Fiction: Intentional a cup of hot tea is a moist prince, she is so wild, let Wang Ye is very headache.

In the past five years, Duanmu has been waiting for the Taikong, but also the women’s officials around the Queen, and the ironing tea is also connected. When will she see her lost?

It is, Ji worry-free dare, pour the cup of hot tea on Xuanyuan, is not careful, but she is deliberate.

Her purpose is to let Xuanyuan leave Mo Yunxuan as soon as possible.


Turning, with Ji worry-free, the side is still smiling, low, and poured a cup of tea, she laughed at Ji worry-free, the black and white distinctive eyes were in the silk. “Is it intentionally Hou Ye did not know? “

“Oh … this Hou Ye is not thirsty, this tea is still back, then drink it!” Shake his head again, Ji worry-free, did not dare to match the look, go outside, he still have a bit of blind man : “That cup is hot and hot tea …”

Did he say soon!

It is, when he leaves, the end of the wood is not retained, but it is only quiet to send him away.

Until the white figure disappeared at the gate, she took back the eyes of a long time, bowing the tea sets placed on the table. Recalling the angry eyes of Xuanyuan, she can’t help but sigh.

She was a young tea next to her, even if she stretched into hot water, she won’t shout, Ji did not worry, she only took tea in Xuanyuan, and it is indeed deliberate.

At the moment, she was still pulling with his sword, and how can I talk about a laughter with him? In addition, he and the dialogue with Ji Ji is also a gunpowder. Therefore, she decided to end this tea as soon as possible.

Even if this is the final result is not happy!

On the side, the scorpion angle of the lightweight is asking for the long-term gas.

Looking up, Duanmu looks to the bamboo, saying that “you don’t obey.”


The scorpion light flashes, and the bamboo lips are trembled.

The eyebrows are lifted, and the side wood is asked: “You know if I don’t speak, you will be so guilty, what will you?”

The body can not help but immerse, the bamboo is biting lips, but it is a matter.

In the palace for many years, how can she not know what to punish if she will not be seen?

However, she would rather felt, and I don’t want to be humiliated.

In her heart, everything only begins because of her in the morning, the end of the wood is completely for her, so that if there must be a result, then … also should be booked!

“The sky is getting late, withdraw the table!”

As soon as you sigh, the side of the wood is just as it is.

She has already warned that Cuizhu should control her mouth, but the bamboo is still 忤忤 忤忤 意 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领She knows that Bamboo is doing this, only because of the owner, I don’t want Xuanyuan, I am angry with her.

What can she blame her for the heart of Bamboo?

In fact, she will be fortunate, some people will be so this, but with this festival, she wants that the bamboo is safe.

Under the sakura tree, fall in the inbound, flowers.

Leaving the bamboo and one person packing the tea set, turning into the wood, slowly step forward.

After a moment, she has been based in the front hall.

In the front hall, there is no one, only simple furniture is shown, it seems empty.

The line of sight is shuttle in the hall, and it is slightly a moment.

This girl saw Xuanyuan, who was bleached, and only lost her tea. The reason why the crown is to exit the battlefield and hide far away. Although she said that she is the emperor, but at this moment is in Wangfu, and she – is her side of her wood!