Hangzhou’s mother and elementary school daughter broke out early in the morning. The reason made many parents sad: why is it so difficult?

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In addition to tutoring operations, letting the baby wear autumn pants will definitely be ranked to the top three of the “Most Momed Moby Incident of the Year” list.


This weekend will cool down again. In order to persuade the baby to put on autumn pants early, parents do not worry about it. This was not early in the morning.


“Good, just put it on.”

“I don’t want, I don’t want, I don’t want it!”


“Aren’t you cold without wearing autumn pants?”

“I’m not cold, it’s not cold at all!”

Watching the daughter’s runny nose, she was not cold, and she was so angry that the sugar sugar mother was angry and funny. As soon as the sugar sugar mother has a clever machine, let’s ask your daughter to ask the classmates in the class, “Then, go to school to do it

‘Statistical Form of Pants’

, Twenty children under the interview to see how many people wear it. “

Different from the previous drag, he heard this small task, and the sugar sugar immediately came down. Sugar Mom laughed secretly: When she took her daughter from school last time, many parents at the door said that they put autumn pants for their children, so there must be more people in the class.


During school in the evening, the sugar sugar mother thought that her daughter would be unhappy because of the interview. Seeing my mother, the sugar sugar immediately handed over the statistical table, but the results of the form made the sugar sugar mothers who thought the voucher was in hand.

Among the 20 children interviewed, there are 10 little boys, 10 little girls, and only half of the number of people in autumn pants.

“I originally thought that most children must be wearing autumn pants, and I also wanted to use data to persuade sugar to put on it. I did not expect that the result was actually a five or five open.

The unwilling sugar sugar mother investigated in her circle of friends again, and the number of people who wearing and not wearing is still equivalent.

This topic has also resonated with many mothers, and they all said:

The old mothers were broken, and they were afraid of the baby’s cold. They fell well, and they were unwilling to wear autumn pants.

In fact, this is not the first time that Sugar sugar resists to wear autumn pants. The sugar sugar mother said that since her daughter went to kindergarten, she was unwilling to wear it. “At first I thought that sugar sugar was not good -looking, so I bought a lot of cartoon patterns and chose her. I didn’t expect the little guy to look down on one.

she’s not

It ’s not good to abandon autumn pants. It’ s because it ’s too hot to wear autumn pants, and seriously affects her actions.

Essence “

Of course, the sugar mothers think that the former is more important in keeping warm and cold and convenient exercise. In fact, when she was young, she was very resistant to wearing autumn pants. It became particularly afraid of cold, and autumn pants became an indispensable ‘artifact’ in winter. “There are many benefits of autumn pants, and sugar sugar will fall in love with it one day. Nowadays, children’s physique is relatively poor. In fact, autumn pants are very needed. Previously, most of the otolaryngology family was children. Began to sneeze and stuffy nose, and the red nose was distressed. “

Even though you know that there are a hundred benefits to wear autumn pants, but considering that sugar sugar just goes to elementary school, there are many things that need to be adapted. The sugar sugar mother does not want to conflict with her daughter because of the problem of wearing or not wearing autumn pants. It will force sugar to wear.

“Although I didn’t force her to wear, I secretly put the autumn trousers on her bedside every day. I look forward to being” favored “in the morning, but she will basically ignore her every day. I have no wish to do so now.”

Even if the daughter does not wear it, every time the sugar mothers see beautiful autumn clothes and autumn pants, they can’t help but “chop their hands”. Double Eleven ‘Double Twelve’, there must be a few sets of autumn clothes and autumn pants for the baby in the shopping carts around them. “

Last time I organized the room, Sugar Mom raised a lot of autumn pants that daughters did not wear. “She only wore autumn clothes and did not wear autumn pants, so there were a lot of new autumn pants in the family. . Others packed them up according to the size. My sister is now two years old and will let me go. I will put on autumn pants, so I often comfort myself. It is not a waste! But the premise is to hope that my sister will not resist wearing autumn pants in the future! “

How much do children wear autumn pants? How many are you voluntarily put on?


The reporter randomly asked the elementary school teacher around a circle–

Mr. Wang, the teacher of the second grade of the second grade of Hangzhou Times Elementary School, told Sister Lu that only 5 of the 34 students in the class did not wear autumn pants. Among them, 15 are to wear themselves, and 14 are requested by Mom and Dad. Xiao Wang, who did not wear autumn pants, said that he didn’t like to wear autumn pants and uncomfortable. He wore velvet pants in winter.

According to statistics from Teacher Song, the second -year class teacher of Qinglan Elementary School in Hangzhou, 11 of the 39 students in the class, 11 people did not wear autumn pants, 23 people felt cold, and 3 people asked their mothers to wear.

According to statistics from Teacher Song, the third -year class teacher of the East City Elementary School of Hangzhou Normal University, 26 of the 40 students in the whole class put on autumn pants, and the “autumn trousers rate” reached only 65%, and 6 of them said that they were Employed by mom and dad.

According to the statistics of Teacher Liu, the class teacher of the fourth grade of Hangzhou Pujia Primary School, a total of 38 students in the class and 30 students were put on autumn pants, but only 17 were voluntarily wanted to wear. Many students thought that the autumn pants were too hot and tight. It is not convenient to exercise.

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