets, handed down

From the Fan Master: This painted your art level needs to be strengthened … Fan Friends downstairs is good

@@ proud

# I am in this year, wearing the most books of Tongzhen # Remember that I always like to draw a table in my hand when I am young, although it will not go, but it is my true happiness.

From the Fan Master: Fan Master also draws a watch


@ Nathan

# 我 今 This year, what is wearing a table # As the age, I gradually understand the thoughts of Zhang Jiying. This is the first table in my life. Seeing it, childhood, hometown, one scene of the scene. So go home, a reunion in the New Year is true happiness. I am willing to gather a slow time.


From the fan: Yes, the reunion is really happy.

☞ @ *


# 我 今 This year, what is the table # as a college student who is about to enter society, I want to have a single product belonging to my own fashion elements through my own efforts, but I have a cultural and cultural, I can accompany myself. Walking down for a long time, this approach will be very hard, but I know that you are capital, you must have a good opportunity to take your chance. I wish myself to find a good job, can have a chance to have a hard work.


From the Fan master: Young is capital and try to have a return. New year refueling.

Part6. | Lottery

However, the Cartier U disk is your ↓ @ 初 寒, your message is most touched me.

@ 初 初

# 我 今 This year, what is the table # is IWC chronograph. It is estimated that I shouldn’t choose to pick up with me, my grandmother passed the world, and the watch was four years ago, my grandmother sent my gift. Grandma said that I sent a gift when you were your brother’s sister, but my brother sister didn’t have adulthood. With our side, I am the only child who can have a grandmother to send gifts. I have been put in the box in the box. I will take it out every time I want my grandmother. I think my grandmother has not left me, I can think of grandmother, it is also a pinned carrier on my mind. In my opinion, this is not a watch, this is not a handsome tool, this is just the medium I miss my grandmother. I love you grandmother, I don’t want to go here, just find a place to think about my grandmother.

PS: Inconvenient during the Spring Festival, the gift will be sent after the festival. Happy New Year ~

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