The star also loves the wool! Yang Mi strolls to discount the underwear shop to place orders, specially pick red

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On December 13, some netizens took photos of Yang Mi in a shopping mall. She is difficult to cover the big star, but also revealed that the underwear shop of Yang Mi shopping is hitting 40% off. Many netizens did not expect the stars to buy a discount of the goods, and they have sighed Yang Mi too grounded.

In the photos of netizens, Yang Mi wears black slim pants, outer black baseball clothes, dress up very trend, although she has a baseball cap and mask, but she is still recognized by passers-by.


I saw that she took the three big bags “trophy”, and the friendsmaid also mentioned the big bag, the three shoulders, maybe it is a rare holiday with girlfriends shopping together, the photo of her eyebrows The gesture is relaxed, no assistant broker and the group of fans around, she looks like an ordinary passers-by, which is very grounded.

In addition, there is a netizen photographed Yang Mi in the inner clothing. In the photo, she is working with friends to discuss the goods in their hands, quite spot. According to the netizen, Yang Mi shopping “is very relaxed, there is no star shelf”, “all find products to try to test the product”.

Shortly after the photo, the netizen also noticed that Yang Mi also selected a lot of red underwear, and next year, it was just the Year of the Tiger, Yang Mi’s this year, so he guess Yang Mi is going to buy it itself, after all, Chinese people’s life There is a saying that is too old, and the red represents Geely and festive, so many people will wear red to “evil” in their own years, so Yang Mi is also prepared by netizens.

Yang Mi loves shopping. It is not very unpleasant. She has been encountered several times, and some of the stars are not the same, Yang Mi prefer the trend of trend.


In November, she was taken to wearing a small tape to visit a girl brand. The price of the store is close, and the price will not exceed the four digits. Therefore, Yang Mi once in the order, the single ten small sings, this time, Yang Mi Buying underwear is also a brand that has chosen his endorsement, or when you pick it up, it seems that the female star does not have a person who will live.

Not long ago, Yang Mi also met the passers-by when shopping, the man didn’t know the low-key Yang Mi, thinking that only a beauty, just took the initiative to chat, but did not expect a big Oolong. As a star, you can also have a passerby that you don’t know your own, you will have a good thing for Yang Mi to say that this is very fresh.


Yang Mi received his relationship with Liu Weiwei, and still did not have a single, but she still lived in her emotional life. When she arrived with her girlfriend, I would not envy?

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Author: Du Kangjun

Editor: Xiao Hill