Hera Herra full series introduced, give you to know how to taste life.

Herlai Korea’s largest skin care product daily manufacturing Amore Pacific Group, founded in 1995, belonging to the first line of brand in South Korea, the brand includes almost all the needled skin care products, and the full line of makeup series. Hera’s make-up is the top colorful makeup of the Pacific. Although there is no retail business in China, its brand’s Hella Air Cushing has set off a nude makeup storm in China for a long time. Herra-faced women in the city’s white-collar women, and women with high demands of life are targeted.

Hera, only give you a taste.

Cell hydrating basic care series

Suitable for skin type: (moisturizing), dry skin, mixed skin. (Refreshing) oily, mixed pearut.

Applicable age: 18-45 years old

The main function:

Restore skin moisture cycles, supply nutrients in time to form a moisturizing film on the surface of the skin. Start management from the basic unit of the living body to maintain the life of the skin. When you fall out, you can quickly absorb the skin after being absorbed on your face, and keep your skin and smooth all day, it can achieve a very good cream. The moisturizing effect, regulates the phenomenon of water in the skin of the skin, even after a day, the skin will remain humid.

Products include: (refreshing) water, milk, (moisturizing) water, milk, cream, essence, eye cream, spray, fairy water.


Cleaning care series


Suitable for skin type: all skin

Applicable age: 18 years old

For daily makeup, professional makeup, facial cleansing of daily life.

Products include: cleansing instruments, cleansing milk, makeup makeup, cleansing oil, made makeup remover, cleansing mousse.


Whitening series


Suitable for skin type: all skin (skin is bullish) people who want to bright white skin)

Suitable for age: full age

Unique special effects of whitening elements, patented moisturizing formula Lipo-Moist base, immediately make the skin smooth, the path between the active cells, reaches the largest whitening effect! Double efficacy, effectively inhibit the formation of black undergoing skin, bringing a truly whitening experience for the skin. Effects of whitening milk is not only whitening, but gives skin rich moisture, which makes the skin, white and white, and you are like a creamy skin! Contains natural amino acid moisturizing agent sweet base and five weapal extracts, can promote skin absorption effective ingredients, improve skin texture, soothing the skin, so that the skin is transparent and refreshing, white tender.

Products include: cleansing milk, water, milk, frost, essence, and bottle.

Youth forever 驻 wrinkle series


Suitable for skin type: all skin texture (confrontation)

Suitable age: 25 years old

Main effects:

Hera Hera’s top series. Contains a number of skin care patents, with significant anti-wrinkle wrinkle moisturizing skin soothing function, give fatigue skin in time and nutrients via the Firmolift ingredient. With the Natural Elastic Polymer component, you can effectively improve your skin, making the skin soft and flexible. The use is not greasy, smooth. Solve skin problems such as skin drying, stratum corneum, sensitive such as age growth cell metabolism.

Products include: water, milk, essence, eye cream, essential oil, cream.

Suitable for skin type: all skin material (facial body sunscreen)

Suitable age: 18 years old

Anti-UV, the sunscreen of the UVA, the use of the body, blocks the UVA, UVB’s infringement. Protect the skin from the ultraviolet rays. Add a refined ingredient to the skin, make the touch is not greasy. Applicable to every day of daily life. It is the current sunscreen series in Korea. The most popular sunscreen. The price is also relatively close, the price is very high.

Products include: sunscreen, sunscreen spray, Mousse, sun-sun spray, sunscreen.


Hercani series

Hera Nano Red Ginseng Myth Repair Eye Cream

Suitable for people: 20 years old, product classification: eye cream

Suitable for skin: all


Product Efficacy: Removal of common problems (repair series, cream on acne is obvious)

Product introduction:


It seems that it is my mind, youth youthful spring water, solve all the skin’s troubles, rejuvenate youthful

Suitable for all skin

Improve skin regeneration capacity, enhance skin cell density, glow youthful.

Concentrated all skin care techniques and ingredients in Hera.

Wrap the soft and comfortable use of the skin (the most advanced nano-treatment technique worldwide), absorbed particularly fast, rapid acting on the skin.

Wrapped the soft and comfortable use of the skin, absorbed particularly fast, rapid acting on the skin.

When you apply it, you can feel the moisturizing feeling of the skin and last all day. On the next day, you can feel a significant different skin.

Products include: essence, eye cream, cream.

Hera Men Series:

Suitable for people: 20 or more men

Product Efficacy: including basic water milk, whitening series, black top multi-function series

product description:

Specialized for urban men, men with higher quality requirements, the real gentleman must first manage itself, this is also a respect for others. Men also need maintenance.

Herra makeup

Suitable for people: 18 years old

Suitable for skin type: The corresponding product corresponding to different skin materials.

Product effect: create nude makeup, and use before makeup


There is always a lot of products that have always been suitable for you, among which super popular nude makeup must be included in various versions.

Hera Cosmetics

South Korea top makeup series contains all makeup series

Product Category: Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Lip Gloss, Eye Pen, Ophthalmina, Foundation, Mascara, Eyebrow Powder, Blush, Eyeshadow, Nail Polish.

Star Products:

Hera Shenxiao Water

Helle gas cushion BB

Special care series

Suitable skin: all skin

Including collagen eye cream, anti-wrinkle night cream, locking first tank (hyaluronic acid) essence, Hela top water mask, and mousse sleep mask, the daily care of the next floor, give you double Skin care effect.


Products include: eye cream, essence, mask, evening cream, sleep mask.

Using the order: 1. Cleansing products (cleansing products → cleansing products) → 2. Makeup → 3. Myoplasses → 4. Eye cream → 5. Essence → 6. Lotion / Cream → 7. Sunscreen / Cream → 8 .Cc frost / BB cream

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The main function:

The main function:

Suitable for skin type: all skin

Suitable for skin type: all skin

Main effects:

Product introduction:

Product introduction:

Product introduction:

Suitable for people: 18 years old

Suitable for people: 18 years old