Mom, I want motorcycle leather clothes! Want, two pieces! Mom is so nice, thank you mother

Fashion does not need to rely on big names. The matching here knows more life. Welcome to read the 110th issue of “Your Most Beautiful Wardrobe”.


The autumn meaning is getting stronger, and it is the season of wearing leather clothes.

Especially fans living in Jiangsu, Shandong, and Henan,

The temperature above 15 degrees is suitable for wearing leather clothes.

Then, the problem is.


There are so many styles of leather clothes. Which one should I choose?

Which leather coat is worth starting?

Is this still used? Of course it is eternal classic motorcycle leather jacket!

Today, “Your Most Beautiful Wardrobe” is the topic of the fans for the first time.

The first choice for handsome sexy girls -locomotive leather clothes


Compared with ordinary leather clothes, locomotive leather clothes are very prominent in style design. The most suitable girls with sexy, handsome and temperament.


There are very large lapels in locomotive leather clothes, and there are many metal zipper design. The overall temperament is cool and handsome. It is the longest and long -lasting classic style.

From the comparison in the figure above, it can be seen that the ordinary style on the left side is poor and too mature. The locomotive leather clothes on the right are full of unrestrained charm, and the sense of fashion is bursting. ▲


So, how should we choose a locomotive leather jacket that suits us?

First of all, the locomotive leather jacket can be simply divided into two types.

One is a repair model, and the other is loose.


Therefore, you must first understand which style you are suitable for ~


The slim -fitting locomotive leather clothes are relatively small, the sleeves and waist are tight, and they are more suitable for girls with thin stature. If your arm is thicker, or the upper body is round, it is not suitable for this slim style. ▲


In addition, this slim -fitting leather style is more ladylike. It is not so strong that it is suitable for wearing skirts. Therefore, it is the first choice for gentle, ladylike, and little girls. ▲


The loose temperament is completely different. It looks more casual and more age -reducing. The neutral style is more rich. It is more suitable for cool and handsome girls who like casual clothes. ▲


Especially Cool GIRL, when wearing this loose motorcycle leather jacket, it is super personality. It is definitely the focus of the crowd when turning into a fashion supermodel in minutes. ▲

In addition to the version, the choice of color is also an important factor that everyone must consider.

80%of girls will choose black. Although black is cool, it is inevitable to wear too much.

For girls of different temperament, everyone may wish to try other colors.


For example, my favorite white locomotive leather jacket is not as dull and cold as black, and it feels softer and warm, so it is more suitable for Korean beauties. ▲

Another example is bean pink, super gentle and sweet, and completely changed the cool and handsome car leather jacket. This style of locomotive leather jacket is no problem to wear at work. ▲

There is also the most popular avocado green this year, versatile and personality, with a variety of light -colored inside. ▲


After selecting the style, let’s talk about it.

In the impression of most girls, leather+jeans are standard. Although this method of matching is simple and casual, it is inevitable that it is too ordinary and has a poor sense of fashion. ▲

I recommend a few ways to match, how do you see.

1. Slim leather jacket with long gauze skirt

The combination of slim leather jackets and long gauze skirts is definitely a Mars hit the earth. It is super temperament. Let’s see if Liu Yifei’s dress is shining in front of people? Both are immortal and aura! ▲

However, you must pay attention to the style when choosing a gauze skirt. The very thin gauze skirt above is not suitable for dressed in autumn, unpopular and not warm enough. ▲

We should choose this multi -layer gauze skirt, which is more heavy, strong, and more temperamental. Moreover, this kind of skirt is also very beautiful with a sweater. ▲

In addition to the gauze skirt, we can also match the golden velvet pleated skirt. It is very popular in the past two years. The luster of golden velvet is unique with retro and luxurious temperament, and it is very matched with the texture of leather clothes. ▲

In addition, there is a more sexy way to wear, which is to match the hip hip fishtail skirt. This kind of skirt is particularly displayed, especially for girls with H -shaped figure, which can make you instantly have a proud curve! Mature ladies wear this way, beautiful! ▲

PS: If you feel that wearing a skirt is not warm, you can put meat -colored autumn pants inside! The concealment of the long skirt is particularly strong. Hey ~


2. The cool handsome match of loose leather jackets


I personally prefer loose motorcycle leather clothes. If you want to wear this kind of leather clothes to feel cool, I think there are two very good choices.


The first one is a solid black and white sweater. Remember, it must be a high -necked one! This kind of inside is not only well -preserved, but also super stylish. At first glance, she is a young lady. ▲


The second one is the red plaid shirt, which is the kind of Xi Mengyao. The red grid can make the leather jacket look less monotonous, and the grid shirt itself is a casual wind top, which is well matched with the style of the leather coat. ▲

As for what pants are paired, there is not so much particularity. I usually like to pair with jeans, but you must remember that you choose tight -fitting pants, and do not match sneakers with boots! Boots are also fine, boots are OK, and Martin boots are OK. Because only boots can be worthy of the handsome of motorcycle leather clothes, and the sports shoes are too casual, and the overall style is not coordinated. ▲


In addition, there is another focus, which is the choice of bags. When you want to create a cool and handsome look, the lady’s chain bag and small bag are not suitable. We need to choose a larger handbag, like the picture above. ▲

At the end, a small object that is necessary to pretend to be cool -sunglasses is also indispensable ~


Mastering these points of matching skills, it is difficult to think about it!


PS: Fans living in the north and northeast are already cold this season? Single -layer leather jackets can’t be worn anymore, right?

It doesn’t matter, the single -layer leather jacket can’t wear it, we can choose to be intensive!

This fur -integrated locomotive leather jacket is a must -have for my autumn and winter every year. Compared with ordinary down jackets, is it more fashionable?


Remember, you must choose the leather! Otherwise, the warmth is poor, and the skin is relatively hard.


Alright, this is here today’s motorcycle leather clothes ~

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