What are the advantages and disadvantages of iron bed? Install a network to summarize the selection of iron beds

Iron bed is retro and fashionable, but for many owners who pay attention to practicality, they still need to learn more about it

Iron bed

The advantages and disadvantages can decide whether to buy. What are the advantages and disadvantages of iron bed?

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How about the iron bed?

Compared to the bed made of ordinary plates, the advantage of iron beds is that it can largely reduce indoor pollution, which is due to the physical properties of iron beds. The iron art is relatively simple, and many people think that the iron bed is very monotonous. In fact, the real iron bed style is also very diverse, with traditional Chinese and classical European style.

Iron beds usually atmosphere bedside and bed body. The strong iron material has an elegant and cold artistic atmosphere; fluent lines and full color decorative effects are very strong; and the overall flower type visual sense is very casual, which can reflect a beautiful look. A warm feeling.

Iron bed advantages and disadvantages

Iron bed advantage

1. Environmental protection

The manufacturing process of the iron bed is different from the solid wood bed or the leather bed. The method of connecting iron parts is to welded. It does not use any practical chemicals, so it does not involve the problem of formaldehyde. When buying an iron bed, we can’t talk about it to disperse the taste, because the iron bed is an environmentally friendly product, without spending time.

2. Beautiful styling

Because of the specific attributes of iron, it can be processed into various shapes, so the shape of the iron bed is rich and beautiful. Iron beds are generally composed of many iron bars. So it is full of lines. The beautiful and smooth lines of the iron bed can bring satisfaction from the aesthetics.

3. Strong

I believe everyone knows at normal temperature. It is very strong. And because it is welded, it is equivalent to fusion of the iron blocks of the two parts into a part, so it is very strong, as long as there is no rust, it will not break. So buying iron beds can also be used for a long time.

4. Flexible price

The price of iron beds mainly depends on brand design. Iron is not valuable, but the shape design and brand value of the bed are more valuable. Therefore, if you want to buy cheap iron beds, there are many choices. If you want to buy some brand -name furniture shop iron beds, you will also find that the price is more expensive, and the price is relatively flexible.

Iron bed disadvantage

1. Hard

What are the disadvantages of iron beds, it is relatively hard, but the coldness of cold. So if we buy an iron bed, we must be equipped with a comfortable and elastic Xi ​​Mengsi. In addition, you should also buy some large soft and comfortable pillows at the back of the bed, otherwise you will sleep very uncomfortably.


2. Paint

The disadvantages of iron beds are also common, especially the problem of painting is difficult to avoid. If the iron bed is painted, it will inevitably affect the beauty. In addition, the quality iron bed may make a certain sound when used, so you must pay attention to the quality when buying an iron bed.

What brand of iron bed is good?


It was founded in Sweden in 1943, global furniture and home supplies retailers. It is known for its master -level design civilian prices. IKEA (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

Tiantan Furniture Tiantan

In 1956, a well -known company with a well -known trademark in Beijing, a well -known enterprise with rich types of products in the industry/complete industrial chain, Beijing Jinyu Tiantan Furniture Co., Ltd..

Beijing Big Bed

Founded in 1979, the earlier/larger copper bed and metal bedding manufacturers were established in China. Its romantic style bed tools are relatively famous.

Bony Bony

Outstanding enterprise in the domestic software furniture industry, professional -known enterprises that specialize in the production living room sofa/multi -function sofa bed/art iron bed, Hangzhou Kania Household Products Co., Ltd.



It integrates research and development/production/sales, focusing on large furniture companies in the field of steel and wood, the leading brand in the domestic steel and wood furniture industry, Beijing Elvis Furniture Co., Ltd..

Julida furniture

Comprehensive companies focusing on the research and development and design of dormitory furniture products, large dormitory iron bed enterprises, well -known dormitory iron bed companies, Guangdong Juda Smart Furniture Co., Ltd..


Enterprises focusing on the research and development and sales of high -end iron furniture, well -known brand in domestic iron home furnishing industry, more large -scale enterprises, Qingdao forging metallic metal Co., Ltd.

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Iron bed advantages and disadvantages