What facial cleanser is suitable for men? Recommended oil -controlling men’s facial cleanser recommendation

Men always envy the male stars in the movie, but have you seen the face of his male star? I want to say for the handsome male star: You only see my handsome face, but you don’t see me tangled and serious about choosing skin care cleansing! So which facial cleanser is suitable for men?


1. Snowflake Shunxing Facial Washing Milk

Snow Show believes that none of the little fairy will be unfamiliar. Most of them have used Snowflakes, and the use effect of this snowflakes is also very good! As always, there will be a touch of ginger flavor. The transparent liquid shape is very liquid. Although it is not as rich as the general facial cleanser, the cleaning strength is superb.

This is amino acid, so it is also gentle and not allergic! The biggest advantage is that it is a facial cleanser that can be washed out of blackheads. For little fairies with strawberry heads, it can be said to be gospel!


2. Krun Run immersed face milk


As we all know, Ke Run’s main feature is naturally without adding, and this facial cleanser is no exception. Ke Run Water Milk and Cream believe that there are many little fairies who have used it, all of which are very good.

This facial cleanser is amino acid facial cleanser. The foam is very delicate and can gently clean the pores. There is no tightness after washing. However, the only disadvantage is that the cleanliness may not be particularly powerful, but it is enough to satisfy the general daily cleaning.

3. Fulfang murhamine -based facial cleanser


A high -cost value -effective facial cleanser is also good. This facial cleanser does not contain soap bases, which is very suitable for dry skin and mixed skin.

Without any additives, pregnant women and sensitive muscles are used with peace of mind. This Fulifang’s dejeine is moisturized and moisturized, the foam is very delicate, and the cleaning intensity is also very good.

4. ELTAMD amino acid foam makeup removal cleansing milk

This facial cleanser’s main amino acid can be not irritating. The most interesting place is that it can automatically bubble in 30 seconds. The ingredients are relatively mild. Use any skin type.

The foam is dense. After washing your face, you will not feel tight, and there is a certain makeup remover effect. And it is a large can of capacity, a cleansing that can be used in “the land of the ground”.


Li Jiaqi’s “facial cleanser”, fighter in cheap amino acids, uses not to lose SKII. Since childhood, my skin has been obviously darker. In the past two years, it has been brightened under the blessing of the essence of whitening, but the blackheads on the face are super obvious. It was only after the reminder of my girlfriend that it turned out that the skin was not cleaned. It was not enough to use the subsequent whitening essence. Evaluate the fighter in amino acids, and do not lose SK2 at all.

This Huayu collection facial cleanser not only has a particularly mild and mild amino acid ingredients to clean the face, but also adds high -ingredients goat milk, which can brighten the skin color to the skin, allow our skin to deeply nourish and hydrate. I like him very much. Although the packaging is simple, it looks very textured.

It also feels very surprising to use. The texture of the facial cleanser is particularly flowing, but you can use a few times to make a very delicate foam. Not only can you remove the garbage in the pores, you can also wash out some of the lipstick eyeliners on your body. Since I have this facial cleanser, I will not remove makeup at all, and it will be done directly with it. It is really convenient. After a while, the skin became smooth and delicate, the skin was much tender, and the blackheads were much less!