Buy clothes to pay attention! These five brands are selling tag, the quality is unreliable, the duck is also?

As we all know, the cost of the clothing market is fierce, the more than the brand is everywhere, and even many well-known brands have also fallen to the point of “selling tag”, let the other party’s clothes posted their own brand, and profit.

Therefore, when purchasing clothes in such a market environment, you must pay more attention to, polish your eyes, you may buy “counterparts”.

In order to help everyone avoid the pits, come to count 5 “selling tag” clothing brands today, don’t be good!

01, Antarctic

Speaking of the Antarctic, I believe everyone is not strange, as the most fired underwear brand, it is a red-spread street alley, it is better than today’s sports world Li Ning, Anta.

Since the Antarctic began “selling tags”, the money has earned a lot, but the word of mouth is lost. Many consumers spit:

Now, the underwear of the Antarctic people will shrink once, and the quality is not as good as it!

In fact, it is mainly because we searched “Antarctic people” online, and the clothes found are not produced by Antarctic, but some “hoping” and the quality is very poor.


02, Raise Bell

As a women’s giant, known as

Chinese version of ZARA


La Chambel has also become a past style.

From the style positioning, simple and fashion, mainly for women aged 20-30, but the style design has no new, there is no peace with the times, it is difficult to follow the fashionable pace of contemporary young, and the popularity is also very good.

Nowadays, falling to the “selling tag” to make a profit, but also makes a lot of iron powder, online search “La Tamell” comes out, a bunch of fakes, slowly gradually be forgotten.

03, Arctic velvet

If you don’t blow it, the Northern velvet quality is absolutely reliable, the price is not expensive, I believe many people pass through their home warm underwear.

It’s just that the Arctic velvet also went to the road “selling tags”.

The authorized store is not good, and the quality cannot be guaranteed, resulting in a serious quality problem in the warm underwear of Arctic velvet.

I don’t keep warm, comfortable is not enough, so I suggest that everyone should pay special time when buying warm underwear.


04, Puppy


The flower son is not mentioned, and the online search is all, although it is authentic, but not genuine.

Panties, belts, polo shirts, shoes and other products are available, and there is also a rabbit head logo.

Not only is the quality is not guaranteed, the style design is too late, and it is always given a feeling of a spiritual boy.


05, duck duck

For the duck down jacket brand, there is always a big controversy. Some people say that it starts “selling tags”, and there is also the pride of national goods down jackets.


Regarding whether “selling tags”, it is not good. But there are netizens who call the duck down jacket I bought.

The tag and the contract are duck, but the contract is Yale deer; even someone bought the tag address as “Anhui” duck down jacket




Today’s clothing market, there are more brands, and the water is deep. In short, it is recommended that everyone must think twice, don’t worry, to prevent the brand of “selling tag”!

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