398 yuan! Apple launched a full-size iPhone handle: What is more cool?

On November 11th, Apple official website has a brand new lightning interface game handle, which is called “Rotor Riot Lightning Interface Game Controller”, priced at 398 yuan, the wireless handle launched prior to Apple is 250 yuan.


Official information shows that

Rotor Riot is currently the only full-size lightning interface game handle, low latency, no pairing, can be used inserted into the phone.

Interestingly, this handle is not equipped with a battery, you need to consume the electricity of iPhone, but your handle is also equipped with a lightning interface, and the handle is connected to the charger. On the other end, the iPhone can still play while playing.

The handle weighs about 280g, buttons, and the design of the rocker is similar to the ordinary handle, in addition to the iPhone, IPAD, can also be used for PC and PlayStation.


Small thunder inquiry the wired handle of other equivalents, the quality and Rotor RiOT are actually similar.


In the inherent impression of Small Thunder, Apple’s products are generally expensive. The price of headphones is higher than Sony, BOSE, mobile phone price is higher than Samsung, millet, computer price is higher than Lenovo, HP. However, in the game handle, Apple is not too much more than other same level products.

Xiaoli went to major e-commerce platforms, now a little more expensive game handle is basically Bluetooth or 2.4G connections, rarely see the wired handle, supporting the Lightning handle is more small. Indeed, wireless connection allows players to get rid of bondage, technology is constantly iterative, and the latency of the wireless handle is no longer much higher than the wired handle.

Of course, it is equally high-end products, and the delay of the wired handle is definitely lower. Bluetooth handles also need to charge frequently, and the wired handle can directly consume the power of the device. Anyway, the mobile phone and the tablet we have to charge frequently. Rotor Riot comes with a lightning interface, iPhone can play while playing while playing while playing while playing while playing the players without the worries of life.

If you often use iPhone to play games, Rotor Riot is worth considering. If you usually play games in your computer, PlayStation, you can consider other game handles, with quality, those handles are slightly cheap.