Hiking or a sightseeing car? There is one option now! Shared electric vehicles settled in some large scenic spots in Nanjing

Many scenic spots in Nanjing have a large area, and it is difficult for citizens to walk all attractions at one time. If you choose to take the sightseeing car in the scenic area, and miss a lot of scenery along the way because of the stop of the station. In response to this status quo, Nanjing Niushoushan Scenic Area and power supply department cooperated to launch 520 shared electric vehicles in the scenic area, and from April 29th for citizens to rent.

The motorcycles launched this time are divided into two models: two -wheeled and three -wheeled models. 520 cars are scattered in six sites in the scenic area to park. Citizens only need to scan the code with mobile phone to scan the code to lease the deposit.


Huang Ling, director of the travel center of State Grid Jiangsu Electric Automobile Service Co., Ltd. said: “Two -wheel car is charged at a standard of 20 yuan per hour, and three rounds is 120 yuan per hour. We have also done some preliminary tests, about half an hour. You can ride this scenic spot in the inside. Riding for more than half an hour, 10 yuan for each 15 minutes. “

According to the relevant provisions of electric bicycle management, these shared electric vehicles can only ride on the roads closed in the scenic area. The manager not only has a speed limit on the vehicle, but also places a helmet in each car’s suitcase, asking citizens to wear it when riding.

Huang Ling said: “The low -speed two -wheel wheels are 15 kilometers per hour, and the three wheels are within 25 kilometers per hour.”

Niushan Scenic Area covers an area of ​​35.6 square kilometers. In order to solve the problems of insufficient power and tram failure during cycling, the managers will use the “15+24+360” mode to control these vehicles.


Huang Ling said: “Fast response in 15 minutes, and 24 hours of operation and maintenance personnel to monitor whether the electric motorcycles have abundant electricity. How to deal with emergencies? 360 refers At the time of our operation and maintenance staff, we will follow the use of electric vehicles to supplement the use of electric vehicles. “


On the morning of the 28th, some tourists had a test drive experience.

Beginning on the 29th, citizens who come to Niu Shushan can scan the code to rent a car at Tianyu Station, Rong Coffee Station, Linking Point, Sanbao Station, Chengjiang Terrace Station, and Yinlonghu Plaza Station in the scenic area. It should be reminded that after riding, the vehicle must be parked in the electronic fence of each site to complete the car repayment. In the future, the power supply department will also cooperate with Nanjing Garden Expo Park and Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo to launch different types of shared electric vehicles for citizens to rent.

(Ni Na Zhang Jian report)

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