“Niu” turns to the Qiankun to start selling hot! Mengniu styling products are popular Ningbo market

The New Year of the Lunar New Year enters the countdown period, and the taste of Ningbo has gradually enriched. The upcoming Xin Chounian was given a beautiful definition of “cattle” to turn the world. Recently, the reporter saw that various types of products with “cattle” elements have begun to occupy the “C position” in the store, which is favored by consumers.

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In a stationery and gift shop in Wanda, Pozhou, the price from dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, various cartoon cattle kitchens, pillows and ornaments attracted young consumers. The reporter randomly asked a young couple who was choosing a doll. They said that they were about to celebrate the New Year and wanted to add a little festive and “cattle” at home. “The year of the rat is too hard. I hope that the new year’s epidemic will soon pass, and everyone can go smoothly, so I plan to put a Mavericks at home and turn around at home.” The young lady said with a smile. In the end, they chose a big red cow doll priced at 39.9 yuan.

In a chain coffee shop, the reporter also saw seven or eight cups that incorporate the cow element and cups with festive colors and cute shapes. The manager told reporters that the style of the zodiac and the elements of the new year is very good.


The New Year buying “zodiac gold” is the habit of many Ningbo people. The gold counter of major shopping malls this year is still lively. The reporter learned from the gold counters of many shopping malls that since mid -December last year, the sales of zodiac gold have increased significantly.

Wang Yong, director of the 200 Golden Jewelry Mall of Ningbo, told reporters that gold jewelry such as transshipment beads, zodiac signs, gold commemorative banknotes, and even golden ox ornaments is favored by consumers.

This year, enamel color decoration and 3D hard gold zodiac pendants and transport beads. “These gold jewelry further driven the sales of zodiac gold. During this time, the sales volume rose by about 10%year -on -year.” Wang Yong said.

Fang Yuan, a person in the industry, said that as the New Year of the lunar calendar approaches, the products of beef will also usher in a new climax. “Although the zodiac products are one of the most important consumption fields at the end of the year, this year is more special. Because of the impact of the epidemic, everyone has not been able to live well in the last year of the mouse. How beautiful wishes and expectations, the expressions of beef and ‘cows’ to turn around, bring a wave of goods to the product of the Niu Nian. “

Reporter Li Li intern Dai Yueyue