Dota 7.0, Dota Forever

My ancient times

This year, if you say that you start playing DOTA from “6”, you can easily recognize, but you can’t see you old. So I have to put it in this, I started playing from “5”. ” Of course, there is a “4-word head”, but “5-stroke” is also enough.

Dota 7.0, Dota Forever

I will tell you why many people can’t qualify. The first is because there is no similar environment in the country in the time of the 5-headed head. At that time, there was only one haltrie’s battle platform, the wind, the environment is chaotic, the shameless disciples of the second retreat. DOTA This game is not the type of heavens and earth, and there is no 100,200 game hours or don’t hit a few hundred. You don’t want to play. This leads to that you often see the DOTA to build a little stupid to come in. After you have finished, he ran away – because he thinks this is ordinary RPG, so put your picture down, you can build your own. Kick people, power is very good, this routine is very popular at the time). Not only the halo is so, the battle is also the same, and it is not a child who is not in this kind of pig head.

In another aspect, because the game threshold is too high, it is possible to open, can’t get a teammate or the opponent is the kind of 6 branches. It is quite boring (this stalk is from me. At the time, I taught him DOTA, play the game After 2 minutes after Quanshui, I bought 6 branches. I asked why I replied, “because of this cheapest” – brothers will play it). The previous game version is also stupid, extremely imba, a lot of strange skills. For example, the hobs are now the WD halves, the big tricks of the night demon are running aura (high), CK’s critical strike 7% chance is 11 times damage, second people such as second dog, and so on. This makes a lot of situations, you can first grab the strongest hero. If you can’t grab it, you can’t play (in a sense, this is a bit like today, there is a little hero is not “BAN). But the version was not -allstars, at the time, if you only play near-demand heroes in the near-demand, you can only play the heroes in the natural disasters. Therefore, the winning and negative may have been determined when the game has not started …

In general, the time is no place to play, the second is to play the place where the environment is very difficult, and the third is that even if you play, it is not fun. So I did play DOTA5.X, but I didn’t play too long, I didn’t think it was interesting than other rpg. If you are the old players of the 5.x era, you can think about whether I said.

Pass like a cloud smoke

It came to 2007 in 2007, and DOTA’s rise in China is marked with a VS battle platform. First of all, you have a place to play; second, it cannot be changed to a certain extent, to prevent second retirement; Finally, the game is updated to 6.x, the game is greatly improved.

In addition, there are other reasons, such as mainstream people agree: After Sky, Sky took the WCG championship, WAR3 became the mainstream of electricity, and even in this environment, Moba was difficult to have its own voice. I also hit from the WAR3 era (maybe some people remember, in 2002, I wrote WAR3 battle report on CBI), I was unhappy with this game, but I respect it as “all of the electricity” or A bit too much. But in the atmosphere of the national carnival in 04, you will naturally feel that “the electricity is WAR3, the hero is Sky”, that is like you say “knowledge is the power, France is a bacon” is just like natural (I swear this When I said, I was very serious), so playing DOTA is a little leaning, and DOTA players on the forum are very unwanted. With a rhythm, WAR3 players watching Dota players, just like today’s Dota players look at LOL players, that feels the same. Until 06, the WCG lost, plus WAR3 has no new version, and the masses have been enthusiastic, which makes DOTA have taken some space. There is also the meaning of WAR3, and more than ten years ago, the pure matter.

On the other hand, the domestic gaming environment is the node of T2P MMORPG to the F2P class, and the new game is still brewing, and the old game is still weak. For example, the most famous, most like the “World of Warcraft” that takes the leader, in 2007, in some species – Due to some reasons, the data sheet (TBC) did not open as scheduled, more than 9 months more than foreign countries. Then, what are you playing in January to September 2007? WOW has almost made T2P games extreme, and people who have played WOW are hard to play other similar mmorpg. Some people will start try DOTA for the time to send time (I am also because this reason is re-picked up. . At that time, there was a new battle platform. The quality of players is relatively high. The game atmosphere is relatively good. As a result, the DOTA player group presents some “explosive growth”. The number I know is in 2007, the number of players is still five digits, and the beginning of 2009 at the end of 2009 has risen to seven digits.

There have been many things in those years. One of them is, the first time Gank, the first anti-kill, the first time, the first time, the first time is said to be a picture, the first time in the game, the first time I play the single dog Board … All these, or the only way to every DOTA player. In these respects, I am exactly the same as other players, except that I typed faster, the swear is more rough, and the time required for the game is shorter, there is no difference. Another part is that I am unique to the practitioner, such as planning, development against the battle platform (unfortunately, it fails), such as visiting the training base with the team members, the team manager put the wine, such as the club boss and professional players Texas Hold’em, together. These experiences are probably not everyone, although I don’t think this is worth proud.

Now think about it (2010) The domestic electrical cell environment is still too bad. The players took 3,000 wages a month, even if they took the championship, the bonus was flattened, and hundreds of thousands of people didn’t even be 10,000, and they were likely to be arreled for a long time. The club is worse, and it is basically investing in boss, and there is no club to make money. The boss may take the running road at any time, and the club said nothing, this kind of thing can happen several times a year. The profit model of the entire industry is also sponsored by peripheral manufacturers. What kind of snake does these names have repeatedly appear, and hardware, peripherals themselves are very low, it is difficult to expect that they have invested too many budgets in the market. Don’t say electricity. Striving this segment. (I can still come now to engage in the “electric competition” pit player, pitted the story, but, forget, what is the meaning?)

Dota 7.0, Dota Forever

However, the circle is also flooded with a fanaticism. Everyone said, “Let’s take the electricity of this cake together!” The outbreak growth is seen in the eyes of everyone, and the platform has a successful case. The cake is big, I can’t take it. Did the edge angle angle? Some people have probably impressed, although the VS battle platform also has a toll point such as chaos, but its core profit model or selling a crowded house, or sells VIP members and gives VIP members to deliver a room card. For this kind of crushed room qualification, you need to pay 10 yuan. Obviously, whether it is not a big money at that time or now, it is undoubtedly the best annotations for the “marginal angle of the squat.” Dota1 is an open game, open to no one can truly occupy it; no one can take a piece of a cup, so no one is too much.

Dota 7.0, Dota Forever

Later, there were some battle platforms, ZMR, 11, and so on. Each appearance is accompanied by some historical events, such as DOTA’s famous modifications. (There are many laughing versions, like a soldier in the end, get 99999, what is lost, the land is filled with no one, the official, the automatic team and other functions have gradually emerged, because It is precisely what players need. (Many people may not know that in the end of the LOL in 2008, these functions have already been. Guinsoo’s planning power is not bad, how to say that 5.x’s family) combine these core elements, Plus the engine change, that is DOTA2. At the beginning, the wind is full of disease, the dark tones, the exaggerated people (I still remember the first time I saw the blue cat avatar, “this fuck is not Mexican Hip Hop!”), But the game sexual element Under the premise of place, these are easy to change, or even simply do not need to be changed.

Dota2 is in DOTA1, and the picture does not talk, mainly in profit mode. Sell ​​small X books, open treasure chests, engage in official competitions, pointing out the possible profit path of EDA, which is exactly the biggest short board in DOTA1. Anyway, if I am g is fat, I will never insert a game that is “squeezing the room” to make money in their own platform, absolutely will not. Until today, DOTA or DOTA1, some people are playing. Moreover, people who play people think that this is “best”. As for dota2, no one suspects it will continue to operate. It is very good to see it in the current situation, and the number of absolute players may not be so much, but the book number is still very good. The annual TI provides hundreds of millions of total bonuses, belonging to the well-deserved electric competitive sheep, suppressing any objection. The change of the game itself is not pulled, for example, now 7.0.

■ Game sex change

Based on personal understanding, just talk about the impact of specific changes. My ladder is a maximum of 4300 and a number four years ago, so this paragraph is just a relationship.

Interface change

. Useful, but not very big. “Expand the visual field” – Do you have to look at DOTA before? “One-click Upgrade” This function is that the Ctrl fast rising skill in LOL has long been there … really a bit means a dynamic skill bar, which is the unique advantage of DOTA. Similar to the SF three cannons, doom eat people, etc., all LOL is not, not good to do, is the uniqueness of DOTA. As for what interface, tell the truth, the avatar is a little bit, the small map is still on the left or right, is it really important?

Add a hero

. Very cool, marketing routine OK, there should be some points. For example, there will be “exclusive” two words before buying before January 31, very good routine. The map is also a demon road, but it is also very good, it should be like this (in fact, the Dota map of 4.x, 5.x and the difference between 6.x is very small, before it is a desert, watellite map). But in the final analysis, this is a hero, and DOTA does not often add hero – this grandson, a small monkey wearing a TA hidden (not well described, there is a bit like lol, small fish, but you can Delay, feel more like TA’s stealth), a passive, the remaining skills are a bit strange, no test service is not good, to see actual performance. Overall, like a 3rd position.


. This change is good. As we said, BP is also part of the game; if the lineup is violent, it is basically equal to the line to be violent, and the line is stuck in the middle, even if it can win, it will go on the road. In the past game, the selection of people in the game basically did not exchange, and there was a lot of sentences “I don’t give it to send”, there is no significance. Now there is a split forecast and purchase items in advance, and it will be more fully prepaid. If you feel that the teammates are too stupid, you don’t have to drive. Of course, it is already very few of the daytime, the so-called ladder, and you have to finish tears. But it is recommended to add a function here, and the preparation stage seconds will be retracted half of the score, so-called “surrender and half”, it may be better than the user experience.

Pre-war preparation is part of the “7.0” important changes I think, which is small. (Hero skills tips are useless, I really want to see the hero skills, I have to see it here, then this kind of teammate, don’t expect him to do it)


. This is the part of “7.0”, which is more important, of course. There are a few points:


. If this change is a bit too much, it is difficult to think about it. At least a certain inspiration is obtained. Specifically, now you can basically think that you have an improvement every 2 ~ 3, including the talent or a big trick (upgrade big trick), not before every 5th level, one or even . “No me before 16, I am invincible (high-grade flaws)”, I actually sound, actually … Legsubage after the 16th level, simple dot yellow point is even more boring, thus this The change is time. In addition, this may also affect the other party’s appearance or even select people. Try to make an alteration, before the AM playing SNK is basically complete, it is largely due to the SNK being dried, and there is no big trick, it is equal to a small or less big trick, it must be very losses. But if there is a 25th “resurrection does not need magic”, what happens? Even with SA, ants, the heroes and the heroes, can also restrain SNK like the past? So we realize that this makes the game complexity have a certain increase – but don’t forget, all the premise is that you can go to level 25. In fact, most of the 1 to 3 levels are basically + 6 to 10 attributes. Multiple 8 points in 10 levels are mostly pulling two times, and they do not significantly affect the overall situation.


. Mainly two usage. The first is that there are some consumables when the start is open, and it can be branched, and it is critical to some heroes. In the past, you can only find a teammate to have 2 trees, now you have 5, oh! In addition, it is the submarine operation. I used to watch a game, I have had “dead – second to buy life – pick up bkb – open bkb – change shoes to fly over” (at the time version can also buy new BKB to reset the time to 10 seconds Although some flowers are taste, it is very good. Unfortunately, there is 6 seconds of the items in the backpack, but you may be able to consider opening the BKB back to the backpack and then change the new equipment for 6 seconds, then it sounds good. Also, you don’t have to use birds to brush the new ball brush skills. (Or say, if you really hit the 9th gods, you can still take the birds in the 9th gods.

Holy altar

. An open group, the wild recovery point after GANK, or a support point. There must I have an impact on the game rhythm, and I don’t know how big it will be. In addition, there are five holy digles in the base, to a certain extent, in order to save you the 110 pieces of big medicine to eat, fast blood recovery when you save you.


. Simply, it is a slow refresh. Some hero can’t be used to brush the wild development, Ga, AM is crying in the toilet as before. In addition, some of the traditional Wilderness upgrade heroes, La Ye / brushing upgrade hero is also hit, the stock is sluggish, including the crash, including not limited to Luna, Sven, DK or brush SK, ENIGMA, AXE, and more. This change is very simple, don’t always brush the wild monsters, give the old man! It is worth mentioning that the absolute quantity of the wild monster (the number of refresh points) is actually increasing, each of which is more than an ancient and a bunch of wilderness than before, but this obviously cannot offset the impact of the refresh time. La Ye Technology is definitely useful, whether it is a wild or controlling line, but the usage may change.


. Change back to the previous form, simply, the midway must grab the gods, hit the blood flow, because only one is only one. In our 643, 648 version of our arrival, God is like this.


. This estimate is also changed. The current version of a serious problem is that the phantom is too powerful, this Boston game, poison dog becomes a hot hero, is because of his phantom skills. Two 75% damage, affected by 200% damage, set enough to disable the other big brother (physical nuclear). On the other hand, the phantom ax is due to a small control, and it is necessary to divide the powerless two phantoms. This leads to a route: “Hy-bordering money – bore line or sharpening tower – dragging opponents”. This is OK, but this game is too drag, it is not good, but it is, it is that it causes destruction of human bladder, so I have changed.

Other comprehensive changes. There are a lot of details, just say, the speed limit is changed from 522 to 550. Once 522 is a glorious number, only a few heroes can be reached, they are called “522 club members”, namely ant, blood magic, white cattle, iswolf, night demon and big fish (at that time only fake legs . I came out of the phase shoe, most heroes took a double-knife and then opened the phase. Beside 500 shift speed, 522 Xiao Wangzi became sad. Now the upper limit is changed to 550, although it is not opened, at least let the club members raise their heads again. As for the change of heroes, the specific talent changes, add a stick, here, it will not be described here. It is quite a bit to be scared, but historical experience tells us that it is illusory, only socialism can save China. For example, Lion to Level 25 has a talent, all attributes +20, good power, two limit magic free delivery. The problem is the current game rhythm, Lion which likes to be 25?

Dota 7.0, Dota Forever

(By the way, AM can now have a stick now. After A, the anti-demon is passively passively blocks a point-to-peer magic, how to say, Zhilaifa, is it this truth)

Dota 7.0, Dota Forever

■ Entertainment is dead

When we see 7.0, we also think about the current situation of DOTA. Is it a player group? Yes, and there are still a lot. Does it make money? It should be a lot of money, and TI is only 25% of the boss. It is $ 20 million, which means that G will get another 60 million, according to the current exchange rate is 4 billion. Is it still a feeling like it? I’m … not sure.

I played DOTA because it was a good game, which provides almost new game modes, and basically balance within the framework. Today’s DOTA is still balanced, even more balanced, but it is no longer new. It will also become old. If you don’t play with your friends, I don’t think there is any reason to continue to play it. After all, I have already played thousands of games. No matter what game, thousands of games are still too much. Besides, what is the foundation of the game? Is it for some ideal and faith? CN Dota, Best Dota! But I personally, I am still fun, others will take fuck.

(All the courage to guard the CN DOTA is the warrior, I admire. I am just a big player with a chest, I am happy. At this point, I admit that my ideological realm may not be so high)

So this is why I have become a live audience, because I think live broadcast will bring greater fun, not to play it yourself. I can write an OB team’s story – they really bring a lot of joy; we can also reflect on DOTA, what is the relationship between live broadcast and audience, just like music, piano and fingers? Relationship – but will not be today. One thing can be sure, that is, if I am not a “dota player”, at least I am still “DOTA enthusiast.” In my opinion, now the era is an era of entertainment, the spray on SGAMER, the fans on the Weibo, the audience of major live broadcast platforms, together with the players on the battle platform ” DOTA people, entertaining together, living in this light world, providing a happiness in each other, penetration and overlap, and there is no high low. There is such a metaphor, and the fans who look at the ball are naturally brothers as long as the same team is natural. How many fans are yourself playing in person? This is not contradictory.

■ Outside the game

As a person, you should say more. Dota (dota2) is currently going on the right track, the electricity, how is the domestic situation, so many years have passed, is it big enough?

On the one hand, the club especially the old club is basically in health, continuous operation, and even a new team (such as LGD and LFY, IG and Ig.V), which means that some people are followed. On the other hand, the people between the team are still frequent (some are the causes of visas, or because there are things in the family), and usually there is no such thing in the league to mill, and finally rely on consciousness (this is precise It is a lot of things that are lacking. Occasionally, newcomers join, while they choose more easily, more stable roads. No, I mean not let Xiao Liu, cold-cooled (Liu Shen, cold god) to group teams, but now you have seen what fifteen-year-old young group team broke the quarter? In the past, the 196-year-old teenager had no way, and the team’s team killed a blood road is the only possibility. (You can listen to Huang Xiang or YYF.

On the other hand, from the game operation, DOTA is basically so big in the country, it is difficult to grow significantly. Today’s game market is the world of mobile games. The annual TI earns 60 million US dollars – but that is just the water of the Yinyang Normal University. I didn’t take the other words, but now the situation is to play the money faster, when a young one is going to join the game circle (I have to say, the child, it is best not to be), he Will you choose a mobile game or an end? His choice MMORPG is still Moba in the end tour? Even the sentence is not good, will he choose LOL or DOTA in Moba? Whether you are angry in the forum, post bar or microblogging, when choosing really, everyone will have his own answer. If you are facing this choice, what will you choose?

Even if Valve is selling small books, the treasure earned some money, but Moba’s overall ARPU and LTV did not have significant pulse; domestic practitioners still did not have enough imagination space, or income corresponding to this space; To everyone, that is, if you are told by your leadership “You love DOTA, don’t you do something for it,” – If you hear this, then you should understand this bonus and no hope. A good game should be happy to make players, can make practitioners happy, one party spends the other party to make money, both sides feel inexpensively. If there is only one side of satisfaction, it is still far from the electricity cake of our imagination. I hope, although now, I still have this hope, there is still this hope, every e-sports man can stay away from flicker, blow and being deceived, proud of their career. It seems that this goal is like a sunny night sky in the summer: those stars are obviously tentacles, but it is actually a distance that is difficult to ignore.

(I don’t have much evaluation of DOTA’s domestic operation. Only a number, IV. This figure means that only people I know, “the company” has done “that game” related work, level at the manager, And people who have left now, there are already four)

■ Dota Forever

Dota 7.0, Dota Forever

CN Dota, Best Dota!

This year, TI6, when the guardian God wings, I also shouted this slogan. After the slogan shouted, everyone has to come back to live in their own life. After all, you can’t take this slogan to make money, and life will continue.

I have no exact numbers to compare the number of players before 7.0, and there is no better understanding “DOTA enthusiast” is more or less, and how many people have “return” because of 7.0, such as resin. Black, or even just look at live broadcast, turn some DOTA-related small sections in a circle of friends? I realized that I would like to simply summarize DOTA enthusiasts, DOTA audiences, DOTA people, it is likely that there is nothing to do, because it is probably tens of millions of or even hundreds of millions of people, this group is not willing to any outline.

On the other hand, I went home every day after get off work, I saw 3 ~ 4 hours DOTA live (愧, sometimes they also broadcast War3RPG, CSGO even Sichuan mahjong, now the quality of the average, there is almost no exception.) Considering the big game, there will be a live conference and I have been watching live. I didn’t miss any big game (in fact, I didn’t even missed the weekly Warriors League, although I saw the hosting is often a round of tour. . It seems that I should be a firm DOTA enthusiast. Since I am so firm, I started playing from the 5.x era, and the throat called a “dota forever!” Should not be divided? Reason.

Of course, I hope this slogan is shouting by you. Now I have been an age, and I can’t get it in a straps. Although I have also participated in the 6.xx version of the big wars. I always believe that this world is young, at least DOTA games are young people – young people can play, our elderly can only look, I really don’t touch the fish pond below 3000. Stone crossing the river. We think DOTA is eternal, that is because we have played more than ten years; if you, a novice player also thinks DOTA can always, then it is true. This is probably 7.0, I personally as a little expectant as a fan.