Hong Kong citizens mourn the Nanjing Massacre victory: show historical photos under the Japanese embassy downstairs

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, December 13th

(Reporter Square) In the morning of the 13th, the cold wind blowing a chill. Many Hong Kong citizens spontaneously gathered under the peace monument, mourning the Nanjing Massacre in the victims.

On December 13, 2019, it was the sixth Nanjing Massacre Division National Public Festival.

On the high-rise, the monument is on the square, the monument is towering, and the base is placed in a wreath. The scratch on the wreath writes “82nd anniversary of the country’s public sacrifice to mourn the Nanjing Massacre.” There is a flower basket made with yellow white two-color chrysanthemum. There is also a white hardboard to draft the words “Nanjing 300000”, which is filled with golden chrysanthemums.


“My mood is very heavy. As a Chinese, we must remember history, don’t forget the national humiliation, and inherit this painful memory world.” Hong Kong citizen Chen Xinjun said. In the morning, he rushed here from Kowloon in the morning, and he was in front of the monument.

The Peace Monument is located in Central, Hong Kong Island, which is used to commemorate the soldiers who sacrifice in the World War and other diseases. The monument is engraved with eight big characters of “Soul immortality”.

There are more and more Hong Kong people who come to remember to remember, and several citizens bring a five-star red flag and the SAR area, waving on the spot.

The 73-year-old retirement policeman brought two sides of the banner, and he inserted the flagpole on the portable baggage car, so that the banner fluttering. “The Japanese invading the Japanese army is tired during the invasion, although so many years have passed, we must keep this history. The Chinese are now united and strive to build a country.” He said.

At 11 o’clock in the morning, the air defense alert was placed on the spot, and the public participated in the rally was placed in front of the monument. Subsequently, the citizens were in batches in front of the monument. After mourning, the citizens sing the national anthem, the song of “The Volunteers” has echoed over the square.

“With the Harbor” convener, Cao Diming is the organizer of this event. He said that I hope to remember history through the gathering, enhance national ideas, especially hope to arouse the national awareness of young people, and help them understand history, realize that China’s current prosperity is not easy, and more profoundly recognizes that Hong Kong is China. Part of the segmentation.

After the rally, the citizens began to demonstrate. The parade team is in an orderly manner in the sidewalk. The public shouted “Do not forget the Nanjing Massure Dead” along the way. The parade is located in the Trial General of Japan in Hong Kong, and the citizens show a historical photo of Nanjing Massacre.

After the event, the citizens are unordered. Hong Kong citizens He Jinsha said that he will participate in the gathering activities every year today. In the remembering history, it is also more firm and united, and no matter how tough moments, you must love your motherland.