New mother must have those magic – maternal articles

I believe that many pregnant mothers in the mid-pregnancy began to prepare baby products, but bloggers from experience, and the old incomplete information online, suspected to promote maternal stores of goods, so after upgrading to new mothers, bloggers put their hope little experience to share out.

The first is the production of new mothers after the foundation necessary artifact.

Baby clothes small toys, small though cute, but can not ignore the care and hospitalization month period on their own, otherwise not a star the slightest influence on mood and life.


Bloggers are the top three hospitals in Beijing born baby, the hospital must have the following items:

1, a unified hospital to be produced package: Beijing top three hospitals to be produced package is the same, a 180 package, which has been holding the baby, clothes, Buru Yi, although the look is not very advanced, but super easy to use ah. Especially baby clothes, and have been, can hold is when a small quilt, bloggers have been used in children six months of age, of good quality and suitable for the new mother only know the beginning to buy nice baby clothes, but the lack of practicality, to be produced inside the package a few small clothes perfectly fill this gap. And the hospital is generally required to buy, because when carers need care.

Recommendation: Recommended

2, puerperal pad: also requires the purchase of hospital with hospital every day thirty-four, clean and sanitary. And the baby can also be used, especially in summer baby diapers will be red band ass, puerperal mats can diaper + + Nappy cream, although relatively hard, but the red-ass effect. So puerperal pad can buy a few packs. Brand, then, in October crystalline disposable baby changing mat, bed sheets Pigeon maternal puerperal pad nursing pads, are possible.

Recommendation: necessary

3, paper maternal / maternal sanitary napkins: This is the carer reminder, when the hospital to be produced Jingdong orders to buy, with a large napkin function as care workers are recommended October crystalline maternal disposable paper, but buy large maternal the sanitary napkin is also possible, the brand is Pigeon maternal puerperal / sanitary napkins L, and then will be discharged two days later, and then use a large number of ordinary sanitary napkins into it.

4, breast pump: After the third day rose milk production will come on time, sometimes precious baby colostrum absorption finish, but up milk and painful, is simply where the savior of the breast pump at this time, when the opening of milk combined with massage to ease up milk. Manual breast pump completely unnecessary very sad, automatic breast pump that is able to massage the breast, they can suck out all the milk, and the new mothers go to work after maternity leave, also need to use a breast pump. Although breast pump suction your baby no good effect, but for less milk and more mothers can breathe promote milk secretion, milk and more mothers can suck out the excess milk. The brand is recommended Medela Medela electric breast pump unilateral, bilateral expensive and bloggers feel that it is not necessary.

5, a one-time anti-galactorrhea posted: No disposable anti-galactorrhea posted during hospitalization, often wet clothes, was still wondering how the Internet does not mention how to solve this problem. I bought a one-time anti-galactorrhea posted after simply could not stop ah, super dry and super comfortable. The brand is recommended Medela Medela Disposable Breast Pads, NetEase carefully selected later in life to buy cotton honeycomb thin disposable Breast Pads, quality is just as good and cheaper.

6, soft cotton towel / baby wipes: soft cotton towel is also a carer reminder, if necessary nursing infants, mothers also need personal care time, the brand is recommended era cotton soft cotton baby towel wet or dry. Baby wipes are also widely used, it is the brand recommended era cotton baby wipes baby wet wipes, baby boy wipes the ocean, both of which are mild stimulation, which is cheaper and affordable number.

7, other supplies: hospital supplies (portable toothbrush cups, towels, paper towels, charging treasure, insulation boxes, dish soap, urinal, straw cups, hats, socks, disposable underwear, slippers, disposable toilet mat, etc.), beam belt, sheep grease, etc., in addition to a backpack might not be enough, preferably with a light suitcase, everything on the trunk, but also convenient at discharge.

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These are thought of some essential supplies, many public hospitals are not required to accompany the families of the day, thanks to nursing care workers, so sometimes there are some problems to be strong enough to face yourself, the most important thing is to relax and have Baoma , you are going to think the baby was born, the hospital during this time will soon be over ~ ❀

Recommendation: Recommended

Recommendation: Recommended

Recommendation: necessary

Recommendation: necessary