The “post -80s” self -taught wooden artistic decoration design feel full

Text/Photo Reporter Deng Ning

Exquisite and flexible wooden robots, the infinite Luban locks, the interesting Trojan horses, the antique bridges, the design of the design sense … With their love and enthusiasm for wooden art, Lin Haifeng, 34, this year The new life of wood.

In the afternoon of the warm sun, the reporter walked into the home of Lin Haifeng in Tong’an District. Lin Haifeng left a wooden space for himself, full of various gadgets, wooden spoons, wooden plates, wooden benches, etc. There are even Trojans on the ground. Woodworking tools such as pushing and sawing are full of walls, and the entire space is full of faint wood. “The woodworker is a careful work, and it is also a bitter work. It is also boring. People who have no patience or suffering can’t do this.” Lin Haifeng said while busy.

Lin Haifeng’s father is an old carpenter. The furniture in the family was built by his father himself. In the past, the villagers in the village built a new house and would ask the father to help build the main body. From a young age with his father, Lin Haifeng liked wooden art in his heart, and he wondered what to do when he was out of school. When he was a child, he helped to see, sharpen the blade, saw the saw, pushed planers, and chiseling was his daily life; probably from the previous year, Lin Haifeng began to truly systematically study woodworking.

Recalling the appearance of a carpentry with his father when he was a kid, watching online videos, researching hand -shaved shampooing, flat planing, side planing, mortise and other steps, Lin Haifeng started a self -taught carpentry journey. “The main process is to polish. One thing is good or not, mainly depending on the details, whether there are scratches and burrs, whether it is moist to touch.” Lin Haifeng said that making a handmade stool seems to be very simple, but it contains basic sculpting skills , Surface treatment, etc., the polishing of light sandpaper has more than a dozen channels. It takes several hours. After each step, you can see a little change in the wood, from rough to perfection. Lin Haifeng said that this is the fun of hand -made wood.

“In addition to making craftsmanship and craftsmanship, I value the design more.” Lin Haifeng is an art teacher, perhaps affected by his career, and he loves design. Lin Haifeng said that his most satisfactory work was a wooden boat ornament with Xiamen cultural symbols. The wooden boat is fine, the hull has exquisite patterns and reliefs, and the masts, paddle, rudder, etc. on the boat are all available.

Source: Xiamen Daily