The full text of the “Qian Ben Grass” in the Qiku Wen! Withhair, it is medicine, deep and unclear

“Pen”, my country’s ancient medical books is also. The cover is mostly found in the early stage, and the herb is mostly, and the ancient times, the drug is the herbal. Many of the ancient medical books of “Herb”, such as my country’s earliest pharmacology specializes in “Shen Nong Herb”, and “Mindu” in the ancient medical encyclopedia. Recently, I read “Money Ben Grass”, don’t have a feeling, the reason is that this article is written by the Tang Dynasty, the famous writer Zhang said the short text of the two hundred words, to narrative of the tone of Chinese herbal medicine, with the drug, borrowing money , The needle, the disadvantage, read the hairdressing.

Chuanqi Chuan: a generation of famous arithmeters

Zhang said that he had experienced the Shi Dynasty, the three borders, and the hand of the world, and there were a lot of work, and the future generations left “Zhang Yangong’s”, “Zhang Ji” and other famous articles.

A generation of Zhang Zhang said that he is good at writing. At that time, the important document of the court had a “big hand”. Zhang said that not only is it, but also pays a good thing, it is extremely luxurious. Zhang said that the political enemy Yao Chong is using his weaknesses. After death, he still counts him once, thus left a thousand ancient times.

Yao Chong is a famous sage in the early days of Tang Xuanzong. After death, Yao Chong once said with Zhang and said that there is a lot of political differences between the two people. Legend legends, Yao Chong disease, said that several sons who are guarded around: “Zhang said that the prime minister is not equal, but he talent outstairs, the article is wonderful. I hope to let him write the epitaph after death. We The relationship is not good, but Zhang Yizhao always likes to show off, hobbies, especially like gorgeous costumes, precious treasures. After you die, he will sneak. You put my costume play with precious valuable things in front of bed account. Say if you don’t look, you have no hope; if he pays attention to these things, he will send him a favorite play, take the opportunity to write a tomb about me. Get the article, and give it to the emperor Zhang Yizhen considers the problem is often slower than me. After a few days later, it must be repented. If he recovered the inscription, he told him that the emperor had agreed, and led him to see the stone monument. “

After Yao Chong died, Zhang said that he came. Zhang said that the costumes, play things, eyes, eyes and eyes showed, and saw three or four times. Yao Jia people did it according to Yao Chong, Zhang said that there was a collection of gifts, wrote a festival, narrative Yao Chong’s life, and praised Yao Chong’s political achievements, detailed and vivid, and was called masterpiece. Yao Jia people quickly gave an emperor to wither the stone.

A few days later, Zhang said that he sent someone to ask for a manuscript. Yao Chong’s son led people to see the lame of stone monument and told the emperor to agree. The servant said that Zhang said that it was very regretted, saying: “Yao Chong, who is dead, can still be a living, I only know that I can not be as good as he!”

Corruption and good, excluding the disconthetic, but also “planted a big fight” when the dispute between Yao Chong before his death. In the first year of Kaiyuan (713) October, Xuan Zong wants to call back the Tongzhou thorn history Yao Chong as the phase. According to Zhang Chong, I secretly embarrassed the Yu Shi Dr. Zhao Yanzhao, and Xuanzong did not pay attention to. Then, Zhang said that in the temple in the temple, Jiang Yu, appointed Yao Chong as Hedong General Management to prevent Yao Chong. Xuanzong knows that Zhang said, regardless of repeating, still worshiping the military department Shangshu, flattening. After Yao Chong, Zhang said that he privately arrived in Li Fan in Yan. Yao Chong himself, Zhang said that the Bookling Order was degraded as a hunting history, and the Yue North Road was pressed. Zhang said that soon, he was involved in his incident, and he left a history of Yuezhou. At this time, Zhang said that he has been awake, and it is aware that people can’t leave money, but money can also harm people, so write down the world “Qian Ben”.

Zhang said the prose “money grass”, the article is not long, easy to understand, the whole article recorded:

“Money, sweet, big heat, toxic. Energy is stationed in Yan, Zeng flowing, good treatment hunger, unsuccessful suffering.

It is possible to benefit the country, the loss of the sages, fear and keep it. The greed is averaged;

If it is not average, it is convicted that it is cholertorious.

Its medicine is not a time, and the non-salute is injured. This is popular, you can call God, and Ghost.

If you don’t scatter, there is a disaster of the water and fire thieves; if it is not accumulated, there is a hunger and cold.

A accompanying, it does not act as a virtue, take it with the righteousness, no need to distinguish the gift, Bo Shiji predicament, the people who do not die, people may wish to know The wisdom.

With this seven-story refining, it will be a long time. If the service is not reasonable, it will be weak, and it is taboo. “

“钱本 草” translation

Money, taste is sweet, the property is hot, toxic, but can delay the aging of the appearance, make people look warm and moisturize. Use it to eliminate hunger and helping people avoid dilemma and disasters, and have a huge effect. Therefore, on the one hand, it is conducive to the state and the people; but on the other hand, it can also cause pollution of the original sagented people, despite this, it is unsolicited to be a natural enemy. If a person takes it with a greed, there is no harm of harmony. But if it is not average, it makes human sex. This taste is different from ordinary herbs, and does not have a fixed picking season, but if you do not follow the alleged, picking will cause mental injury. Since the money is flowing in the world, it will often be called God, and thus it is infected with ghost.

If only accumulation is not divergent, it will bring disasters such as water and fire thieves. But if you only use it without accumulating, you will have a hunger and cold. A accumulated balance is called the road, not called it as a treasure, and the process will be appropriately called, and it is called a ritual for it. Don’t violate your own past commitment called the letter, I don’t want to hurt, I will refine this medicine in this seven ways, I can take longer to take long life. If you don’t meet the symmeor when taking it, you will be sinking, and it is particularly careful to be particularly careful.


The full text is less than 200 words, but it is written, and it is said.

In “Qiaotian Grass”, Zhang said that this special “herbal” drug is set to “sweet, hot, toxic”, and think that it is really reasonable. Zhang said that the pharmacological analysis of the money: Xiao “can be embodied in Yan, the treatment”, can solve people’s burning urgent, and can “Libang State” to make the country rich. Therefore, money can be cured is no doubt. So how do you take it? Zhang said that the world must pay attention to “Dao, Germany, Ren, Righteousness, Square, Wisdom, Letter”, this is what people often say “There is a way of love.” The money obtained on the basis of morality righteousness is “long-lasting, long-lived”, or it will “imperialize the god”. Zhang said, “Qian Ben Grass”, which is the words of the pharmacy. The corrupt officials who are jailed for money, if they can chew the essence of “money grass”, maybe “long time in the river side station, still not wet shoes”.


“Sweet, big heat, toxic.” There are a few words, give “money” this special herbal medicine is set, it can be said that the words are simple, the words are killed, accurately and vivid, and three points.

It is a Chinese food, the body, the wind, the rain, the rain, and the days they want, so “sweet”, everyone likes it, close it, and pursue it.

But its sex is “hot”, it is easy to addict, obsessed, only to drill the money, there is no world.

For it, crazy, to hit the wall for it. The result is “poisoned”, and the serious person will be taken into the grave.

Its pharmacodyne is very magical, as long as “eat” it, it often can immediately see.

Double eyes, there is light on the face, and the head is very chest, and if the hover is hover. Solve people in a rush, out of the water, as a rain in the umbrella, snow in the snow.

The country has it, but also benefit people, can be strong, so that the foreign exchange is. But it can also make smart and practiced “Xian Da” have been tarnished, dragged down, and even more robbery.

However, it also has Kars, that is, it is unhaneous to “clean”.

He warned the rich people with huge amount of money, it is best to put excessive partial part, with the poor, weak, and benefiting the society with him.

Otherwise, not only does it have a long-lasting development, real happiness, or even suffer from being infinite.

In addition, the money is to take it, do not meet, don’t take it, don’t take it, don’t you see clearly, the gods will be punished.

If you pay money, you have to spend it in the flower, the money itself is circulating, you can’t move, how do you run?

Therefore, there will be water, fire, thieves, etc. in the morning and evening.


And if you only spend money, you don’t make money, then go to another extreme, hunger and cold, you must find the door.

It seems that it is not easy to rush to drive this “monster”, but it is necessary to pay some heart.

Zhang said Mr. Zhang gave us seven magic treasures. that is:

First, the road: with money is imposed;

Second, Germany: Don’t use money to be baby;

Third, righteous: paying corresponding to income;

Fourth, courtesy: not greedy

Fifth, benevolent: Happy and good, there is a heart of help;

Sixth, letters: a promise of gold, never breach;

Seven, wisdom: Do not let money hurt themselves.

As long as you keep in mind this seven 驭 财 法 宝, the money this special herb will become a loyal origin of the person, and you can use it with confidence. “I have been convinced, longevity”; Special attention.

Ancient and modern China and foreign, “money” seems to be an eternal topic. The statement about it is also a five-flowers:

Or God: “No wings, there is no enough. There is no longer, no, no, no power. Danger is easy to make, death can make life, expensive, Born can be killed. “

Or fear: “The flesh is in vain, the gentleman is defeated, the merchants are in the body, the city is fighting, and the world is blessed, and there are many people. True people. And people don’t know. “

Or 詈: “金钱: Dogs! Outline Ethics is bad by you, the court Wang law is got by you, killing you do not pay, Yinyi is not available. Thought, put the money and wealth, ax hack, fried , Steaming! “Etc.

However, there is one person with drug evil, with medicine, deep and unspeak the police, which is a kuki.

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If it is not average, it is convicted that it is cholertorious.